Man has been going around the length and comprehensiveness of the Earth with assorted motivations. The ground could be anything concern, leisure or instruction it all falls under a wide classification of touristry. The technological developments and transmutation of the universe into a planetary community has resulted in extended growing of touristry around the universe in recent old ages.

Tourism has been the premier ground for the enhanced degrees of intercultural contact. A expression into touristic states shows that their sociocultural constructions have had great influence as a consequence of touristry. The alterations be it positive or negative, differs from state to state. Changes result in reactions which could run from opposition to a complete acceptance.

This piece of work would look into the societal and cultural impacts of touristry with a instance survey on Bournemouth.

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Chapter 2: Urban Tourism

Tourism plays a really strong portion in the metropolis ‘s local economic system. Tourism non merely supports the economic system of a metropolis but besides is responsible for socio-culture impact on the people. Where touristry tries to construct some employment chances, it besides affects the societal and cultural dealingss between people from different parts of the universe.

Traveling to different parts of the universe has ever been an involvement for everybody. This non merely gives them an chance to research new topographic point but besides a interruption from the usual twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. For some, traveling is for a concern issue but for some it is for leisure. This evolved a new construct of touristry as an industry in the market. Though till 1980 ‘s touristry was non considered to be a healthy portion of the economic system. But, in the last few decennaries, it gained importance. The people realize the potency of this market. Therefore, the larger or the smaller metropoliss were looked with a new position of advancing touristry. The renovation in the metropoliss took topographic point easy and bit by bit and they became a portion of the broad touristry industry.

‘As Edwards etA al.,2008 D. Edwards, T. Griffin and B. Hayllar,

Urban touristry

research: developing an docket, Annalss of


Research 35 ( 4 ) ( 2008 ) , pp. 1032-1052. Article |

PDF ( 143 K ) | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus ( 0 ) Edwards etA Al. ( 2008: 1038 ) province,


is one among many societal and economic forces in the


environment. It encompasses an industry that manages and markets a assortment of merchandises and experiences to people who have a broad scope of motives, penchants and cultural positions and are involved in a dialectic battle with the host community. The result of this battle is a set of effects for the tourer, the host community and the industry ‘ . ( Ashworth & A ; Page, 2010 )

‘McIntyre et Al ( 2000 ) argue that worlds perceive and respond otherwise to natural versus


scenes. Scenes of natural environments have a more positive influence on human emotional provinces and emphasis degrees than do


scenes. Consequently they theorize that perceptual experiences are built-in to people ‘s motives and actions ; hence utilizing a perceptually based definition of


can supply a nexus between the cultural, political, physical, perceptual and economic facets that must be integrated into

urban touristry ‘ . ( Edwards, Griffin, & A ; Hayllar, 2008 )

Importance of Urban Tourism

Urban touristry is cosmopolitan in nature. But still it has received really little attending for its definition and a proper limit in the economic system. . ( Ashworth & A ; Page, 2010, p. 40 )

Because of tourers, assorted metropoliss get acknowledged for their huge potency of absorbing the people from other parts of the universe. . ( Ashworth & A ; Page, 2010, p. 40 )

A tourer wants to research the urban public-service corporations of other topographic points. But, the tourer sing topographic points have a really little part of the urban installations to entertain them with. ( Ashworth & A ; Page, 2010, p. 40 )

Urban touristry bears an wholly different geographical form from the metropolis in order to pull the tourer and this alteration in geographics is one of the attending seeking factors. ( Page & A ; Hall, 2003 )

The primary and secondary elements that are farther discussed below support employment and supply occupations.

Urbanization and Globalization

Globally, 46 % of the universe ‘s population constitute urban people and it is estimated that by 2030 this per centum will increase to 61. Therefore, it is really of import for the urban people to understand that their topographic point will be shared by the tourer. The universe is acquiring little with globalisation and therefore the infinite needs to portion with other people. Though, globalisation emphasizes on two chief factors:

Globalization gives employment chances

Globalization supports import and export that farther increases the income chances.

Because of globalisation, it is now apparent that urban touristry and tourers from different portion of the universe enjoys the leisure experience that is specially built for them. ( Page & A ; Hall, 2003, pp. 29-30 )

Urban Tourism as a concern Scheme

By the 1970s the metropoliss were losing a batch of economic system and they were inquiring as how to retrieve the loss and regenerate income from this sector and make some occupations. This was the chief ground for instilling new activities that could increase the regeneration procedure. Where the metropoliss were witnessing this economic displacement, touristry was one sector that was booming. This gave them a new attack of income coevals. On the evidences of travel and leisure it was concluded that touristry industry was to turn and be a portion of the economic system. Tourism as an industry was taken optimistically by the urban crowd and was considered as a solution for a large fiscal crunch.

