In the second design, we provide direct staircase to each floor helps in saving time of employees. This leads to easily supervise to employees. As we see in Figure 5.7, the employees has to cover long routes to reach at any floor.for example if the employees wants to reach at first floor and he is at ground floor, firstly he has to coming out of ground floor and running towards first floor.

Similarily in the case of when the workers wants to reach at second floor and he is at ground floor,then he has to coming out of ground floor and running towards second floor. These long routes wasting lot of time and also leads to difficult in supervise and control.As there is continous requirement of maintenance and repair in every 8-10 years in existing plant layout. We should focus on ease of layout planning, construction, installation.We can also discuss about the length and installation cost of utility main lines and of distribution lines.we discuss every advantages related with the use of steel foundation. It helps to Savings in maintenance and repair costs. As reconstuction of buiding by using steel fundation at the required place by elimating the floor system of building.

No extra space is needed as the assembly of the existing plant layout. It also prevent more space from contraction. But the reconstruction of building requires very high initial investment with its advantages from the construction, maintenance, installing and servicing. Hence we prefer direct staircase to the each floor. This needs very low cost with increase the easeness or comfortability to worker to reach at any floor without wasting lot of time.It has following advantages:1.

This alternnative layout is easy to understand, follow, schedule, and control.2. This alternative layout allows simple and inexpensive handling methods.3. This alternative layout is easy to access.4. This design of layout avoids congestion at point of delivery and take away.

5.3.13 Evaluation of final designThe Evaluation of final design focus on various alternative arrangements within a workplace. It may briefly visualize some of the rough sketches of these alternatives. The altering the position of utility which adversely affect the plant layout efficiency is examples of such adjustments. It takes some time to analyse and record each detail about workplace personnel and the space availability. The activity relationship and space relationship diagram already studied in the previous chapter.We develop various alternative layouts of the existing plant layout and these layouts are subjected to evaluation to select the best layout.

It is best to discussed, analyse and evaluate all detailed areas of the existing plant layout. As a result, we get the best alternative of the plant layout.According to the study of the pulse processing plant, we can observe that the long distance should be reduced for moving raw materials and the useless area should be minimised. The way to improve the existing plant layout to make the workflow efficiently by rearranging the important sequence of the processing plant in most effective way.Design I have following advantages:? It will increase production.

? It will improve methodology.? It will reduce waste.? It will reduce scrap.? It will produce a better product.? It will improve the quality of Pulses.

? Efficient utilization of available floor space.? Volume and product flexibility.Design II have following advantages:? It will easy to handle.? It will easy to reach in any floor.? it will increase floor space.

? It will require less number of workers.? It will improve other working conditions.? It enable to utilise labour efficiently? It is easy in supervision and control.These all advantages lead to increase the productivity.

Checking the layout before it is finalized by taking review of others. Reviews can be made individually. It must be on the basis of practical knowledge as well as on the basis of technical knowledge. Reviews with others involves Heads of operating departments, Heads of supporting-service departments and Other staff planning engineers responsible for industrial engineering.After completing the Evaluation, it is found that layout design I results in higher productivity. There is no extra space is needed during the re-layout. And Design II results in terms of total distance travel and total travel time and total time spent by workers in the plant layout.

This will enable smooth process of each floor within the layout. The cost of the introducing direct staircase within each floor in the layout will be very less.We can combine the design I & II for preventing the extra space and also to increase the efficiency of pulse mill plant

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