In this plot, the protagonist gives much more than other people. In this plot, the character has a great personal cost and motivation at the same time. He could lose his life, or the cost could be in profound psychological ways. Also, the sacrifice is a decision from the character that makes his shame or honor. According to the book, this plot has 3 phases. First one in introducing the protagonist. By this, we can know why the character will sacrifice himself. Whereas, he cannot just commit sacrifice without knowing his personality and attitude. There are a couple questions that could help here, who will be helped? And how? In the second phase, where the character faces a problem that has not an easy solution. In addition, the character must not be clear about his intention at first, so the audience won’t be sure what he will do. In the last phase, it is the time to pay the price whether as protagonist planned or the opposite. There are two major points here that must be considered: the effects of the sacrifice on the character and the effects on other characters.        This story is about the Sultan Shahryar who cuts off from the throne and makes his brother the king because he cannot stand the troubles of governance. He has a wife who loved very much. His greatest cheer is when he gives to her the most lavish dresses and beautiful jewelry. However, the curse starts on females in his country when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him and brings him shame. Then he decides to take her life and to marry every night a fresh wife then strangle her in the next day in front of the grand-vizir, whose duty is to bring the brides to the sultan. The grand-vizir has two daughters, Shahrazad and Dinarzade. Shahrazad is the eldest. She is clever and brave, yet her sister has no special gifts. One day, Shahrazad comes to her father and asks him to give her to the sultan as the next bride since she wants to save girls in her country and stops their suffering. At first, her father refuses and tells her to stop this nonsense, but then reluctantly agrees. Shahrazad agrees with her sister to sleep with her on the first day in order to wake her up before an hour of the execution and to ask her to tell a story of Shahrazad’s enjoyable ones. She tells them, her sister and the sultan, a story; however, she does not end it. She keeps the end to the next night so the sultan waits to hear the rest of the story and does not command killing her. In this way, Shahrazad saves other girls and herself from the certain death.     The three phases of the plot in the story can be seen clearly. Whereas, the first phase we know what is the motivation of the character to sacrifice herself which is saving the girls in her country and stopping wasting their lives. The second phase in when Shahrazad tries to persuades her father in giving her to the sultan. The third one, Shahrazad’s plan success and she saves her life and grabs the sultan’s attention.

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