The touristry industry demands investing to pull visitants. Furthermore, selling and merchandising of a image of a metropolis that would love to see and purchase. To market the metropolis, it is of import to do some alterations in the metropolis. The renovation of the territories would convey the local occupants more compact in the metropolis.

The larger metropoliss like London, New York etc. have ever been a Centre of attractive force. People ever want to travel for a tourer finish like this. But it is really difficult to understand the psychological science behind this. By and large, these elements can be loosely classified into two ways:

Primary elements like theaters, memorials, historical edifices, athleticss, games, casinos, and the societal and cultural life.

Secondary elements like markets, shopping etc.

These two elements were discovered by Jansen-Verbeke in 1988

These two elements strike the head of the visitant. At times, the visitant is merely sing the same topographic point because of one interesting component or a mix of two or more. ( Law, 1993, pp. 27-30 )

Cultural Impact of Urban Tourism

Bournemouth witnesses 1000000s of tourer every twelvemonth from different parts of the universe. Because of this high volume of tourer response from different civilizations, the civilization has a major impact on the local occupants. It has both advantages and disadvantages.

The major advantage of civilization touristry is the exchange of civilization with different civilizations of the universe. It becomes a affair of pride for the local occupants to interchange their civilization with other people. They feel more strongly bounded to their originality.

The locals take cultural touristry in two positive ways:

Giving the host the chance to come in contact with other different civilizations which further consequences in understanding others and rise in tolerance degrees.

When the vicinities present their civilization and state about their civilization in their ain point of position, they feel more strongly bounded to their cultural beginning and their evidences from where they originally belong to.

Culture touristry affects the locals positively every bit good as in a negative manner. Too much of anything is really bad. The same goes for the civilization touristry. Just to pull tourer and to expose them to the host ‘s civilization, they try to over develop the metropolis, over concept the primary elements. Besides, with this Reconstruction, the originality of the civilization becomes diluted. ( Besculides, Lee, & A ; McCormick, 2002 )

Social impact of urban touristry

The rail web started in Bournemouth in the late nineteenth century. This was the chief ground for increasing the population of the metropolis and to increase the visitants at a phenomenal rate. With the going web in Bournemouth, the touristry industry started booming. Bournemouth was already celebrated for its primary elements and the history related to the same. Each and every component had a historical minute attached to it. The economic system was coming in and was touchable plenty to understand that Bournemouth has the possible to pull tourers. But, there was besides a concealed side of the same point i.e. the societal impacts. Where over development of the metropolis has led to more of building, heavy responsibility, addition revenue enhancements, etc on the one manus, it has besides given them an chance to mix up with other civilizations. Where the traveling to the nucleus of the metropolis has become convenient for the countryside occupants, it has besides given them an employment chance in the same. ( Haley, Snaith, & A ; Miller, 2005 )

Socio-Cultural Impact of urban Tourism

‘According to Fox ( 1977 ) , cited in Mathieson and Wall ( 1982:133 ) , The societal and cultural impacts of touristry are the ways in which touristry is lending to alterations in value systems, single behavior, household relationships, corporate life styles, safety degrees, moral behavior, originative looks, traditional ceremonials and community administrations ‘ , which they identify as ‘people impacts ‘ , due to tourers on host communities and the interaction between these two groups. ‘ ( Page & A ; Hall, 2003, p. 213 )

So, from the above definition it is clear that the societal cultural impacts of touristry depends on three chief factors, viz.

Tourist that demands for the services from the host metropolis

Host that adjusts with the demands of the tourer and attempts to go forth an feeling of their civilization on the tourer and

A common apprehension between the two so that both of them are comfy with each other ( Page & A ; Hall, 2003, p. 213 )

Economic impact of Urban touristry

For understanding the economical impact of urban touristry, it is really of import to see the followers points

The flow of tourer in a peculiar metropolis

The local economic development of the metropolis

The type of economic system that metropolis persists like public, private or mix economic system

The income spent on tourer leisure activities and non import of goods

It is said that tourer flow is seasonal. So, the impact of this and still seeking to keep the changeless flow of tourer all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

The secondary elements that a metropolis dwells to pull the other people from the universe.

The above mentioned factors play a really of import function in understanding the economical impact of urban touristry. To get down with, the positive side it includes:

Income coevals for the metropolis economic system

New occupations and employment chances

Fair balance between the economic activities and the metropolis

Increasing concern options

But, it besides carries a negative side. It includes,

If the tourer attracts to one signifier of component merely, the economic system starts paying attending to that component and dependence on that component drastically increases.


