1. “Borderless universe. Diversity Management. and Knowledge power. are some of the overarching factors being encountered by the Human Resource Mangers of twenty-first century concern world” . How do they impact the kineticss of Human Resource Management in today’s organisations? Explain with illustrations from the organisation you are familiar with or have been working for. Briefly describe the organisation. you are mentioning to.

2. “Each employee in an organisation performs assorted functions. Role perceptual experience of a director and an employee make a complex web as they interact” . Elaborate this statement in the visible radiation of socialization factors in organisational socialisation procedure. Sketch the importance of initial Job socialisation on the employee and the organisation. Explain with the aid of your personal experience and organisational experience with regard to the above constructs. Explain the state of affairs and depict the organisation. you are mentioning to.

3. See Potential Appraisal. Assessment Centres. and Career and Succession Planning in an organisational context. Describe the kineticss of these constructs. their interactive results. and impact on overall operation and direction of the organisation.

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Put down your experience with regard to the kineticss of these factors in entirety as seen by you in an organisational state of affairs or the state of affairss which you are familiar with.

Briefly describe the state of affairs and the organisation. you are mentioning to.

4. How do you see the function. presence. necessity. and impact of ‘Mentoring and Performance Coaching’ in organisational state of affairss in Indian context in general? Critically describe the experience the organisations have with regard to these constructs. their pertinence. effectivity and chance. You may wish to compare few organisations you have known or familiar with or even you can come out with your ain experience in organisational context. Describe the context. and the organisation you are mentioning to.

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