Mostafa Group has been engaged in concern since 1952 and developed the concern activities in commercial Trading. import. export. fabrication of steel merchandises. Iron.

MS Rod. Ship Breaking ( Scraping of ocean traveling vas ) . Artificial Leather.

Rexine. Shrimp cultivation. processing & A ; Export. Textile & A ; Ready made Garments. Documents. Refining of Palm Oil.

Soybean Oil. Coconut Oil. Vanaspati Ghee.

Refine Iodized Salt. Tea Plantation & A ; Export. Transport Sector.

IT sector and besides engaged in the fiscal sector such as Bank & A ; Insurance. Health & A ; Education sector. Mostafa Group of Industries has been set up a Group of extremely experienced. knowing and financially sounds Bangladeshi boosters who have first-class path record in Industrial and trading concern operation.

They have gained applaudable practical experiences in assorted type of fabrication and trading concern.At present Mostafa Group is one of the largest and taking private endeavor enterprises in Bangladesh. Mostafa Group has a filing system that is rather conventional & A ; does non supply a proper systematic attack. It maintains largely hardcopies for filing and for inter departmental communicating. The current filing system has several restrictions & A ; the functionaries have to take a batch of hurting for happening the files and in accessing it. From this it was inferred that developing a new system that is based on package can be a good redress that will guarantee a symmetric agreement of files in a cardinal waiter that makes it accessible keeping sufficient privateness. The new system can be designed by outsourcing it to an external house.

The undertaking from planing to execution to monitoring will shack with IT section caput & A ; he will be helped by one executive from each section who will be responsible for registering their ain section.With the development of cardinal filing system & A ; indexing the privateness of HR paperss will be lost and for guaranting its privateness and updating the HR pattern HRIS package can be designed that will do the undertakings of HRD easier without increasing the figure of work force of HRD. So the determination might be proved economic.The two systems can’t be put into pattern wholly. Rather it is to be implemented by break uping the full undertaking into different sections that will do it easier for the decision makers to look whether there is any spread between be aftering & A ; its execution. It will assist to set up a system that can be carried out for a longer period of clip that will do the patterns of the full group organized.

systematic & A ; balanced.While working in organisations in todays extremely competitory & A ; altering universe people come across state of affairss where they are to take determination which forces them either to lodge to an bing pattern system or to transform the pattern system by acquiring into a new pattern. The same is in the instance with engineering acceptance.Organizations do hold a filing system. Everyone has a filing system no affair what whether it is organized or disorganized. With the development of engineering the filing process is frequently maintained by utilizing package in PCs ( Personal Computers ) . Some people do it centrally whereas person decentralizes to keep this.The local organisations in the state have been someway rather loath to utilize engineering to the fullest extent at the workplace.

As a consequence of which the system of direction becomes a spot disorganised with old school patterns. Filing system & A ; indexes are frequently used by many of the organisations but the job frequently occurs with recovering or happening the files when necessary. If non maintained consistently so there might be jobs sing its keeping & A ; effectual usage. So surveies are carried out and must be carried out to demo how of import it is to hold a filing system which is based on package that ensures its keeping.

seasonableness. economic system. categorization etc.Besides taking the construct of registering one must take into consideration the HR patterns of the state.

The construct of HRM is rather new in the state and the construct of HRIS ( Human Resources Information System ) . HRIS is so new in our state that lone pupils holding classs of HRM becomes cognizant of the term. Many of the functionaries of an organisation are still incognizant with HRIS.The survey on HRIS demands to be carried out to demo how the systematic agreement of HR patterns help organisations to accomplish their ends & A ; aligns itself to the concern scheme that it pursues. HRIS –its cognition. acceptance. usefulness & A ; procedure needs to be conveyed to people so that they utilize the benefits of HRIS to the optimal degree.

