It is true that illiteracy is going a serious job in industrialized states. This is surprising as most people think that this is a job merely in under-developed states such as in parts of Africa and India. Illiteracy is related to many other jobs such as poorness. over-population and governmental corruptness. Let us take a more elaborate expression at the causes of this turning job in many Western states.

One of the most obvious grounds for the addition in illiteracy is the coming of telecasting. Children no longer hold to read to obtain information. Neither do they have to read to loosen up. Today kids get place from school and travel directly to “the box” to watch their favourite plan. Watching telecasting is much easier and more exciting than reading.

Another ground for the addition in illiteracy is the fact that so many adult females work. This means that kids are frequently entirely at place and so they are unsupervised. When parents get place they are frequently excessively tired to pass quality clip whit their kids.

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It is besides true that many people blame schools for the diminution in illiteracy. In many states there has been a move off from learning basic accomplishments such as reading and authorship.

There are many effects of this turning illiteracy rate. The most obvious is unemployment. This may in bend lead to alcohol and drug maltreatment. Ultimately the economic system of the state begins to endure and there is a bead in life criterions.

To turn to this job. parents need to go more cognizant of their duties and schools need to see a alteration in their instruction methods. If this declining tendency is non reversed. the job of illiteracy will go really serious.

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