In this generation, all people want in life is success to fulfill their needs and desires.

There are ways to obtain success in life, some people have natural talent so they obtain success easily, while others have to spend countless hours trying to gain it. In the novel, Flowers For Algernon, Charlie, the protagonist, gets a life-changing surgery which turns him from dumb, too smart. Despite the advantage that Charlie gained from his surgery, his newfound talent would not be noticeable without his hard work.

Talent can be quality your born with, it gives you a smart way to achieve your goals.Talent is nothing unless you use your talent in the right way. A person should never just relax and expect to succeed.  “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”- Kevin Durant. Hard work is more important than talent because talent will only get someone so far you have to act upon the talent. If one is not willing to put in the hard work to bring out their talent, then the talent itself is useless.

Therefore, if talent and hard work, work together it gives the person better results. Some people are lucky to be born smart, with a brain capable of being a genius, but you cannot become a genius without hard work. Anyone can have an idea or dream, but it takes hard work,motivation,and dedication to make that dream a reality.

Talent gives you a head start in the race, but hard work makes you finish in first.    There is no denying that some of the best athletes have natural talent that helps them to be better than most, but is that the main reason why? Talent helps them, but it is their hard work with their talent that separates them from everyone else. Unlike hard work, talent is something one can lose if he doesn’t act upon it. Someone could play a sport and be really good at it, but if they become lackadaisical and don’t practice, then their talent will disappear. Working hard is more than just having talent, those who work hard and spend countless hours mastering their craft become more successful than people who don’t practice.

Also, if someone uses hard work watches professionals do what they want to do then they can try to mirror that person to correct their mistakes. When people work hard they begin to see himself improving and as they are in=improving they become determined because they think they can keep improving. Overall, working hard is much more important than just being born with natural talent.

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