Charles Saunders has just published the third installment of his epic Imaro series, The Trial of Bohu.  In this volume Imaro, warrior of the Ilyassai, has settled into life as a husband and  father in the fabled kingdom of Cush. Amid his growing restlessness, unspeakable tragedy strikes,sending Imaro on a grim mission of vengeance. His adversary has no face, but he does have a name: Bohu, the Bringer of Sorrow — a sorcerer of immense power and cruelty. As Imaro seeks a confrontation with his most  formidable foe yet, the continent of Nyumbani is wracked with turmoil.

The balance between the forces of good, represented by Cush, and evil, represented by the pariah land of Naama, has been disrupted. The gods themselves may have to go to war before that balance is restored. In the midst of the coming cataclysm, Imaro travels the length of Nyumbani in search of Bohu. Along the way, the warrior finally discovers his own identity — but will that knowledge help him as he battles a formidable array of enemies bent not only on his destruction, but that of Nyumbani itself?

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