In November 1960, U.S. senator John F. Kennedy in Massachusetts defeated Vice President Richard M. Nixon in the presidential election. Kennedy was taking on a very difficult U.S. relations with the Soviet Union were difficult since they start to decline, and the world seemed to be proceed into a deeper and deeper hole of lots of conflict and crisis.The Cuban Missile Crisis was a crazy  event in history, in October 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union knew what they were going to do and be part of the missile war. The big problem was the presence of Soviet Union which had a plan and strategy of the placement of  missiles in Cuba. Another situation which the United States saw as a big problem to their missile balance between the plan of the missiles in the hemisphere in the world. The removal of the missiles was probably JFK’s most significant policy success.The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in October 1962 when Kennedy demanded the shipment of nuclear and powerful missiles. Meanwhile the Soviet Union placed several nuclear missiles into Cuba, JFK wanted the union to take the missiles and deliver the missiles to America were Kennedy can use them against Cuba. Fidel Castro  who is the government of Cuba warned the United states officials that missiles were causing a crisis. This advocated the revolution throughout  America. Also,Castro had built a military ties with the Soviet Union. The United States did this for the primary Cold War . During 1959, when Castro came after driving out U.S. ally Fulgencio Batista’s regime, the Eisenhower and JFK’s administrations had thought  to intimidate, weaken, and get rid of Castro being the government and using any means.Castro planned on doing a hit-and-run raids which later was carried out by Cuban exiles. Then this was backed by the C.I.A. . The killing of JFK is against Castro for plotting the economic embargo, The Bay of Pigs invasion, the military controls or patrols in the Caribbean.Castro’s  contingency plans for a U.S. invasion, ousting of Cuba from the Organization of American States. The  under Operation Mongoose, the sabotage of Cuban facilities. Later on Robert McNamara came to the U.S, McNamara is a American business executive and she works for the eighth secretary of the United states, serving JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson. Meanwhile B.Johnson later on made a speech or announcement  in Moscow and Havana. Later on McNamara later on thought and made a speech that she later on announced that, “I would have believed the Americans were preparing for an invasion.”As later on during when October 22, 1962 came by around, JFK made a speech in front of the public announcing the crisis of nuclear missiles that was later going to happen. This speech of JFK’s shocked everyone and possibly concerning why JFK is doing this and for what reason. According to JFK’s speech to the public the soviet Union replied by simply saying that they won’t do but anyway they were later on told by kennedy that they were going to transfer the missiles that were going to target Cuba. However that intelligence assets from Cuba later on had revealed those missiles sites that were under construction on Cuba. They also noticed of how close the missiles were to them and was around 90 miles away from them which were located on florida. Years later, near the end of the Cold War, officials revealed that the Soviets already had succeeded in transferring the nuclear missiles targeting from Cuba.  Later on JFK choose to confront to the Soviet Union directly, as the public fashion rather than be entirely quiet about this situation. Another speech was announced by JFK, he wanted a quarantine  effect, a naval blockade of Cuba under which the United States would not allow any additional “offensive military equipment” to enter Cuban  or anywhere near them. JFK’s action confronted the USSR with the option of turning back its ships or risking the outbreak of war with the United States. According to this problem of many tense moments, a settlement eventually came over the next week. Cuba weak and unable to block United States plan, which had dominated the island throughout the 20th century until the successful revolution of Fidel Castro in 1959. When Castro declared he was a communist, the United States initiated efforts to topple the regime and to eliminate Castro himself. It was those actions that had precipitated the Soviet decision to equip Castro with the nuclear weapons.  Previously the Soviets had openly been sending weapons to Cuba, including surface aircraft missiles. Kennedy felt safe in voicing this warning. The United States at the time had more than 25,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal. The Soviet Union had not quite half as many. Kennedy’s predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, had calculated in 1960 that, if a crisis led either side to fire nuclear weapons, all humans in the northern hemisphere could perish.

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