To do a tourer comfy and do their stay enjoyable, they start importing goods from others parts and their dependance and importance of their locally produced goods lessenings.

Tourism is seasonal ( Page & A ; Hall, 2003, pp. 197-198 )

Employment Opportunities due to tourism

As the Reconstruction ever take topographic point in a metropolis, it is really obvious that the occupations are created. ‘However, at a deeper degree and in a more elaborate manner it is frequently hard to measure the impact of touristry on a metropolis. First, it is frequently hard to mensurate the flow of tourers, even when a definition has been agreed. Comprehensive studies are expensive and short cut methods are frequently undependable and may, if repeated, come up with conflicting grounds. Second, the flow of income through the economic system is hard to follow, and it is hard to cipher the figure of occupations created. Tourism ‘s impact is really diffuse and so non really seeable, which is a job for those runing for farther support. Third, the aims of touristry development are besides diffused and frequently interlinked with other aims, so that it is hard to insulate the impact. ‘ ( Law, 1993, p. 169 )

Chapter 3: Bournemouth a Tourist Finish

Bournemouth is one of the classical illustrations of urban touristry. It exhibits both the primary and the secondary elements that attracts the tourers and compels them to come over and over once more. From theaters to shopping to site visual perception, Bournemouth is a topographic point to see.

About Bournemouth

Area Size – 17.83 sq stat mis ( 46.15 sq kilometer )

21 Conservation Area appellations

7 stat mis of curving flaxen beaches with three European Blue Flags and six Seaside Awards

Average of 7.7 hours a twenty-four hours of summer sunlight

842 hectares ( 2,080 estates ) of Parkss and gardens withA nine gardens keeping the Green Flag Award ( recognizing environmental protection, community usage and safety & A ; cleanliness )

PopulationA from CensusA 2001A is 163,444, the 2008 mid-year estimation is 163,900A andA the populationA is projected to make about 168,000 by 2026

68,800A employees in BournemouthA work in the service sector ( ABI, NOMIS, 2007 )

MedianA gross hebdomadal net incomes for 2009 for the BournemouthA occupants was ?371.60 stand foring 93 % of the England and Wales figure ( ASHE, ONS )

OverA 14,600 pupils attended Bournemouth University in 2007/08 – ( 65.4 % over 21 old ages of age )

Merely over 1,000 abroad pupils go toing Bournemouth UniversityA in 2007/08

A entire ofA 38 schools with 20,187 students ( Schools ‘ Census, A October 2009 ) A

1,344 ( gross ) and 1,218 ( cyberspace ) A new homes constructed 2008/09

Bournemouth Airport: A about 1 million riders ( in 2007/08 ) to more than 50 finishs including USA, Europe and Channel Islands and over 11,000 metric tons of cargo

Merely over 2.27 million rail rider journeys in 2003/2004

Merely over 57A kilometers of Principal Type roads within the Borough

Average house monetary value forA February 2010 was ?170,179 ( Land Registry )

Merely over 57A kilometers of Principal Type roads within the Borough

95 proceedingss rail journey to London Waterloo

Fast Ferry from Poole to France ( Cherbourg ) or Channel Islands

Civic Trust Awards ( 2001 ) : Bournemouth was awarded two awards, for the transition of The Square from a traffic circle to a Civic infinite and for transforming Knyveton Gardens to a centripetal garden for those with disablements.

(, 2010 )

Prominent Bournemouth attractive forces

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth ‘s beach has won awards systematically the quality, safety and cleanliness of its seven stat mis long beach. The beach offers a scope H2O athleticss and besides provides the visitants the option of engaging beach. It is one of the safest beaches with the handiness of RNLI lifesavers all along the seven mile stretch of beach.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & A ; Museum

Termed as one of the most absorbing and uniqueA museums in the universe. It comprises of the celebrated pictures and treasures collected by the Russell-cotes household and housed in one of the last Victorian Villas in Bournemouth, East Cliff Hall. (, 2008 )

Bournemouth Aviation MuseumaˆZ

The Bournemouth Aviation Museum a perfect twenty-four hours out for the household has exhibits covering 50 old ages of air power with a show of Piston aircraft, military jets, a Biz-Jet, military trainer, chopper and a nose subdivision of the celebrated Vulcan bomber. (, 2009 )

The Red House Museum & A ; Gardens

Built as a Georgian workhouse in 1764, the edifice now houses a figure of objects reflecting the societal and natural history of the country, its geology and archeology. (, 2005 )

