In the twentieth century, Martin Luther King Jr. emerged from the lower class of society and today is known to be the most influential civil rights leader. This man fought for equal rights despite the hardships faced. He promoted a non-violent protest while passionately believing in change. Shoreh Aghdashloo once says, “Rights are something you don’t get for free. You have to fight for them.” This shows the value that rights upholds in society for it is an important part in the development of a nation or the growth of an organization. Rights give an individual an opportunity to protect themselves from others such as the government. Not having the accessibility to their rights can really cause inequality, not being treated the same way. Many times some will forget their rights and be put in situations that test their knowledge having them fight for their rights rather than it being just implied. Having fundamental rights is crucial in today’s society regardless of how different one is. Many people of black broke many laws considering they were singled out of many laws to begin with. In everything these people of colour did, they were penalized and sent for jail time in the most disrespectful manner. Despite who’s fault it was the blacks were always guilty. This is an example of the rule of law being violated. There is no evidences regarding the cause but before taken to court or to hear them out they were claimed guilty and punished. For example, through the Steven Truscott case, he was convicted of a murder he was not involved with and was not giving the veil of ignorance, as well as a fair chance or access to his human rights. He has been proven innocent after years of facing jail time, surely was an easy target and was instantly proven guilt on the spot. This shows the lack of rights he had to begin with but also, violates the veil of ignorance. He was refused to the right of calling a lawyer, and was treated with the same punishments that adults would despite him being a juvenile child, which means the punishments are far more flexible. The reason there are less strict punishments is because the country has collectively decided that children can easily learn from their behaviors for they are in the development stages of their brains. He was proven guilty without even being taken to the courts for justice, proving that the authority was not observing this man as an innocent until proven guilty. In the rule of law, understanding both sides of the story and allowing the court justices to determine the guilt or innocence of one is essential. The rule of law is no one is above the law in the sense that all are equal and obligated to follow the law. Until proven guilty, the suspect is innocent. The significances the rule of law is crucial in todays society due to the enormous development in technology it is easy to make something appear a certain way if there is no investigation. This is why having our rights allows an individual to be protected and not guilty until it is determined by the courts of justice. Torture is defines as the intentional use of physical or physiological pain to gain advantage over an individual. Human rights come into play for it gives an individual protection and safety. For example, from the video we had watched in class about the man that was ripped away from society to be brutally tortured in Syria, it shows ones rights being completely violated and is a crime. He was denied to have a lawyer because he was not an American citizen and was deported to live in a non-livable cell. He was entitled to his human rights regardless of his citizenship. Torture can be see through man different forms, physical, verbal, and even emotional. Having human rights prevents situations as such and lead to a safer environment for the growth of the community. Regardless of the age, young or old, all are allowed access to their rights and should not have to fight for them. These chartered rights are what protect on form the government to allow a sense of equality and value of humanity. Law is reinforced through authoritative standards and requires all those that they apply to acknowledged their authority. Law’s are set in place as a guideline to help maintain a healthy community. However, when these laws are obeyed there must be consequences that must be faced and are reinforced by those of authority, like police officers. Natural laws are unchangeable rights that should be applied to everyone and if the law is broken, it can be used to pressure the government to change the law for it’s unjust. Injustice occurs when people’s morals, beliefs, and religion conflict with the law. Regardless of ones reputation as a person, legally one is entitled to his of her rights. For example, when the man that worked several hours without receiving payment for it. His labour laws were strongly discarded for he was uneducated about his human and civil rights. No matter the race or gender everyone has the right to his or her human rights. Working countless hours with no pay, over working, and discriminated are all indicators of his labour laws being violated. The right to feel safe in an environment is important and within the human rights. Being of any standing in the organization is all disregarded for all rights apply equally. As you can see, one important factor to take away from this is despite who you are or where in the standings you stay, your entitled to your human rights for they are give to you for a reason. Overall, this quote is important but it was more significant to past centuries. This is due to the newly developed Canadian justice system for it gives people in Canadian rights that protect them from the government. Previously people did have to fight for their rights due to segregation, which were the causes of boycotts and protests. Now that we are given the rights, we use them to fight against laws that are unjust and don’t show equality. As you can see, throughout this course I have came to a consensus that rights may appear that we must fight for them but in reality we all are given them and use them to stand up for yourselves for justice. The history of law illustrates the various types of degrees of equality faced by the society. Everyone being treated the same is essential in todays society and is why we teach children at a young age in schools. Rights are given to us to use to our advantage and now feel as though we have been mistreated. I have learned a lot through this course and it has really made my human rights and me more aware to law. Knowing I have a charter of rights makes me feel secured for it protects me from harms way.

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