The survey carried out in this study the pattern of registering & A ; its updating at Mostafa Group of Industries. Besides it besides suggests forming its patterns of HR into a sound and balanced HRIS patterns that will profit the organisation to cut down its paperwork & A ; the sensitive issue privateness can be maintained to the section. Its handiness can besides be ensured with the aid of acceptance of such type of system.So fundamentally such surveies are needed to be carried out to inform the utility of following engineering at workplace & A ; suggests how rapidly it can follow and transform to a standard manner of patterns.Aims of the StudyThe Primary aim of the survey is to partial fulfilment of internship rating at Mostafa Group of Industries.

The chief aims of the survey are as follows-? To happen the current pattern of Filing System prevalent at Mostafa Group of Industries ? A critical rating of the current Filing System as compared to the Standard Filing System ? Up step of the current filing & A ; indexing system ( design & A ; execution ) ? Conversion of HR pattern of Mostafa Group of Industries to HRIS ( Human Resource Information system ) ? Phase wise planning for the execution of Filing & A ; indexing System & A ; HRIS.Methodology of the StudyThe survey has been conducted chiefly with the aid of primary informations & A ; every bit good as with the aid of secondary informations.Primary Data Beginnings? Observation Method? Informal Interview witho General Manager ( HR & A ; Admin ) .o Senior Executive ( HR & A ; Admin ) .

Secondary Data Beginnings? Mostafa Group Website ( World Wide Web. mostafagroup. com )? Google ( several PDF files & A ; web sites ) .? Existing memos used for filing.? Filing index list provided by HRD.

Literature Review-Some Basic ConceptsFiling-Filing is the construct of maintaining the paperss at a safe topographic point where it is taken good attention of & amp ; can be easy found. After a plan is terminated it provides a procedure to hive away.

recover & amp ; update the files. It is a cardinal record maintaining system arranged consistently & A ; is crystalline. Its entree is non that hard and is used when people work in groups.Indexing-It is a device used to turn up paperss that has been filed. Indexing is an of import assistance to filing. Filing and indexing are so interconnected That registering without indexing is uncomplete and indexing without Filing does non be.

Indexing is the procedure of finding the name. topic or other captions under which the paperss are filed. Index is a usher to records. The chief intent of an index is to ease the location of needed files and documents. Index helps the staff to happen out whether a peculiar file exists for a party or capable. and its topographic point in the container.

It besides facilitates cross referencing. Where records are classified in numerical order. or capable wise an index is necessary.Necessities of a filing system-the features of an efficient filing system are as follows-? Simplicity.? Compactness.? Flexibility.? Retention.

? Accessibility.? Economy.? Safety.? Timeliness.? Classification.

Storage Place- In instance of a digital filing system the files can be stored in the HDD. Floppy Disk. Optical disc.

Flash memory or a file sever on a web protocol.Method of Arrangement-Files can be arranged harmonizing to? Subjects.? Numbers.? Alphabetic Order.

? Geographic order.? Dates/Geographical order.

Filing Process- The procedure of filing can be discussed in 2 ways.Way 1- The stairss are as follows-1. Receiving.

2. Action.3. Follow up.

4. Roll up Document to be filed.5. Filing.

Way 2-The stairss are as follows-1. Separate work from the archival manner.

2. Label work files.3. Choose location & A ; hole.4. Arrange.

HRIS- HRIS is package that helps to maintain path & A ; record of the HR patterns of a peculiar organisation.

It divides the plants harmonizing to HR maps and provides entree whenever necessary.Methods of Filing System- An organisation can take anyone of the two for following a filing system. These are as follows- 1. Centralized registering System- In this system a cardinal section or a separate section is there who ensures the efficient storage & A ; retrieval of information when necessary.

2. Decentralized registering system- In this manner the section itself is responsible for registering. In this instance one section is non apt for the storage and loss of information by the other section.Restrictions of the surveyWhile fixing the study several troubles had to be faced this might hold hampered the quality of this study. The findings could hold been better if these restrictions could hold been overcome. Although the obstructions might look less in figure but still the hinderances created by this little group was monolithic which has stopped to bring forth the quality of the study at the desired or optimal degree. The obstructions those were faced while fixing the study are as follows-? Busy Schedule of the HRD.

? Lack of information.? Lack of record maintaining.? Working with a newer construct.

? Disorganized record maintaining.

