If one were to look up
the definition of affiliative, the meaning would be simple- “relating to the
formation of social and emotional bonds with others or to the desire to create
such bonds.” (“Affiliative”, 2018) While some may find hard to do, one of my
biggest strengths is the ability to form relationships that are not only
meaningful, but that have a purpose. The LSI survey has placed me in the 96th
percentile in the personal thinking style of Affiliative. I would definitely
agree with the inventory in this aspect as almost 99% of the time, I enjoy
being around people and am very driven to any person. I find it easy to turn a
stranger into an acquaintance, acquaintance into a friend, and a friend into
one of my biggest supporters. In my personal life, I give much importance in
finding a long term relationship with those who I may think I will never cross
paths with again. From a professional aspect, I find it soothing to work in
large groups of people to complete a project. When people of all different
backgrounds come together for one end goal, there can be much success. While
the goal is to complete a task, there can also be a reward of learning new
skills from those who carry it better while working with a group. For example,
if one person on your team knows everything about basketball that I only wish I
could learn, I can use the social interaction to gain knowledge.

having achievement as my secondary style of thinking, it makes sense to me that
I normally get a sense of satisfaction from achieving the goals I set for
myself, whether short term or long term. I have a high need to be challenged at
many things, and when I complete such challenging tasks, I gain a sense of
power in the form of achievement. My achievement percentile score influences
what is claimed to be my limiting style.

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            Although it is easy to
be affiliative and have strong values towards achievement, one of the road
blocks the LSI has informed me about is the limiting style of perfectionistic.
When taking a rather casual approach on tasks at work or in school, I focus on completing
it in a timely manner, but don’t necessarily think about perfecting it. Doing
my best to get things done, whether it is good enough or not, is something I
was raised to believe from a young age. Not everything has to be perfect all
the time. Sometimes what may need to be done in a perfect manner by one person
may not be seen the same way by another. 

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