Company Introduction: Asiatic Paints is India’s largest pigment company and Asia’s third largest pigment company. with a turnover of Rs 77. 06 billion. The group has an enviable repute in the corporate universe for professionalism. fast path growing. and constructing stockholder equity. Asiatic Paints operates in 17 states and has 24 pigment fabrication installations in the universe serving consumers in over 65 states. Besides Asiatic Paints. the group operates around the universe through its subordinates Berger International Limited. Apco Coatings. SCIB Paints and Taubmans.

Vision: Asiatic Paints aims to go one of the top five Cosmetic coatings companies world-wide by leveraging its expertness in the higher growing emerging markets. Simultaneously. the company intends to construct long term value in the Industrial coatings concern through confederations with established planetary spouses.

Long Term Communication Objective: Communication aims are as follows

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1. To make consciousness about eco friendly pigment.

2. Differentiation of Asiatic Paint’s merchandises from competition.

3. Facilitating a stronger consumer trade name connexion.

4. Enhancing the Brand Equity.

5. Increasing the market portion.

Strategic Plan: Strategic program for each component of marketing communicating mix are as follows

1. Merchandise: The company should offer the broad scope of merchandises in order to fulfill the demand of the consumer. Refers to the benefits of purchasing a merchandise. Quality. characteristics. design. packaging and scope of merchandises

o Acrylic Putty: Used to do the surface smooth and even.

o Primers: Both interior and exterior primers are indispensable for the substrate readying and to forestall the wall from flower and to heighten the adhesion.

o Interior Paints: Interior pigments with different shininess is of import as some clients like low rubric and few clients like high rubric merchandises.

o Exterior Paints: Exterior merchandises with good lastingness.

o Metal surface and wood surface coatings.

o Automotive coatings

o Floor Coatings

o Protective Coatings

o Road Markings

o Powder Coating

O Glowing Paints for Kids room

Asiatic Paints different merchandise Trade names: Ace & A ; Apex Apcolite. Apex. Apex Ultima. Asiatic Premium Gloss Enamel. Royale Play. Tractor Emulsion Utsav etc

Many International trade names have started their concern in India. Key Trade names

– Jotun Paints

– Sherwin Williams

– Nippon Paints

Asiatic Paint should include the undermentioned merchandises in their SKU in order to run into the planetary competitions.

o High rubric merchandises in H2O based section. They can fit the merchandises offered by Sherwin Williams in India.

o Roof Paints which will take down the surface temperature. This type of merchandise will be really successful in most parts of India where temperature is really high during summer.

o Low VOC pigments which will be eco friendly.

2. Monetary value: Company is holding first-class presence in both the markets – Mass market and Niche market. Company is holding assorted monetary value scope merchandises to provide the clients from all sections.

Asiatic Paints Decoprime – Rs. 110 / Litre

Asiatic Paints Premium Emulsion – Rs. 201/Litre

Asiatic Paints Apex Ultima – Rs. 275 / Litre

Asiatic Paints Royal Luxury Emulsion- Rs. 370 / Litre

Asiatic Eco friendly Emulsion – Rs. 400 / liter. Consumers who are concern about environment. will be willing to pay small excess for the greater cause.

Different Pricing Schemes based on the concern state of affairss.

• Competition – establishing monetary values on those of the competition • Penetration – doing monetary value depression while new merely to acquire some concern • Bundle – seting the product/service with another point and roll uping the monetary values • Psychological – doing the monetary value say something about the quality of your merchandise

3. Topographic point: Simply refers to how & A ; where we are traveling to sell the merchandise to the consumer. Presently selling the merchandises through traders. Company has a immense web of traders and retail mercantile establishments which can be utilize to sell this new eco friendly paint merchandise line.

O Dealers – 27000
o Retail Outlets – 3000
O Colorworld web through 18000 traders

Apart from traders and retail mercantile establishments. Asiatic Paints should besides sell their merchandises through following channels.

o HomeTown
o Big Bazaar

4. Promotion: : A successful merchandise or service agencies nil unless the benefit of that product/service can be communicated to the Target Market.

o Company should convey the message to aim audience why Eco friendly pigment is need of the present and future.

o Advertisement through telecasting. intelligence paper. FM Radio. Internet. Magazines. Horadings etc

o Promotion of merchandises through coating shows.

o Promotion by offering place solution services.

