Egypt was ever known as the land of Pharaohs, however, Pharaonic civilisation was merely one portion of Egypt ‘s whole history because Egypt has witnessed many civilizations and a batch of civilisations like the Romans or the Greeks, and besides the Christian and the Islamic enlargements ; Egypt has ever been a centre of the universe involvement.

We know history and analyze it from the memorials, because memorials are the existent nexus between us presents and our ascendants in the yesteryear ; Monuments show us their accomplishments, their civilisation, and they tell us how they have lived.Those memorials are our duty now, we must continue them in order to demo them to the following coevalss as they can larn from them merely like the manner we did ; We must understand that those memorials are non lasting or indestructible, because nowadays there are many memorials that are decidedly enduring from carelessness and sloppiness because of low support or the ignorance of their value. A batch of memorials are besides threatened by the urban activities and their polluting consequence.Egyptian memorials have been subjected to plundering, pillage, and robbery from 2000 old ages up till now, particularly in the nineteenth century when many memorials were badly damaged or even sometimes wholly destroyed by the industrialisation appeared, but that was non the lone menace during that period because 100s of adventurers have come from Europe to Egypt in order to detect and cognize about the Egyptian history, but as they did many memorials were destroyed and more were stolen.The Egyptian history are in our custodies now, it is our duty and it besides shall be the of the whole universe every bit good, hence there must be uninterrupted care and protection of those memorials, and as the illegal menaces such as robbery and robbery may increase, the legal strength has to increase.In general, memorials are subjected to many menaces that may take to their devastation, those menaces are:The conditions and its effects ( Acid rain ) .

Urban pollution.Agricultural harm.Robbery and pillage.Overpopulation.Natural catastrophes ( inundations, and temblors ) .Lack of financess.The extraction of natural stuffs.

Wars.Some organisations are formed presents to salvage our history, they have merely one mission continue our history and protect it from all the menaces by heightening the consciousness of the people of Egypt and abroad every bit good about the civilization that Egypt has inherited in its history and its function in the civilisation of the universe, they besides develop cultural programmes to conserve and protect that cultural heritage, on the other they assist in contending robbery and illicit trade of the antiquities. And at last they fund cultural researches and exchanges between our universities and foreign universities to derive more cognition and experience that will decidedly help them to protect and better the touristry in Egypt.There is a really of import thing that we must understand ; Tourism has a immense consequence on Egypt ‘s economic system, and that would be easy to understand if you realized that merely in the twelvemonth 2000 foreign tourers Numberss have reached about 6 million, with more than 4 million coming from Europe, the income that twelvemonth from touristry merely was 4.5 billion American Dollars. That means that we have to exercise more attempts to better the touristry in Egypt, because with better the touristry in Egypt, more tourers will come over which will in return addition the national income which will stop in a better life.To better the touristry in Egypt we will hold to inquire ourselves some inquiries and their replies will perfectly be the solution:What do the tourers want?How to pull more tourers?Can we merely rely on historical memorials?How can we heighten our touristry in the European Union market?In that paper I will discourse the importance of our history, what have we lost? how can we merely acquire it back? , and eventually I will explicate how of import is touristry in our economic system and how to better modern touristry in order to pull more tourers and better the economic system of our darling state Egypt.


Development of touristry in Egypt:

Since 1982 the touristry industry has been developing significantly in Egypt, has the figure of tourers in Egypt was 1,500,000 and it started to increase in a really rapid manner, while on the ninetiess that figure was really high sometimes while other times was really low and that was because of 5 of import grounds:1. The peace procedure.2. The aggressive policy of touristry publicity.3. The low quality services.

4. Terrorism particularly in July 1992 after killing a tourer and in November 1997 after the onslaughts on tourers in Luxor.5.

The Gulf war in 1991.So if we took for illustration 2 bomber periods ( Table I ) where the first period is from 1982 to 1993 and the 2nd one is from 2000 to 2007 we will happen that the tourer reachings figure was 1,500,000 in 1982 and increased to 11,100,000 in 2007 which means that the tourer reachings figure is increasing with a rate of 9.2 % ; while the touristry capacity ( Tourist small towns and hotels ) has increased from 27,300 suites to 190,2000 through the period from 1985 boulder clay 2007 ; Another of import determination is that the darks spent by tourers in Egypt have increased from 9,000,000 to 111,500,000 with a rate of growing of 12.1 % yearly, on the other manus income from touristry has raised from 315,000,000 American Dollars to approximately 9,500,000,000 American Dollars. Egypt today hosts approximately 25 % of the whole touristry in the part of the Middle East.

The consequence of touristry on the Egyptian economic system

There is a really of import thing that we must understand ; Tourism has a immense consequence on Egypt ‘s economic system, and that would be easy to understand if you realized that merely in the twelvemonth 2000 foreign tourers Numberss have reached about 6 million, with more than 4 million coming from Europe, the income that twelvemonth from touristry merely was 4.5 billion American Dollars, and that is the ground that we must heighten and develop the quality of our touristry industry.

How to better touristry in Egypt?

Recovering our stolen history.

