In “The Pairing
Knife” by Michael Oppenheimer, employs that the pairing knife under the
refrigerator is a symbol of the pair’s relationship. The pairing knife helps
disguise a night that the author and “the women he loves”, is trying
to block out of their memory. The pair had an argument that caused the knife to
find hostage under the fridge where it will lay for many years to come. They
both think by simply forgetting the incident, their memory of that night will
prevent them from being accountable of each other’s cruel words and actions. I
concluded that the women slides the knife back under the refrigerator is
stating that what the pair has over come is much more progress than where they
were at the exact moment of that night. The women do not want to re-open wounds
that were not healed properly. She does not want to forget the progress the
pair has made, or else she would had thrown away the knife or put the knife
back where it belongs. She just wants to keep things the way they are, she has
accepted the pain and knows the wounds are permanent. Since they did not hold
each other accountable of the truth and pain. Camouflaging the truth will not
make the pain’s existence disappear, what happened that night was fixed and
that’s the way it will stay in their memories.

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