I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the civil war was a dark and gruesome time. Americans fought and fear it. Thankfully, the time is behind us and we have moved on as a civilization. When we think of war, we usually think of the civil war. The gore that we tried to protect our country from, but seeped in eventually. Sadly, some loved ones were lost. It was an important staple in american history. But the civil war is a great time to reflect on american history that was never forgotten and never forgiven.    “Why was it so difficult to abolish slavery without more federal control?” Since there were 11 slave states and 11 free states, the level for slavery argument was pretty balanced between the two. Another thing is that each state had their own privilege to make laws. Since it was 11 vs. 11, there was no equal way to decide which law was better or more reliable for usage of the United States that were not once united mentally. “The North didn’t care as much as we may think they did. Northern citizens who were truly abolitionists were few and far between.” This is good because states can’t secede. Since we’re all one, I think Lincoln would be happy. Technology was starting to develop as well. “Development of new technology.”-SocialStudiesHelp.   “Name three significant things that happened as a result of the civil war.”  Once significant things that resulted from the war was speech. Instead of saying the united states are, we started to say the united to say the united states is as collectively. The best thing that resulted from the war, was that slavery finally got that final decision no-no stamp of disapproval. People are happy and free with their own life decisions. If we think about it, the civil war would to have happened anyway. To end up with we have now, we would have to fight. I’m glad we don’t have slavery anymore and the United states is, well, United.   “Name some of the reasons North and South were bitter towards one another after the war.” The world was basically in the ruins. It had been destroyed, deserted with corpses of loved ones rotting away covering the war. Poverty and the government were still bitter and paralyzed that it had finally ended. “They gave African Americans the right to vote/freed.”People were broke and hurt. This was something that nobody could put a bandaid over and forget about. People blamed one another that they destroyed their land and they were at each other’s throats, for a really long time. Families were torn apart, people were broken.  To say the very least, the War was gruesome, disgusting, and unbearable. It’s sad that it happened, but glad that it’s over. We  have abolished slavery, became a country, and we have our own decisions now. People have seen and heard things that still bounce around their minds and they tell their children. Those memories leave scars that are unforgettable. But we have to remember. Everything happens for a reason. We have to trust that God knows what he’s doing even if it’s hard. But the results are usually worth the payments. We dropped slavery and became one. We became a better world and community. It’s behind us. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and prepare for tomorrow.

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