my end of study project,I aim to analyze a chapter from a travel narrative book
which is called”Morocco and the moors”.The book was written in the nineteenth
century by “Arthur Leared” and published in eighteen sixty seven.The aim of the
writer is to describe morocco and its people,and narrate his experience in this
country.Many travel accounts were written in the nineteen ceuntry about Morocco
and the orient in general.Their purpose was to explore and inform  the world  about traditions and cultures of these
countries . However there was a different objective behind those travel
accounts.AsNajahMahmi said”Travel explorations have played a major role in the
European colonial entreprise , providing information and appropriating
non-european geographies through discourses of difference and binary




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Morocco has been ruled by the Alaouite
dynasty since the 19thcentury.On one hand,The 19thC was
one of the hardest periods in Morocco’s history.At that specific century,the
country suffered  different economical
crises and military pressures from Europe.Those troubles made the country very
weak,and were considered as a proof,that morocco needs help and protection from
Europe;which was an indirect way to colonize the country.In the latter part of
19th century morocco’s instability resulted in European countries
intervening to protect investements and todemand economic concessions 2.As
a result Morocco was made a French protectorate in 1912 but regained
independence in 19563. On
the other hand,in the 19th century Morocco started to be open up to
Europe,as it was a weird and an unknown place for the the rest of the world . As
professor Mohammed laamiri said:


“The 19th
century saw an upsurge of travel texts on morocco as this area started to
opened up ,under the European expansion ,to Europeans visitors for different
purposes “4


The chapter that I intended to
work on is about Tangier.At thattime this city was regarded as one of the most
significant cities in Morocco.This importance comes from the fact that tangier
is very to Europe and it was the the first town seen by any European traveller.The
significance of tangier was stressed by Laamiri ;he said that;”Tangier was seen
not only as a town but as a whole continent.the crossing of the straits
epitomizes a step toward theunknown”.5 In
addition,travellers felt that they were taken to a totally different world .As
henry field said ;”though it takes but three hours to come from Gibraltar to
tangier ,inthat brief passage one is transported to a new world .it is not only
the difference in 6two
places,but the people themselves are different in figure ,in language,and in

The topic and purpose of my

As I mentioned before,I am
going to analyze a passage from the first chapter of the book ,which revolves
around Tangier.The passage is mainly about the architecture of the town.My goal
is to analyze the way Arthurdescribes the town,and his impression about the
architecture of morocco.Moreover,Iaim to get clearideas of how the European
traveller’s backgroundaffects his perception of a different country and how
morocco was represented by europeans.Finallythe reason
why I chose architecture is that,it reveals many ideas and information about
Moroccan culture and the way people live in this country.Besides
that, I decided to use to usesome references such as the Rethoric of empire by
David spur,Travel writing by Carle Thoupson and theimage
of Morocco in British travel writingby Laamiri Mohammed

1Travelling morocco
in the 19th and 20th centuries,by
najah mahmi,p4


4 The image of Morocco in British
travel writings , by Mohammmedlaamiri ,p 5

5 The image of Morocco in
British travel writings ,by laamiri , p5

6Field henry, the barbary coast

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