Executive Summary

In this assignment. it will be separated into 2 parts. First portion will be speaking about the Google Glass and the instance background. followed by the treatment of executable application of Google based on Google Glass. The multi-dimensional construct of Google Glass development will besides being discussed in detailed in the first portion. After that. 2nd portion of this assignment will be speak about the quandary and the trouble of pull offing uncertainness in the Google Company. The organisational feature of Google will besides being discussed in deep to understand how its facilitate invention procedure in the company.

Question 1

Google Glass was created by the Google Inc. . which hosting one of the most popular hunt engine in the universe that allow every users to look for whatever information that available in the universe broad web. ( Karch. 2015 ) Google was founded on 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin with mission of “to form the world’s information and do it universally accessible and useful” . Larry Page was the first CEO in Google Inc. until 2001 and enabled the company to turn profitableness and employed more than 200 employees. On subsequently. twelvemonth 2001 to 2011. Larry has becomes the president of merchandises in the company and the CEO place was passed to Eric E. Schmidt. Whereas. another co-founder. Sergey Brin served as a present of engineering from twelvemonth 2001 to 2011 and now he works to direct particular undertakings in the company. ( Google. 2015 ) Google create many class of package merchandises every bit good as hardware.

Some popular and well-known package that Google produced would be the Google Web Search which allowed users to seek one million millions of web pages available in the World Wide Web. Google Chrome which is a simple and fast web browser. Google Maps which allowed users to see maps and navigate and more. ( Google. 2015 ) Other than that. Google besides provide concern solution on and off the web to chiefly back up the enterprisers and publishing houses. The solutions provided by Google are fundamentally are Google My Business which allow the concern to being easy searched with right information. Google AdWords and Analytics that helps in advertisement and concern and more. ( Google. 2015 ) Google is besides really active in making hardware and the hardware that involved with Googles are largely really originative and advanced.

Google has taken portion in constructing smartphone and Project Ara is one of them. The Undertaking Ara is fundamentally a undertaking to make the smartphone that enabled customizability on its hardware depends on users’ penchant. Other than that. Google besides took portion in car which they created the paradigm of self-driving auto which enabled the auto to being entire controlled by unreal intelligence. The mark merchandise treatment of this assignment. Google Glass is besides one of the most popular hardware merchandises that Google has implemented. ( McCormick. 2014 )

Google Glass

Based on the given instance survey. the Google Glass has been made to help users in day-to-day life with a little screen with 640 tens 360 show. camera. touchpad and more that embedded into a spectacle frames. The users can fundamentally take photos/videos and widen the functionality of smart phones. The users can command the maps of the Google Glass by voice bid or via the touchpad that embedded at one side of the spectacle frames. Google has launched the Google Glass Explorer Program on about 2 old ages back and it has been officially ended on January 2015. ( McGee. 2015 )

The Explorer Program is aimed to obtain user feedback from the users and now the plan has been shut down. which means now the Google Glass “Explorer Edition” will be no longer available in the market and new undertaking leader has been assigned to pull off the undertaking as a new signifier of unit in the company. ( Cristo. 2015 ) This means that the development of Google Glass has non genuinely ends but it is presently under passage in the company and it could be another stage of development or execution.

Ongoing Corporate Planning

A corporate program is a company primary planning tool that provide the model that will be used to develop the company strategies. aims and work patterns. ( Department of Treasury and Finance. 2014 ) As Google is well-known as a web hunt engine in the universe and produces a batch of package merchandises as mentioned earlier. this could fundamentally presume that the nucleus concern of Google would be major in online package. At the recent clip. Google has actively took portion in hardware creative activity such as Chromecast. smartphones. Google Glass and more. ( McCormick. 2014 )

Therefore. the undertaking of Google Glass is fundamentally acquiring off from their nucleus concern as the company’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and do it universally accessible and useful” . ( Google. 2015 ) The being of Google Glass might seems to be ill-defined due to it is non related to the company nucleus concern and hence. the senior direction of the company should hold make clearer aim or accomplishment about Google Glass so that it could make a clear outlook to the clients. Otherwise. the merchandise might falls into failure as the clients is non ready to accept such creativeness.