O Unique manner of pass oning with consumer by the late launched the happy picture usher.

Execution Plan: Company should make a new logo and trade name individuality for eco friendly

Paint merchandise.

New Logo: Asiatic Paints Eco friendly pigment.

O With this new logo. company will be able to convey to the mark audience that it has great concern about the environment.

O This is a self regulative company. Even though there is no VOC ( volatile organic content ) bound for the pigment merchandise.

o Company will convey to the mark audience that how the high VOC pigment is harmful to the consumer and environment. It contributes in the planetary heating.

O This is the best engineered merchandise which is holding greater application belongingss and care free and lasting merchandises.

O Strong Slogan: Lashkar-e-taibas save the environment together. This will be holding great entreaty to the consumer.

Brand Ambassador for Eco friendly Paint Merchandises: Mr. Rahul Bose will be the right pick for the trade name embassador of this merchandise. He is noteworthy for his societal activism.

Consumer Participation in the Communication Model: Following exercising will guarantee that Consumer participates in the communicating theoretical account.

o Online Feedback Interactivity

O Trained painters to supply the picture usher

o Suggestion Box at each mercantile establishments

o 24 ten 7 call centre ( Toll free service )

o Through PR

O Promoting client to take part in competition and wages with awards.

o Educating clients by supplying them the inside informations like merchandise benefits etc

o Supplying regular preparation to traders and distributers

o Answering to their feedback and querries within 24 hrs clip bound

o Loyalty points on every purchase

Consumer engagement in the communicating theoretical account will assist the company to engineer better merchandises and supply better services and distinguish them from their competitions.

Touch Points of Communicaiton: Touch point of communicating is every individual manner we interact with the company.

o Asiatic Paints Brand Elementss

o Asiatic Paints Website

Os Newpaper

o Magazines

O Distributors

O Traders

O Painter

O Contractors

o Real State Developers

O Coating Shows

o The Happy Painting Guide Booklet

o Employees of Asiatic Paints

O Existing satisfied consumers/customers

o Billboards

o Company Bus

O Uniform

o Television

O Radio

o Exhibitions

o Corporate Social Responsibility

O Stakeholders

O Bags

O Pens

o Key ironss

o Tissue Paper Holder

O Mugs

Os Facebook

O Tweeter

o You Tube

O Linkdin

o Cinema Ads

O Merchandises

o Color Centres

O Call Centre

o Brand Ambassador – Mr. Saif Ali Khan

All above touch points of communicating will assist to make synergism and therefore Brand Identity.

One Message – One Voice: One Message – One Voice is a mantra of Integrated Marketing Communication.

One Message – One Voice can be implemented as follows.

O Unique company logo at each distribution Centres

o Product packaging

O Through Touch Points

O By Advertisement

O Through Brand Ambassador

o Training plan for staff

It is used to construct faster trade names.

Integration of Marketing Communicationss: Following integrating of marketing communicating is indispensable for this Asiatic Paints new merchandises – Eco friendly pigment

o Ad: Paid signifier of communicating. Newspaper. Television. Billboards. Radio. Ad utilizing environment subjects.

o Gross saless Promotion: Direct incentive to entice a client to seek or purchase

O Direct Selling: Company markets straight to consumer. Made contacts through electronic mail. Fax. phone call etc. This helps in making direct relationship. Explaining the consumer about benefits of merchandises.

o Public Relations & A ; Publicity: Unpaid usage of media by making media relationships. To acquire media coverage through article. Media will foreground the importance of eco friendly merchandise.

Spouses in the Communication Plan: Follwing spouses will take active engagement in the communicating program to supply the synergism.

O Traders

o Retail mercantile establishments

o Media

o Gross saless Staff

O Radio

O R & A ; D squad

O Marketing Team

o Supply Chain

o Consumer


Evaluation of Consequences: Evaluation of consequences on regular footing will assist the company to engineer better merchandises and supply services which will distinguish them from competitions and will assist them to make a Brand Identity.

Consumers and clients feedback will be taken on regular footing after each purchase and records will be maintained at client informations base.

Questionnaire will be designed sing the selling communicating mix. Based on the feedback from consumer/customer and their analysis will assist company to happen out the most effectual communicating tools.


• Prof. Rajeev Chawla’s category notes

• Principles of Ad and IMC by Tom Duncan

• Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

• hypertext transfer protocol: //www. asianpaints. com/

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