Summary of Findingss1. Current pattern of Filing System prevalent at Mostafa Group of Industries- Mostafa Group of Industries uses both softcopies & A ; hardcopies to maintain record of the files.

But the group has remained with the old school rudimentss of keeping the records in printed signifier. Although it has a record maintaining package but it still prefers to maintain it safe with hardcopy storage. For softcopy storage Mostafa Group of Industries uses package named “DREAMAPPS” . The softcopy storage in the group is maintained by the section itself in the signifier of MS Word files.

For despatching the file to an external bureau record is kept in with the group name followed by the office name & A ; so the section followed by no of missive. month & A ; twelvemonth. It is done in the undermentioned manner-MG/HO/Admin/17/03/2012In the form quoted above the first thing that comes is the name of the group that is MG or Mostafa Group. The following thing in the form is the name of the office.

i. e. HO or Head office.

Then comes is the name of the section followed by the no of missive sent by that section for that peculiar month. The last two blocks are for the month & A ; the twelvemonth. For internal communicating or guaranting the smooth running of information the sections send memos and maintain path of it. No formal process is applied instead the memos are stored and tracked by the section itself. The files in the section are kept in the desks and hemorrhoids and are stored in a separate storage harmonizing to the specification and demands of that peculiar section.

In instance of mills the duty of the filing resides with the registrar of that mill who is besides responsible for keeping the records. Most of the sections so far have non felt the necessity for a cardinal filing system & A ; a more systematic process. 2. A critical rating of the current Filing System as compared to the Standard Filing System- As said in the literature reappraisal an efficient filing system ensures – ? Simplicity.? Compactness.? Flexibility.? Retention.? Accessibility.

? Economy.? Safety.? Timeliness.? Classification.

If we take Mostafa Group of Industries into history from the features said above it does non guarantee anyone of the above apart from the point of keeping. It does non supply a systematic entree to the files to the concerned functionaries & A ; at the clip when needed its unsystematic care does non supply its retrieval and update.

In an informal interview with the General Manager of HRD & A ; Admin this point came out that the current pattern of registering frequently causes rather a job to follow. happen & amp ; usage. The chief job occurs during despatching official letters as rather frequently the same consecutive no is allotted to the different functionary letters. This job is more peculiar when external bureaus are sent with official letters from different sections to different bureaus. Even one section normally does non happen any record whether any of the other section has already sent a missive to an external bureau.

It is good known that without indexing the filing system is uncomplete. The major ground for absence of a sound execution of a filing system is the absence of indexing. Indexing insures the trailing of the stored file and after a file is stored in a filing system. So although filing system s prevalent at Mostafa Group of Industries but the absence of indexing that ( the art of tracking ) has made the pattern less effectual.

The instance is peculiarly true if we take into consideration the mills located at distant topographic points of Mostafa Group of Industries. The quality of registering maintained by the registrar needs an betterment which is a shouting demand of clip.3.

Up step of the current filing & A ; indexing system ( design & A ; execution ) The current pattern of Mostafa Group of Industries needs to be improved and must be brought at an optimal degree. Either the bing system must be raised to run into the map of smooth running or a new system must be developed which meets the outlooks.The Senior Executive ( HR & A ; Admin ) said that mill is the topographic point that is holding a critical demand for holding a sound package based filing system because finally mill is the topographic point where the seed for net income is sown. The Registrar can take the duty for registering in their several mills.One of the proposals that came out during conversation with General Manager ( HR & A ; Admin ) is to keep a cardinal despatch no that can be ensured with a cardinal waiter which might guarantee he smooth following & A ; utilizations of those files. but in the instance of update we need someway a process that is more systematic from where we must come to a point that is non merely more smooth instead it is updated with clip & A ; supply a more systematic in non lone external despatch instead in internal despatchs every bit good.

So a new system must be designed that calls for forming the internal despatchs that will let Mostafa Group of Industries to change over its patterns of old & A ; conventional memos to the updated filing system. There will be a cardinal tracking no along with section name. organisation name and day of the month. So the name of the file would be alphameric as a effect it will be traceable easy & A ; can be searched under different standards.

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