Ongoing Market Planing

Ongoing selling planning could utilize prevents company repute ruin and secure company’s hereafter. ( Archer. 2015 ) Therefore. Google should greatly use this planning to guarantee Google Glass could make to aim market’s customers’ outlook. Although Google Glass is available with few picks of colour. but it would hold failed in manner due to ill designed hardware. ( Strauss. 2013 ) This could be truly of import as the Glass is a wearable device and the clients would be have oning it on the street. Some people even comment it makes people looks “dorky” or “like a immense cyborg” . ( Strauss. 2013 ) ( Cristo. 2015 ) Other than that. the instance has mentioned that there are rumours about Apple. Microsoft and more are acquiring into working on making similar devices.

This could be a existent menace to Google Glass because the Glass is still haven’t truly ready to being available in the market and it fundamentally still under development. The device might be examined in deep by the rivals and the market could be grabbed by the rivals if they are able to accomplish the market before. Although Google has announced the merchandise old ages ago and it still under development with paradigm that antecedently available in the market. Google might hold failed in market planning as it has took excessively much clip in development and at the same clip. Google might non cognize how is the rivals working on the similar device but their paradigm was already exposed in the market.

Ongoing Technology Management

As mentioned. the Google Glass Explorer Program has been started around 2 old ages ago and ended late. ( McGee. 2015 ) The device could be considered as paradigm that aimed to acquire users feedback by selling the device to the people. By this manner. the engineering direction might do failure to the device development as the paradigm device could hold been alert the rivals. The rivals might hold taken this advantage to analyze the paradigm and come out with a comparatively competitory merchandise that against the Google Glass.

Opportunity Analysis/Serendipity

Google would hold taken advantages of unexpected finds. As mentioned. Google has launched the Google Glass Explorer Program around 2 old ages ago and invited a batch of “explorer” to purchase their paradigm. trial and give feedback about the Glass. ( McGee. 2015 ) Although now the plan has already ended. but the company has acquire new leader to take over the undertaking and this will go on the Google Glass development. This state of affairs could anticipate that the information gotten from the 2 old ages plan has been plenty to allow the development of current version of Google Glass to go on.

Ansoff Matrix

Table below shows the Ansoff Matrix that represent the possible growing scheme for Google based on Google Glass.

Existing Merchandises
New Merchandises
Existing Markets
Market Penetration
Advertise and advance Google Glass to allow more people know about it. Make publicity monetary value or particular offer to pull more people to cognize about Google Glass. Introduce particular monetary value for those people who took portion in the Google Glass Explorer Program before.
Merchandise Development

Redesign the Google Glass hardware to do it more stylish. Better the functionality of Google Glass to do it less depends on smartphones. Better on Google Glass battery life to do it more useable.
New Markets

Market Development
Exploit into different geographical market.
Target to larger group of clients.
Create different version of Google Glass to suit and accomplish more mark market. ( QuickMBA. 2010 )

Market Penetration

This section is about seeking to sell more of the same points in the same market. ( Mind Tools. 2015 ) In here. the consideration would be about better the selling scheme such as advertizement and publicity to pull more clients to acquire to cognize or purchase the Google Glass. Leting people know how great the merchandise could execute and giving out some price reductions would decidedly assist in accomplishing higher gross revenues and accomplish larger market portion. However. in the current state of affairs. this consideration will be abandoned due to the Google Glass Explorer Program has been ended and the Google Glass has no longer available to buy until new version is coming out. ( McGee. 2015 )

Market Development

This section is about seeking to accomplish higher gross revenues by aiming or accomplishing new market. ( Mind Tools. 2015 ) In here. due to Google Glass is merely available to being purchase in US or UK. the company could seek to work into other state such as China and Thailand to accomplish larger market. This is because these states are considered as immense market due to its geographical country and hence. bigger market portion could be achieve by working the Google Glass into these big market. Other than that. aiming the merchandise to larger group of client such as university pupils or office employee might able to assist in farther extend the market development of Google Glass. However. as mentioned that presently Google Glass is non available to buy. this consideration has to be wait until new version coming out. ( McGee. 2015 )

Merchandise Development

This section is about create more merchandise for the same part of mark market. ( Mind Tools. 2015 ) Due to in the same part of market would hold possible clients from different background. gender. penchant and more. the development of new merchandise might be a great consideration to Google. Therefore. Google can make different version of Google Glass to accommodate different demands. As Google Glass Explore Program has late ended and Google Glass has no longer available due to internal change on the Google Glass undertaking. this might be a really good chance for the company to do great betterment by create a whole new version of Google Glass. ( McGee. 2015 ) Google can do betterment such as enhance the hardware designs. heighten battery life and more that would do the Google Glass to being more attractive to the clients.


