In this part, the impact of the GDCI
partnership on the classical regulatory governing schemes of our society is
discussed. For assessing the study
case in this section, it is important to remark that GDCI is an initiative that
supports diverse members such as public as private organizations. The GDCI
partnership is part of a Dutch government green growth policy, which aims to
beat possible barriers to implementing strategies for sustainable development
in the Netherlands (Prummel, 2017).


A specific question
in this phase is if and how partnerships, on their own or through their
interferences with classical regulatory governing schemes, influence the
governability of society. Governability refers to both the structures within
which public issues are discussed and political decision-making takes place and
the content of the political choices (Glasbergen,
2011). Through GDCI, the Government has clearly been able to institutionalize
a new sense of collective responsibility for sustainability issues.

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The Government’s decision-making structure is not affected by the GDCI
since the goal is to collect experience and knowledge from start-up initiatives
and not to make any decisions or regulations. The Government does not seek to
disturb the free market by regulating it to adopt circularity, rather through
GDCI, wishes to demonstrate its possibility (Prummel, 2017). This is in keeping with ‘Programma Nederland
Circulair 2050’ wherein the goal is to be a completely circular market economy
by the year 2050. The GDCI and its lessons are being used as aids for achieving
the goal by 2050 (Prummel, 2017).

The involvement and commitment of the Government are undeniable as:

They are facilitating
partners in the GDCI 

They are a regular part of
meetings and the monitoring process. On average four to five meetings are held
annually wherein all the progress is shared with the Government. All findings
are reported to and stored by the Government (Prummel, 2017)

The Government has set up
its own pilots under the GDCI which demonstrates direct involvement and not
just in a facilitating capacity (Prummel, 2017).

In this manner, the Government is directly being involved in proving the
possibility of a completely circular economy and creating a knowledge base for
how to achieve this whilst maintaining a free market.

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