Ancient Egyptians used to bury valuable objects with their dead organic structures, the thing that attracted many robbers and grave stealers. The grave that were at higher hazard and more subjected to robbery were decidedly the royal and rich grave, however, the hapless graves were besides robbed because they besides contained valuable material that were buried with the dead to be offered as a forfeit. Tombs had many warnings on their walls but that did n’t halt or forestall the robbery ; there were besides times that robbing Gravess was done at the clip of burial itself, and it is expected to be done by the morticians or the grave guards, in such instances tombs ‘ entrywaies are found integral but organic structures are searched and valuables are gone.The 21st household for illustration had their high ranked adult females mummified and they were discovered late in Thebes grave undisturbed, however, their aureate faces were stolen and another jewellery were taken even before the completion of the wrapper procedureIn the Roman age grave robbery reached its upper limit, a batch of Egyptian antiquities and valuable objects were transported from their place to Rome particularly, and it would be obvious if you realized that there are 15 obelisks in Rome presents. While in the in-between age trading and trafficking of memorials and antiquities have flourished and the ground that Crusaders had thought that some Egyptian antiquities have bring arounding consequence from certain diseases ; Besides in the Renaissance the whole universe was brainsick about art, hence, more involvement in our memorials appeared ; another thing to be mentioned is that Ottoman and before them Mamluke Khedives did n’t recognize the value of the Egyptian memorials.

Among the nineteenth and the 20th centuries many valuable historical objects were shipped to Europe for diplomatic grounds. For illustration Khedia Abbas and besides Said Pasha had given a batch of memorials to Archidum Maximium, a prince in Austria, as a gift and it is present now as the 1st aggregation in the Vienna museum ; another incident when Mohammad Ali pacha has given an obelisk to king Philip of France and it is today in Paris in the Place de la Concorde in exchange of the clock of the bastion.Presents there are merely few organic structures that are still in their original graves, and there are fewer that may be still in the existent topographic point they were inserted. In 1995 Egypt has succeeded to recover the artefacts memorials that were stolen during the Israeli business of Sinai by Israel itself, robbing ancient Egyptian memorials is a really old concern whoever it became stronger with clip till the minute, and there are still a batch of other memorials that were robbed by Israel and did n’t come back until now, in the 60s and the 70s 100s of Egyptian antiquities were stolen by Israel but we have returned many of them to the EHCA ( Egyptian Higher Council for Antiquities ) from 2002 boulder clay 2005, nevertheless, Ibrahim El Nawawi, an Egyptian Archaeologist and a was commission member that prepared the memorials return, has stated that we have merely returned a little piece of a immense hoarded wealth.Now that we realized the importance of our history and how it was heedlessly sold or stolen, we will necessitate security and protection over our memorials and we need a new jurisprudence. The general secretary of the SCA ( Supreme Council of Antiquities ) Mr.Zahi Hawass has stated that the jurisprudence 117/1983 is non suited any longer and it needs to be modified or changed because it does n’t enforce difficult punishments on antiquities trafficking, and it needs to be harder in order to forestall any more trafficking.

The 1st antiquities jurisprudence was issued in 1853 and it was changed 5 times till now with the most effectual alterations in 1912 and another one in 1983, some Torahs contained failing points and they besides did n’t forestall urban invasion.

Bettering the quality of touristry in Egypt

Bettering the quality of any concern is a really complex mission, because bettering agencies altering, and altering is decidedly nerve-racking, you ca n’t merely utilize thaumaturgy to better any concern ; you need stable systems and choice direction in order to hold a successful concern, and those systems must be founded on strong bases of understanding the existent aims and purposes of the concern.Tourism may be the most of import concern that has a great consequence on the state ‘s economic system, the figure of visitants has risen from 1,500,000 visitants in 1982 to 6,000,000 in 2003 and it has risen in malice of the great political perturbations particularly among the last few old ages, and in order to increase that figure, the quality of service will decidedly necessitate to better every bit good. For illustration, in order to vie, you will necessitate to provide for the different demands of the clients ; therefore the touristry merchandise had become an industry that serves the demands of the clients, such as the niche market ( Spa, wellness attention, nature touristry, athletics travel, civilization touristry, spiritual travel and ship sails ) that are quickly developing presents, so we will hold to care more about bettering the niche market because it is merely what the tourers need, in add-on to that we must recognize that tourers today need the most value for money, the best quality, and the most flexible traveling experiences.The WTO ( World Tourism Organization ) has stated 6 criterions that has to be focused on by any touristry finish direction when it ‘s bettering any tourer service or merchandise, those criterions are:Security and safety: the touristry merchandise must non hold any menaces to life or even any unsafe consequence on wellness, Security and safety criterions are stated by jurisprudence.Handiness: the communicating, the services, and the merchandises must be allowed to all the clients with no favoritism even with people that have disablements.Hygiene: the touristry merchandise must be clean and safe.Authenticity: it may be the hardest criterion to be applied, it is to do the merchandise distinct and unique from the other similar merchandises in order to pull the client ‘s attending and run into all of his outlooks at the same clip.Harmony: it refers to the relation between the human and the natural environment and how to keep quality of the merchandises and the markets.Transparency: it means supplying the client with all the true information that he may necessitate about the merchandise including its features and its monetary value.

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