This part is about create more different merchandise for different mark market. ( Mind Tools. 2015 ) This consideration would be suited to the current state of affairs of Google Glass undertaking in the company because the undertaking is presently expected under development. ( McGee. 2015 ) However. this consideration would be really hazardous due to the Google Glass is a whole new engineering that traveling to be available in the market and limited information will be available to enable the possibility of making more version of Google Glass to suit into more different market.

Multidimensional Concept of Google Glass
Brand Name

As mentioned. Google is a well-known web hunt engine in the universe where Google Glass carry the name of “Google” with it makes the trade name name strong as Google has really high repute. Besides. Google produces a batch of popular tools such as Google Maps and Google Translate which could do a batch of attractive force to most of the people as the Google merchandises has been widely used in the universe. ( Karch. 2015 )

Quality Specifications

As mentioned in the instance. Google Glass has built in camera that can take 5MP images and picture in 720p. mooted 640 ten 360 show. built in 16GB brassy memory. built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bit. adjustable nose tablet. touchpad. micro USB port and bone behavior transportation. The specification of the Google Glass has about similar to those smart phone in the market. ( Google. 2015 )

Monetary value

As mentioned in the instance. the monetary value of Google Glass Explorer would be $ 1500 which considered expensive. However. this edition is ne’er meant for hitting to the market but merely simply for a beta tally to derive feedbacks and develop the existent merchandise for the large market in the hereafter. ( Cristo. 2015 )


Due to current Google Glass Explorer edition is merely for beta testing and feedback. the packaging of the merchandise is ne’er seems to be a existent large trade at the minute. Therefore. this component would non be an of import consideration until the following version or the existent merchandise hit to the market.

As mentioned in the instance. the Google Glass is able to take exposure and picture. connect to smartphone and usage Google Maps for pilotage. usage Google Hangout to do video conference. voice bid and touch controls. interlingual rendition and apps supports. Google has besides offers MyGlass app to let the user to partner off the Glass with smartphone as headset so that the user can command major maps in the phone.


As mentioned in the instance. Google Glass has been implemented with Bone-Induction Technology. This engineering works to vibrate the user skull to make sound which would greatly cut down the issues from traditional earphones. Other than that are all usual engineering that really familiar in the market such as voice bid engineering. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and more.

Level of Service

Google accept returns and refund within 30 yearss from bringing or physical pick-up of device with verification of no major harm on the device. Other than that. Google besides offers 1 twelvemonth guarantee for the device against the desertions found on the device and craft under ordinary consumer usage. ( Google. 2015 )

Question 2
Dilemma of Google in Innovation Management

Google has been considered as one of the most advanced companies in the universe. Google has ever been concentrating on the single ability of invention and supply great freedom for invention to go on in the company. ( Steiber. 2014 ) Google encourage invention by implementing the “20 % rule” . which allow the employee to pass one twenty-four hours in a hebdomad to a side undertaking. ( Gersch. 2013 ) However. there have been ever a job in the direction. which is: how to prolong invention. ( Dans. 2013 ) Google has been created a batch of successful merchandise together with some failure such as Google Buzz. Google Answer and more. ( Bulygo. 2015 ) And now. Google has besides actively take portion in constructing the hardware imperium with a batch of advanced hardware undertaking such as the self-driving autos. Chromecast. Google Glass and more. ( McCormick. 2014 )

The quandary found in the company is that Google has merely one great concern unit. The concern unit mentioned is non flexible plenty to organize new concern units. ( Fuller. 2012 ) From here. the company believe that invention has been really of import as they ever encourage that. However. the quandary signifiers here is that how should the great invention should set to let the company to derive net incomes. As the company has merely existed with one great concern unit with its name. it would be non flexible plenty to take in so much advanced thought and do every thought possible to do net incomes. The thoughts will necessitate to be allocated into detached concern unit to supply the flexibleness and focal point to do certain the thought works. ( Fuller. 2012 )

