The new age of terrorist act and planetary paranoia is something that everybody should be concerned about. If in the instance that a multi-spectral intelligence reveals that Venezuela is in secret prosecuting atomic engineering. so it should hold a high opportunity chance that it is true. As an advice. the United States’ first measure should be to organize with universe leaders through an organisation which it is a member of and that organisation permits a planetary graduated table of influence like the United Nations.

This will somehow supply shock absorber to the possible force per unit areas that the US might see in covering entirely with the state of affairs if of all time it is true. With an informed planetary community. it would be much easier to consider what stairss should be undertaken if of all time quandaries are to go on. Second. it is of import for the US to at least have a duologue with the Venezuelan authorities to measure the menace. It should bespeak from Venezuela to supply its point of view whether the information is true or non.

Merely so the US will be able to cognize what following stairss to set about. On the facet of international security. the US should truly be concerned about this information. One of the chief grounds is that it is truly really near in propinquity to Venezuela which could be a military incubus in any security menaces. Besides. the security menace to the US is ever existent ( Raasch. 2008 ) that it should take a large measure in front of these jobs before they even happen.

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Second. the US ever plays the function of a leader in battling the irresponsible Acts of the Apostless of developing WMDs. Last. deciding this sort of a job readily provides menaces non merely in footings of security but besides to economic stableness. Equally indirect as it may look. external security menaces to the US will ever intend fluctuations of allotments of financess and resources hence restricting the capacity of the authorities to go to to more of import affairs.

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