In my experiments I used following settings:

Virtual machine operation system: Windows
7 32 bit

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Web browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Internet

Web search engine: Google, Bing

Web search phrase: “Hurricane Irma”

This chapter will explain reasons behind chosen operation system,
web browser and other elements included in my experiments. All analysis used were
made by Statcounter or Google, and are freely available from their website.

A web browser or WWW browser is a computer
program used to download and display websites. There are many free browsers available
on the market. Most known are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
They also allow, using additional components, to use e-mail clients, ftp clients
or discussion groups. Currently, with a significant number of browsers on the market,
each company strives to make their product as fast as possible, the simplest and
the most intuitive to use. They also focus on the functionality and safety of the
program. Browsers have many useful features such as file download managers, plugins,
skins or themes, private data mangers, bookmarks managers and filters. In terms
of the technology used, they using for example JavaScript, cookies, Adobe Flash,
HTTP and HTTPS, CSS styles, XML, graphic files Java applets and many other technologies.
Although modern browsers can do much more than display websites, this task has been,
is and will remain their main function.

Most users usually use only one web browser.
According to statistical rankings, Chrome is in the first place with almost 66%
market share. FireFox ranks behind the leader with less than 12 percent market share).
The third place holds Internet Explorer 7.33% of market share (Desktop Browser Market
Share Worldwide 2018).


Internet search engine is a program with
user interface, designed to search and display information in accordance with the
user’s request. It allows internet users to easily and quickly find the content
they are interested in. The search engine makes it unnecessary to know the address
of a specific website in order to gain access to relevant information from the user’s
point of view. It is enough to enter a word or phrases related to a given topic
in the browser window and confirm it to have displayed a list of sites related to
the given phrase.

Types of search engines:

global – intended for searching information
on the Internet;

local – searching local networks or specific

Global search systems can be differentiated
basing on search type:

universal – search engines that give
their users the ability to search for content of any type: text, graphics, audio,

specialized – their task is to search
for information that meets specific requirements. These are file search systems
on FTP servers, goods in online stores, etc.,

thematic – search engines of this type
search only for information on the Internet that may be of interest to specific
social groups (religious, professional, etc.).

The term “search engine” is usually understood as a
global, universal search engine and in this context will be used in my research.
The construction scheme of most search engines is similar and there are no significant
differences between them:

Interface – The part of the search engine
seen by the user is a website with an interface designed for querying the search
engine. There, the search results for a given query are also displayed.

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