This assignment is based on one of the universe taking hotel groups called The InterContinental Hotel Group Plc. The InterContinental Hotel Group Plc was built in the twelvemonth of 1777 by William Bass when he set brewery in “ Burton – on – Trent ” , UK. IHG now is the largest hotel concatenation industry runing over 100 states in America, Europe, Asia and districts worldwide through their better cordial reception service and invitee room services. IHG is a group ‘s of keeping company and incorporated in Great Britain. It ‘s registered in England and Wales. IHG has got 4,400 Hotels with more than 645,000 guest suites which is highest guest capacity in the hotel industry across the universe and more than 130 million invitees take their service every twelvemonth. The IHG coaction with seven hotel trade names and operate their services those are the – InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites. In the 1965 the IHG first clip in the universe introduced computerised booking system in their hotels and in the 1977 first clip introduced straight link with air hose and travel agents booking systems.

Chapter 2

Introduction: – IHG is one of the well equipped administration in hotel industries. They are the biggest hotel group in the universe and still they are developing their grapevine where about 1600 hotels are in under building it will assist to make about 140000 occupations within the administration in close hereafter. IHG is a hotel group operates ain, franchises and manage concerns through assorted subordinates. This group focused at making a strong trade name name and has some really strong strength like: – it is universe largest group of hotel, Focus on stigmatization ( InterContinental Group has a strong focal point on stigmatization. Seven of their hotel trade name covering all major sections. ) , Web presence ( IHG has best hotel web site contains where Customers can book, manage and acquire suites from the site. All information about hotels is available in this site. ) , Gross saless force ( IHG has a planetary gross revenues force with more 8 thousand people. This squad derive new clients and increase new their sales. ) . But because of low portion monetary value, World recession and due to competitory market they faced rather a batch trouble. Harmonizing to IHG their end is to turn by doing their trade names the first pick for invitees and hotel proprietors. They foremost introduce loyalty card as a name of Priority Club which provide the wagess to the clients.

Chapter 3

Findingss and analysis: – In today ‘s concern universe, function of information system is indispensable, it non been possible for any administration to accomplish their greater operational excellence without information system. Information system is non merely the operational excellence it besides help to accomplish the others Businesses aims which is besides important for the concern its call six sigma these are the

New merchandise, Services and concern theoretical account

Customer and supplier familiarity

Improved determination devising

Competitive advantage


When we refering about the operation excellence of the concern we chiefly concentrating to better the efficiency which leads the greater net income. The operation Excellency through information system is non merely improves the efficiency but besides it helps to increase the productiveness of the concern. InterContinental Hotel Group ( IHG ) Plc. is one of the universe most planetary hotel groups. IHG is known as an pioneer in the hotel industry from last few decennaries. They are the first company in the hotel industry who offer on-line reserve engagement system for their clients to get the better of the complications. This is one of the greatest competitory advantages which IHG has from rather long-time. For addition their net income and productiveness through operational excellence they strengthen their selling, engineering and substructure which helps to do them one of the well celebrated hotel group in the hotel industry. Though they are one of the well equipt hotels in the hotel industry but still they has some issues which they have to rectified to accomplish their operational excellence. One of the issue is their on-line reserve system was making its scalability bounds. Though the inordinate client growing is helpful for the IHG but in other manner their on-line reserve system was unable to run into the inordinate demand sing the client growing. Their on-line reserve system besides missing the easy manner for personalisation capablenesss which their rivals offering, e.g. their rivals offering the native linguistic communication for their international clients while booking the hotel which IHG are do n’t has up to the grade. Though their online engagement system is one of the cost effectual site for clients but still their rivals besides come up with greater competitory border. IHG ‘s are now try to retain their clients where as rivals are deriving clients through making the attractive platform for them. Another issue which they are confronting that is they are making their proficient bounds on their web site and non making good during traffic clip because they are making this signifier a long periods of clip. Harmonizing to Michael Shea, Vice President of Business Intelligence and e-Business “ We were scaling it horizontally – by adding more waiters – but we recognized that the current architecture would non be able to maintain up with the continued growing over the long term. ”


Cost – Benefit analysis concern with indentifying the cost and the benefit within the administration.

2008-2009 Revenue coevals of IHG

From the above chart we can see that the income coevals has been decrease in 2009 comparison to 2008 due to planetary recission and recognition crunch and other economic factors.

The IHG presently focused on cost reduced scheme through their automating information system which is helps to make their operation faster, cheaper, more accurately and with greater consistence. Informating information system is indispensible in today ‘s hotel industry and information system can be used to larn about procedures, improved procedures and the support organizational acquisition.

Chapter 4

Decision: –

No hotel group runing today can be unconscious of the fleet gait of planetary alteration and its impact on every portion of the cordial reception industry. In this century we can anticipate alteration to be the lone invariable. New concern patterns are germinating virtually every bit fast as our engineerings, while battle to alter has become one of the primary causes of concern failure. All the organisations in this sector are accommodating information driven concern scheme to accomplish success in the comparative universe market.

The future success of hotel organisations will be driven in big portion by the ability to forecast- and capitalise — on alteration. Beyond this truism, nevertheless, there is an pressing demand to place what will be required in the competitory environment of the hereafter with its intense focal point on functioning client demands. The cordial reception industry — as is the instance with concern by and large — is capable to deep currents of alteration set in gesture as economic and societal systems shaped in the industrial epoch evolve to a knowledge-based epoch driven by engineering progresss.

In this period of planetary development it behoves hotel organisations to analyze the cardinal factors that will non merely define success, but the ability to last in approaching old ages. A strategic planning focal point is non merely indispensable, but must stand for a construct of be aftering for the hereafter that anticipates alteration, instead than being based entirely on historical theoretical accounts. In structuring organisations for the hereafter, companies must construct direction capablenesss to cover with one of the most critical challenges — diverseness in the market place. Using information engineering to drive concern success in this information-driven epoch is non merely the way of least opposition, but critical to virtually every facet of operations.

Recommendation: – We can seek to put a mark for IHG to increase their gross for IHG as reference below

( $ m )

To accomplish this mark on the chart above IHG need to take proper actions in all sectors. They need to take actions to construct a strongest operating systems focused on the biggest markets. IHG ‘s operating system is made up of all the things they do to drive demand for their trade names. This includes their advertisement and selling runs, increase the planetary call Centres from 10 to 40, increases international linguistic communication web sites, maintain and increase their strong gross revenues force and eventually hold to better their “ hapless visibleness ” on forward.

Further recommendation: – Some farther recommendations besides demonstrated by the research worker for bettering IHG concern and those are: –

They have to spread out their concern in Asiatic market where chances are immense.

They have to beef up their operating public presentation.

Their rente concern has to be stronger.

New hotel should be developed for spread outing their concern.

Have to increase and keep their growing in US market.

Have to keep their low monetary value rate but without compromising the quality.

Last they have to do a right people squad who can present their merchandise in right clip to the right people for that they have to supply extended and high quality preparation to their employee.

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