Uncertainty Management
High Uncertainty About Output
4. Application Engineering
1. Exploration
Low Uncertainty About Output
3. Merchandise Development
2. Development Engineering

Low Uncertainty About Process
High Uncertainty About Procedure
( Barnes & A ; Conti Associates. 2001 )

Quadrant 1

In this quarter-circle. the activities involved here are dwelling high grade of uncertainness about the clear aims and how to accomplish the aims. ( McLernon. 2013 ) Equally Google as ever encourages invention in the company. a batch of advanced thoughts could be found. In this state of affairs. the trouble would be causes by the uncertainness such as which thought would be the most advanced to being focused on. which should be able to convey more net incomes and more. Exploratory research has to be done to research the thought in order to place which would be the most good 1. ( McLernon. 2013 )

Quadrant 2

The activity existed in this quarter-circle will be low uncertainness about the aim but high uncertainness in how to accomplish the aim. ( McLernon. 2013 ) Google might confront the trouble where they has notice the chief mark to accomplish. nevertheless. there are many different ways or attacks to accomplish the mark. In this instance. development technology could be adopt to place the best method to accomplish the mark. ( McLernon. 2013 )

Quadrant 3

This quadrant consists of low uncertainness of nonsubjective and the procedure to accomplish the aims. ( McLernon. 2013 ) After Google has been allocated a clear aim and the method to accomplish the aim. it will be the clip to do moves to get down the development based on the market chances and the capablenesss of the company. ( McLernon. 2013 ) The possible trouble here would be the status of the market and the internal ability of the company to finish the development. This is because these factors is difficult to command and it will make up one’s mind the concluding end product or public presentation of the advanced thought.

Quadrant 4

High uncertainness about the nonsubjective and low uncertainness about the method to accomplish the mark would be existed in the activity in this quarter-circle. ( McLernon. 2013 ) Google might falls into the hard state of affairs where they has the ability to accomplish all the bing advanced thought but non cognizing which to get down with. In this state of affairs. application technology could be adopted to see if which would be the manner that could perchance the most effectual method to develop the thoughts into world.

Organization Characteristic

Every organisation would hold different characteristic that facilitate the invention procedure. The organisation feature of Google would dwell of committedness to engineering and R & A ; D strength. This is because Google is fundamentally a immense IT company which active in both package and hardware creative activities. the company has plants to bring forth a batch of package tools such as Google Maps. Google Web Search and more. ( Google. 2015 ) In hardware sector. Google has took portion in making the self-driving autos. Google Glass. Undertaking Ara and more. ( McCormick. 2014 ) This shows that Google has ever been committed to engineering and Research and Development of new merchandises.

Other than that. Google besides has the feature of hazard credence. Google has been actively encourages advanced thoughts. In the procedure. Google has besides comes out with failure merchandises such as Google Buzz. Google Reader and more which have been shut down. ( Bulygo. 2015 ) However. Google is still continuously encourages new invention and this shows that the company is widely accept hazards. As Google has ever encourages employees to being advanced and even implemented “20 % rule” to let the employees to hold 1 twenty-four hours in a hebdomad to work on side undertakings. ( Gersh. 2013 ) This could demo that the company has the characteristic to make infinite for creativeness to the employees and has scheme towards invention.


As a decision. Google Glass and its instance background has been discussed in deep followed by its executable application consideration such as ongoing corporate planning. ongoing market planning and more. Ansoff Matrix has besides being used to further analyse the possible growing scheme for Google based on Google Glass. The matrix consist of entire 4 elements which are Market Penetration. Market Development. Product Development and Diversification. As a consequence. Product Development will be the suggestion to be implemented due to the current state of affairs of the company is promoting that peculiar component.

Multidimensional construct of Google Glass which made out of 7 elements has besides being identified and described. The invention quandary of Google has besides being identified which is about the flexibleness of the concern unit in Google does non back up all invention thoughts. The Person’s Uncertainty Map has besides being utilized to understand the different positions of uncertainness that would be existed in the company. The features that facilitate the invention procedure in Google has besides being identified which are included committedness to engineering and R & A ; D strength. hazard credence. has infinite for creativeness and has scheme towards invention.

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