Bournemouth Pier

The original wharf dwelling of a short wooden breakwater was opened in the twelvemonth 1856. But the present twenty-four hours wharf has come a long manner and is much longer than that. It has its ain historical importance and has been refurbished over clip due to corrosion and even devastation due to invasions. Since 1871 it has been associated with pleasance soft-shell clams. Local boats operate from the wharf offering many twenty-four hours trips and jaunts. (, 2008 )

Bournemouth ‘s Parkss and countryside

Bournemouth has a varied assortment of cosmetic gardens and countryside many of which have assorted protective appellations. The council ‘s Parkss and countryside staff manage 10 local natural militias around the borough. In 2009 Bournemouth achievedA nine Green Flags national award for its Parkss, these Parkss besides offer guided walks giving information some fascinating trees to be found at that place. (, 2009 )

Bournemouth Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is a to the full synergistic experience with touch screen games, feeding presentations and negotiations, plasma screen docudramas, with a walk-through underwater tunnel and exhibits. ( bournemouth attractive forces, 2009 )

Handiness of adjustment in Bournemouth

Development of a metropolis as a tourer ‘s finish means there will be an inflow of visitants and tourers coming to the metropolis, these visitants require a impermanent topographic point to remain during their visit. This consequences in the development of different types of adjustments concentrating on different class of tourers.

The creative activity of these adjustments besides helps germinate new markets for merchandises like keepsakes and memorabilia. Since it lands up increasing the demand for nutrient and such installations, working on the demand and supply rule it attracts constitution of more concerns.

The positive impact of these developments consequences in creative activity of occupations. Bournemouth touristry promotes the constitutions of these adjustments either under Bournemouth Quality Standards Scheme or the quality assed either by AA or Quality in touristry.

The following tabular array gives an penetration into the available adjustments in Bournemouth as in 2004


Bedspaces ( unless marked otherwise )





B & A ; B


Self Catering

402 Unit of measurements

Touring Caravans/Tents

33 Pitch

Second Homes


(, 2010 )

Tourists expenditure associated with their trip

Tourists visits in a metropolis means tourers passing in the metropolis. Tourists normally take the chance of being off on a interruption to pass liberally on themselves. The tourers disbursement is by and large categorised as

On adjustment

On shopping

On nutrient and drink

Attractions and amusement


The local concerns over a period of clip acquire an apprehension of the disbursement form of the visiting tourers and therefore seek to establish their stock lists around it. The tourers sing bournmouth can be categorised into the following 3 classs:

UK tourers

Abroad tourers

Day toursist

The following table gives and penetration into the dislocation of the tourer ‘s outgo associated with trips to Bournemouth.



( ? )


( ? )

Food & A ; Drink

( ? )

Attractions/ Entertainment

( ? )


( ? )

UK Tourists






Overseas TouristsA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A






Day Visitors






Beginning: South West Tourism utilizing the Cambridge theoretical account

(, 2010 )

The above figures clearly show that tourer influx enhances the metropolis ‘s caissons and makes available the fundss that the metropolis would necessitate for growing and development.

Brand Bournemouth is being developed by the council maintaining in position of its ability to pull more tourers. The different sectors that have been identified as constitutional parts of the Bournemouth trade name are as follows:



International Education

Leisure and attractive forces

Night Time Economy

Town Centre


This is the most ocular positive socio-cultural impact of touristry in Bournemouth.

The gift of the Tourism industry in the signifier of occupations

Tourism brings in concern is a known fact, these concerns are run by persons and hence occupations are created. Jobs average growing of the society as a whole. The transmutation of a metropolis into a tourer ‘s finish attracts non merely tourers but besides concerns of all sorts.

Jobs that are created can be segregated into the undermentioned three general classs:

Direct occupations

Indirect occupations

Induced occupations

The creative activity of these occupations becomes a beginning of support for the locals. It besides attracts work force from neighboring towns and metropoliss. This increases the grosss of the linking conveyance systems. The deepness of incorporate grosss is huge and hidden in a really complex matrix.

The following table gives the estimated existent figure of occupations created related to tourism disbursement in 2007.

Staying Tourists

Day Visitors


Direct Jobs




Indirect Jobs




Induced Jobs








Beginning: South West Tourism utilizing the Cambridge Model

(, 2010 )

Holiday types, grounds for visit and activities engagement.

Tourists have assorted grounds to see Bournemouth. There was a clip when tourers were all categorised as travelers, but now times have changed and they can be categorised utilizing assorted constructs and thoughts. One of the ways to categorize them is based them the type of vacation they take.

They can be categorised as follows.

Main vacation

Extra vacation

Short interruption

The above categorise are the parametric quantities that decide their length of stay.

