“If you really love TU then just dance, dance, dance

Feeling good good love olive and blue

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So just dance, dance, dance, come on

I’m feeling Tulane”.

The catchy melody keeps echoing in my head.  I see people singing and dancing joyously among the marching band. I see a guy, dressed in lab coat, excitedly doing experiments. I see students actively engaging in class discussion, tremendously enjoying some kind of traditional festivals. A strong feeling, all of a sudden, comes over me: this is what I want my college life will be. “Tulane University”, I type in web browser taskbar and start dipping myself into the diversely cultural and academic life that I deeply want to be a part of.

The first reason why I choose Tulane is that the sense of discovery is always deeply embedded in me. I take keen interest in different cultures other than my own community’s.  As I make a search on Tulane, a lot of interesting traditions infuse me with great excitement, not just because they’re diversity but highly appreciated and deeply rooted. I’ve never seen any school that has as much festive vibe as Tulane. I feel like jazz music and joy are always in the air. Just imagining myself participate in Crawfest, immerse in the ocean of people, watch live performance, listen to folk music and enjoy tons of crawfish and New Orleans food, already fascinates me. The Mardi Gras really intrigues just by looking at how people get together to celebrate in the midst of music, colorful buses and festival customs at the heart of New Orleans; then students can even throw beads onto the tree in Gibson Quad as a big tradition of Tulane. One can’t get a grip on a certain tradition without diving into it; in that way, Tulane gives me exposure to regional culture and get in contact with friends from all over the world.  That is also what, I believe, Outreach Tulane and Community Service Fellowship will give me. As a high school students, I have spent the past three years participating in community service and social projects such as: teaching underprivileged children, organizing a fair for HIV-affected kids, visiting and giving financial help to poor families in remote areas, repainting a class for orphanage children, preparing a lunch for patients in the hospital,… I derived a lot of satisfaction and happiness through those activities and that is also what I want to be a part of my next 4 years. Seeing 1000 Tulanians enjoyably volunteer in serving food, clothes to local people, renovating local houses, cutting grass, cleaning public restrooms,… makes me strongly believe that Tulane really cares about students’ all-round development and the well-being of the community it locates in (as its motto says, “Non sibi, sed suis”—”Not for one’s self, but for one’s own.”).

In addition, Tulane’s facilities are another plus points. Tulane provides students with the best studying environment. Twelve library make up the largest book resource I’ve ever seen and provide diverse materials for students and professors. Lavin-Bernick Center will be undoubtedly the best multipurpose space for studying, for work of creativity and for entertainment. Last but not least, Reily Recreation Center must do a good job on providing students like me tons of useful amenities, especially when I want to join fitness club for cycling and yoga to keep fit.

Another thing that draws me to Tulane is its interesting courses. I’ve been long passionate in films as a means of communication. My interest in films grew with class video projects on social affairs, Vietnamese tradition I used to work in and with film analysis video on “Every Frame With A Painting” Youtube channel. As a to-be Communication major, I am absolutely thrilled to see that Tulane offers Film Analysis as core courses. It will be an honor to analyze film elements like narrative, sound effect, lighting, camera movement,.. under the instruction of Dr. Kai-man Chang, whom I really admire for his entry in “Race and Racism in Modern Asia”. Additionally, Tulane also gives me opportunity to go further in my academic life and study outside US to have a more global point of view through Tulane Study Abroad Program. In order to effectively support my studying, The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library help enrich my knowledge and put the process of teaching and studying at ease with many communication journals like Cinema Journal and Critical Studies in Media Communication from CTheory. Furthermore, dubbed as “Hollywood South”, New Orleans definitely has many resources for students who want to major in Communication like me. Contemporary Arts Centre New Orleans or the annual New Orleans Film Festival will help me get more insight into film industry in particular and communication in general. Moreover, I would love to join Tulane Hullabaloo Club to get a step closer to my dream of publishing a newspaper, to know more about the current affairs and inform students about what is happening around Tulane and around the world.





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