Insurance is related to the protection of the economic values of assets. The value of this asset can be measured by considering the income that is generated by the person concerned, Insurance has been known to exist in some form or other since 3000 BC.Insurance companies are financial institutions that are of utmost importance to the economy because insurance policies protect individuals and businesses from the effects of unfavorable events. With proper support for future growth, the industry is poised to fulfill an important role in the country’s economic development by providing financial security for businesses and individuals.The major players of insurance market include,SIC,Enterprise Life,Star Life,Gemini Life Insurance Company (GLICO),Vanguard Assurance,major players in the general insurance (non-life) include:SIC,Star,Unique Insurance,Donewell Insurance,Metropolitan InsuranceWith the increase rate of growth of insurance industry in Ghana, only five per cent of the country’s population hold any ‘insurance policy’, excluding public health insurance.The low percentage of the insurance service in the country is due to lack of knowlegde about the insurance product and policies.Also lack of understanding of the concept of insurance policies, which means that with the right knowlegde about customers educational level helps in adopting effective marketing strategies for insurance products.

¬†According to National Insurance commission (2013) Annual report, Insurance penetration is still very low in the country. This is defined as the contribution of insurance premiums to the Gross domestic product (GDP) is still less than 2% , Majority of Ghanains mainly those in informal sector, do not take -up insurance as a path way of preparation of futures disaster/misfortunes. This cuased by the high illitracy rate and the general lack of education of insurance policies amongst the populace.Due to Ghanaians cultural and religious beliefs, most Ghanains have strong belief of depending on God’s protection to averting tragedy andalso on good luck they believe with good luck the can be protected from any disaster, that to have a mindst of planning for future calamities by subcribing to insurance products means that one is¬† not having faith in GodSome believe the insurance claim payments does work properly here in Ghana, many people still feel aggrieved by the way insurance cliams are handled by insurance companies, some people see no need or little need of insurance policiesThis study seeks to determine level of insurance awareness in Ghana, where the awareness is measure ny the respect to people’s attitude towards insurance policies. Quanlitative methods was used.

In which the outcome informed the questionaire design,with the use of multiple choice and true/false questions. Consindarable numner of insurance policies are mandatory because of government regulations (Elvis, & Andrewa, 2015), It is like that those that has insurance cover are compelled by law to subcribe, not voluntntarily purchased.

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