In turn all these
science fiction movies suggestively advocate infinite versions of reality but
ultimately, it’s all one reality we live in. Movies allow everyone to imagine
themselves in a ‘hyperrealism’ existence. Moreover, contemporary society, has
made the art of filmmaking a martyr in the extension beyond realities. Our
ideas and actions reflected into movies,are significant on how we ourselves can
relate or act upon them. The constant cultural reference points made in films
can desensitize acts that have emerged in modern society, for example 9/11 –
smoke shots used to exploit warfare, the developments in advanced technology
that have all been used in the latest science fiction and action films, to
satirise our reality.  Just like the
media broadcasted through radio and television, our lives are moderated by
visual imagery that proliferate our perception of life, and challenge the line
between what is real and what is fiction?





Even though these
movies have seemed to fictionalise our modern society, the films introduce
giant space craft’s, laser technology all kinds of autonomous weapons, that
will evidently be the solution to the problems we are creating, as a result the
impact of these specific films resonate our future and shows us ways to avoid
environmental destruction. As discussed previously in Chapter 3, the latest
science fiction films have become a staple in some of the technology being
produced today, High end devices like Virtual reality have already summoned new
worlds for discovering new possibilities. Technology has already shifted
drastically in the way we wage war in the modern era. the light saber for
example epitomizes the great science fiction weaponry used In Star Wars, (ref) sentient
weapons and other forms of space flight were used in both Enders Game and The
Matrix. Many of us wonder how these intangible forms can be manifested in our
authentic world. 

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