In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson , the reader’s response theory helps readers to understand how hypocrisy Is very real and is most often revealed when they are being hypocritical about that specific thing such as Tessie Hutchinson, the main character, she was happy with the lottery we’ll not happy but was fine with it since there was no changing it just like everyone else she was fine with it but as soon as she got picked to get stoned she thought it was unfair and the village continues to do this even though everyone in the village would also be hypocritical about that if they were chosen. Think for just a moment how your life could have been drastically changed by a jeopardy and the hugs effect it could have on your mentality the books characters were Bull the husband, Tessie the wife, Mr. Summers the helper, Mr. Grans the jeopardy starter. It’s a story about a draft mainly just runs in that town now. No other town has this, they realized it was wrong and had to change it. This little town was one of the last ones doing it.

Tessies husband Bill gets chosen as the “sacrifice” and Tessie gets mad and says it’s unfair but in all reality it’s fair because every other person chose like them. So they decide to redraw because of what Tessie said but with that redrawing o just their family Tessie gets drawn and she gets mad and says it’s unfair. Maybe her stories are based on her childhood and how traumatic it was maybe she writes them to get back at them for everything they did to her because her mother abused her and her father was basically there just to watch because he never did anything about it . Maybe that’s what has the biggest impact on her life. To start with I think the main reason was because of her parents and that’s why she thought the way she did because she was all dark and creepy in her stories.

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“A stone hit her on the side of the head” she explained or tried to explain how the reason she was filled with all these crazy thoughts and all this crazy stuff was because her parents never gave her the love or affection she really need and that’s why she’s into all these deep stories and deep topics. Tessie gets picked at the end of the story because of her selfish ways that caused her whole family to draw and she ended up getting picked. Now she is getting pummeled by rocks and all the village people are stoning her after she was selfish and drew it because she thought it was unfair that her husband got chosen. That shows that she could have killed her mother like that or any other part of her family she thought about it all the time and was never able to do anything. This problems taught us about her psychological reasonings going on in her head.

After writing stories like this it seems very odd on how she does write all of her stories but she does it in such a way that it’s inspiring but the main reason she’s so messed up I. The head and likes all these deep topics is because of her parents and how her childhood went all along. However, I don’t think that was the only way she has thought of revenge.

Or killing her parents for the things she went trough as a child all the abuse and being treated like crap and the effects that the stuff had on her life was unbelievable this time only the family of the main character Tessie draws from the box 4 blank papers and one marked paper. Tessie didn’t want to look at her paper or show anyone it because she knew that the one she drew was the marked paper and she wouldn’t show them so they had to have her husband show them then after that the showed no remorse, but I believe that the author had a purpose for this for Tessie to change the fate of her husband because in her personal life the mother was always the one abusing her and the father was never there so she felt like the mother deserved it more then the father and decided to leave the father there for the kids because she felt as a kid that she never had a father so she left him and changed his fate on purpose but the mother got pummeled with rocks and died because of the authors choice which played a part because of her personal life and personal experience. But she hated her father as well for never being there and for never supporting them like a father should. Especially when her mother was abusing her the father should’ve been there and the author will always hold a grudge for that. The argument that’s been going on, is that the parents had everything to do with her being messed up and writing about weird things and dark and creepy thing but I think it was all just because she wanted revenge and the way she found that is in writing and she found that writing about creepy or deep stuff such as suicide and stuff like that was the only way for her to feel some kind of accomplishment since her parents were so bad they never felt that for her. Parents like hers should never have kids because a father that’s never there is the worst because the father is the person that teaches you right formw ring and about stuff you need to know in life and a mother that is just abusive and a bully to them is the worst to because they need to always be there for them when they need someone to talk to or someone to vent to or talk to them about their problems and if you’re being bullied or abused by that person then you’re not gonna feel comfortable telling them anything much less your personal stuff.

I think she always wanted to commit suicide through her writings and even outside of all that I think that was just engraved in her head because of her rough childhood and her rough past. Finally I believe that all the things that Shirley Jackson went through wasn’t good by any means but I believe it’s what made her who she is today maybe without all the trauma she wouldn’t be such a good and entertaining author. Her father also played a big part in her trauma as much as her father because even though he wasn’t abusing her like her mother was he was never there to stop her or to say anything or to teach her right form wrong he was never there to say anything because of that she will always be scared and will always have trust issues but I believe “The Lottery” is a perfect example of what it mean to overcome your past and focus on the future and the present I completely think that if she didn’t go through what she went through she wouldn’t be as good of an author or not even an author at all. The story “The Lottery” is the most entertaining story I’ve read in a while and I think the author is very strong and deserves nothing but the best because she takes out her anger on paper. That is the hypocrisy of the story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.

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