The undermentioned tabular arraies give an penetration into the tourers that come to Bournemouth based on the above classification. It besides gives an thought of the grounds why they come and the activities they engage themselves in when they are vacationing in Bournemouth.

Statisticss for Bournemouth, 2005

Holiday Type

Entire ( % )

Main Holiday


Extra Vacation


Short Break


Length of Stay

7.88 darks

Average outgo per individual per twenty-four hours


Reasons for Visiting

Entire ( % )



Seaside, beaches, seashore


Peace and quiet


Easy to acquire to



Entire ( % )

Coastal Walk








Beginning: Dorset New Forest Tourism Data Project, The Market Research Group, 2005/06

(, 2009 )

The above statistics tell us that the grounds why the tourers come is varied and they besides overlap each other, in economic footings that leaves range for concern. Even the activities that they get involved in are varied and therefore these statistics can be used to make up one’s mind the disbursement of the local government organic structures in developing the touristry harmonizing to tourer ‘s penchants.

Negative socio- cultural impact of touristry in Bournemouth

It is apparent that urban touristry has a batch of seeable benefits for the economic system and the locals. Where it promotes exchange of civilization, it besides supports the local economic system of the metropolis. But, there is a negative facet of urban touristry every bit good. For illustration, during the extremum season when the tourer ‘s inflow is at its upper limit, the monetary values of fresh nutrients and veggies start lifting. It even destroys the peace of the vicinity. The tourers bring their frailties to the metropolis in the signifier of gaming, late dark nines, harlotry and imbibing. Though touristry has a batch of positive impact on the local economic system, civilization and over all development of the society, the negative impact can non be ignored. If the negative impact is kept on a regular vigilant cheque it can be overshadowed by the positives.

The development of the urban metropolis of Bournemouth into a tourists finish faces a batch of challenges from such negative impacts. No uncertainty touristry brings a batch to the metropolis in footings of occupations and development. It has besides resulted in the addition of revenue enhancements be it residential or concern.

Some of the negative socio-cultural impact of touristry can be summarised as follows.

Prostitution- the development of Bournemouth as a tourer ‘s finish has resulted in frailties such as harlotry. Harmonizing to Dorset Police the dismaying rate of rise of whorehouses in Bournemouth has been a existent affair of concern for the metropolis. The intelligence works reported the presence of 60 whorehouses in the metropolis. (, 2005 )

Drug trafficking- the frailty of harlotry is known to drag with it the drug civilization. Over the old ages Bournemouth has attracted party goes due to its legion saloons and nines along the beach, this has resulted in addition in the figure of drug consumers in Bournemouth. These frailties are passed on the turning population of Bournemouth, holding serious affects on the manner of life of their friends and households.

Increased degrees of noise pollution- the turning figure of nines and saloons result in heightening the dark life experience of the tourers, but besides increase the degrees of noise pollution, which can be damaging to the wellness of the old and senior occupants of Bournemouth.

Rising house prices- increasing occupations and turning concerns attracts attending from neighboring metropoliss, ensuing in growing in population. This consequences increasing the demand of residential lodging, which could be out of range for the local population.

Rising taxes- Increased concerns consequences in more authorities disbursement in infrastructural development and besides towards the tourer ‘s involvements. This consequences in the increased degrees of revenue enhancements by the authorities, to finance these undertakings.

Traffic jams- increased degrees of traffic jams are one of the chief cause of the grudge of the locals of Bournemouth, which even the local authoritiess are fighting to work out.

Road casualties- due to increase in degrees of population and auto users the increasing figure of route casualties have been worrying the Bournemouth governments and locals.

Loss of individualism due to over selling of finishs cardinal selling point- The development of Bournemouth as a tourers friendly metropolis has resulted in extended development. Be it concerns or attractive forces for the tourers, the concern is that it is losing its cultural originality and individuality. It is losing the alone merchandising point and is transforming into another beach metropolis, this is a affair of concern that has been voiced by the local governments.

Chapter 4: Decision

Socio- cultural impact of touristries can non be ignored. Tourism is at times used as a ground for the growing and development of the society, the focal point of growing is ever positive, but the negative side is besides prevailing. Man is full of frailties, since touristry revolves around adult males demands, demands, perceptual experiences, premises and wants, it is really hard to restrict the negative influence.

Bournemouth touristry should concentrate on development tailored on its specific demands, heritage, history and means with the socio-cultural impacts in sight. This would enable the urban metropolis to hold a balanced growing restricting the frailties and pulling the healthy tourers which contribute majorly into the growing of the metropolis into positive domains of development.

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