In ourlives we come across all different types of people and situations which givesus all sorts of learning. What matters most is how we implement these learningsin our lives and move ahead, cause in the end that’s what life is all about. Ifwe only keep these learnings for information sake and never implement it in ourlives then the whole experience of life becomes very shallow.  We have our aspirations, dreams,wishes, desires and we want to make it big in Life in some or the other way. Wehave our Goals, Ambitions, which would want us to deal with people .  Everyone has the ability to achieve it but what is the mostimportant thing is the path we take for achieving it and the attitude we showall the way. The right positive attitude andthinking makes one focus on the bright side of life.

A person with a positiveattitude attracts happiness, health and success in life, and has the capabilityto overcome any obstacle.  But at thesame time if we keep feeding our mind with negative energies and thinknegatively it will lead to stress, worry, anxiety, depression which can alsolead to all sorts of physical problems. People with health problems find itdifficult even to deal with day to day activities. Do thisspend your one whole day completely without any worry, anger, fear, anxiety,spend the day by just being calm and cheerful taking the day as it comes, seethe difference in your overall health at the end of the day and even the nextmorning when you get up.And youcan also do the reverse and see the effect of it on your body.Automaticallyyour body will start giving signals in some or the other way.

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Specially theabdomen, that’s the first body part that gets impacted. Everyone wants to be incompetition, people want to prove themselves over others, but what is successand what is the price we pay for this success and is it really worth it? Ourobstacles do not define our success, but how we face them and the reactions wehave to our obstacles defines our success. It will not always be that the endresult will be just the way we thought of and we start putting excuses to justifythe failure. Our obstacles should not become our excuses for failure. But if welook at it the other way, every hurdle gives us learning and strength to movefor the next one.

 The Gapbetween “What Is” and “What it can be” defines the problem we can look atworking out. We keep finding happiness in bigthings, we feel only when I achieve this or that I will be happy, in thebargain we tend to overlook the finer aspects of life. Life is in details henceif we only have the macro view then we will be living life at the surface. Simplepleasures will be more satisfying and joyful then one big display and thenboom.  When wekeep connecting the little dots between all these simple moments, life seems tobe more fulfilling and satisfying. Another worrisomepart of today’s life is the fast pace. Morning we get up and then there is afix schedule one after other things keep happening even without our realisationas if we are puppets. At 8 breakfast, at 9 work, at 5 gym, at 7 dinner, at 10bed.

It’s just all one after other so planned, which most of us also calldiscipline.  It is okto be out of the schedule, give yourself time to free up, you need not be nhurry and rush all the time. Give yourselves some time to explore life, it’s okto be clueless at times. Stop getting fixated, give space to yourself toincrease your awareness.

 Slow downthe pace, remove time to do things that will brighten up your soul. Ensure tohave some ME time in all the hush, even if it has to do nothing at all. Don’t spenddays in any kind of regrets.

Let life happen. Don’t spend your time for thingsthat don’t hold importance and does not matter. What seems to be grave today,will be laughed off tomorrow.  The mostimportant thing is your happiness. Intentionally create and build up onthoughts that makes you feel good, brings in comfort and smile.

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