In 1994, with the increasing
stress on organizations to deliver solutions to business problems and opportunities
in ever shorter timescales without trading off quality, the DSDM- a standalone full
lifecycle Agile Project Management and delivery method was formed by various public and private sector
organizations aiming to define an industry standard for a new software
development method which could deliver projects with more responsiveness, while
bringing them in on time and on budget. The DSDM would later in 2001 help shape
the manifesto for Agile software development and in turn help form the Agile


DSDM’s clear definition of
roles and duties for everyone involved and its guidance in collaborating effectively
helps develop and deliver the solution ensuring that it is the best that could
be achieved within the budget and timescale allowed.


The flexibility with DSDM
allows it to become either a project management framework or a project delivery
framework depending on where the organization is invested in.  

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