In March of 1939, Chancellor Adolf Hitler demanded a port city called Danzig, or Gda?sk, and the province of East Prussia to make the return back to Germany. But due to the Treaty of Versailles, signed during the Peace of Paris conference, the city and province were removed from Germany. Poland refused Chancellor Hitler’s demand to rejoin with Germany. The UK and France pledged, saying if Germany attacked Poland, they could help. Both countries never took the step to help Poland when Germany attacked in September of 1939. But before September, the UK and France hoped the Soviet Union could help defend Poland, but not too soon Hitler and Stalin made a nonaggression pact and became allies on August 23rd, 1939. They secretly wanted to divide Poland between the two countries. Poland had a massive army, but little modern equipment. So during Germany’s attack, German tanks and German dive bombers tore the countries military down. To add on to poor Poland’s troubles, on September 17, 1939, the Soviet Union also invaded Poland. Within two weeks of the invasion, the Soviet Red Army only occupied the eastern third of Poland, whilst Germany occupied the rest. Back on September 3rd, two days after Germany’s initial invasion of Poland, the UK and France declared war on Germany. And in this beginning time period, the two countries did very little to aid Poland and defeat Germany. This small “war” is now currently titled The Phony War, as very little was done during the time period. During the outbreak of war in September of 1939, the nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland all declared their neutrality to the war. Germany relied heavily on Swedish iron ore shipments through the neutral country of Norway. Soon, a suspicion of the UK was coming to air. Germany had thought that the UK would try and stop the shipments with explosives in the water in between Norway and Germany.

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