If we look in simple words HRD Matrix is just a way to find out relationships between performance appraisal, job enrichment, training & development, reward system, counselling, process and organisational effectiveness. The method of HRD Matrix may vary from company to company depending upon several criteria such as culture, work life, working environment, involvement of top level, size of the enterprise etc.

 But we see the past trends and ongoing changes in the corporate it will be very effective if the top level will involve there self as much possible for them, this make a regular connect with top level and their employees and indirectly give motivation to the employees as it indicates that as much employer is important to you so are you for them. This HRD Matrix has given birth to a totally new atmosphere of several HRD process like risk-taking, development planning understanding the role precisely. Such HRD process will directly lead to competent, dynamic and satisfied employees.

HRD Matrix is basically a sum total of four things they are:-1st- HRD Instrument- It is basically a cluster of certain things which include performance appraisal, training and development, potential development etc. 2nd- HRD Process- After HRD Instrument comes stage 2 which is HRD process which include getting the role, risk taking, dynamism.3rd- HRD outcome- And then come HRD outcome as after HRD instrument and HRD process employees feel satisfied and committed to wards there assigned task, therefore they give their 100%.4th- Organisational Effectiveness- when all above are meet with their top priorities then in totality its leads to a effective as well as efficient organisation which in turn make both employer as well as employee both satisfied as both their requirement from each other are met.As we got to know HRD matrix is basically for the improvement of employee there are several ways available to us like-Performance AppraisalPotential AppraisalCareer PlanningTraining & DevelopmentGamificationFeedback SystemInstant Reward PolicyEmployee welfare & quality of life.Above were some ways through which we can improve the status of employees and above all there must be more and more involvement of top level as it builds the morale of employees and top level have updated information about what’s  going

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