As a portion of touristry industry, MICE increasing generates important sum of gross worldwide Hing, McCabe, Lewis, Leiper, 1998 ; Mistilis dwyer, 1999. MICE are an acronym for the meetings, inducements, conferences and exhibitions which is powering in front as a cardinal growing driver. Asia has been one of the forepart comparison to other state such as Europe and North America. Singapore, in peculiar has been no exclusion. The MICE industry is a critical pillar and economic subscriber of Singapore ‘s touristry industry. Singapore ‘s touristry sector is pitching up for major revival through a host of new touristry developments and attractive forces which will re-define Singapore ‘s touristry landscape. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Singapore has the first category conventions and exhibition installations such as SINGPORE EXPO and Suntec Singapore international convention exhibition Centre. Furthermore Singapore have first-class communicating substructure, it ‘s made going from one topographic point to another domestically and internationally. Singapore ‘s expert concern environment, vibrant and multiethnic landscape, strategic geographic location, good planetary connectivity and multi- linguistic public has drawn many concern travellers choose to make their concern touristry at Singapore and complemented by state-of-the-art MICE installations, substructure, expertness and professionalism in event direction. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Singapore is working hard to remain on top of the competitory concern events arena. From twelvemonth to twelvemonth, Singapore ‘s MICE industry has grown significantly and now Singapore is ranked among the universe ‘s top three metropoliss for meetings by the Union of International Associations ( UIA ) . Beside this the latest ICCA Ranking has positioned Singapore as the Top Convention metropolis in Asia for 9th clip and the Third Top Convention City in the World for the 2nd back-to-back twelvemonth. Singapore has leapfrogged two mark to make the top place, crushing Paris and Vienna and giving its end to be the top of the universe a encouragement. ( )


2.1 Critical Mass

There are few factors that influence Singapore as a major MICE finish in the universe. The most of import factor is it has critical mass ; it has been awarded by the Union of International Associations ( UIA ) . By developing a critical mass of MICE events in the industry, this scheme will make an eco-system of concern events that complement one another ‘s presence. Business events non merely will make plangency of the sector but besides strengthens Singapore ‘s value proposition as a MICE locale. Singapore has the steady growing in the sum of international meetings and it has hosted for the past few old ages, a growing that show from the quality, and the creativeness of the Singapore meeting industry. It makes Singapore continually attracts high- profile international concern events. ( )

2.2 Strategic Location

The 2nd, Singapore has a strategic geographic location ; it is besides the cardinal regional hubs for Asia, with its cardinal location in Asia and a span between E and West. It makes Singapore attracts planetary concerns and it seamlessly connected to about every portion of the universe. There were few exhibitions of different industries was held in Singapore such as Asia Aerospace, Food Hotel Asia, Communic Asia and Broadcast Asia and the responses was really good. Singapore is a safe and hospitable state, this is besides a chief ground event organisers choose Singapore.

Beside this Changi Airport has 80 air hoses that connect to over 180 metropoliss in 50 states and Singapore ‘s port is the 1 of the busiest in the universe and the state is classified as a prime International Maritime Centre. Its extended air and sea linkages enable 1s concern to entree 2.8 billion people within a seven hours flight radius. It is really much pickup to Southeast Asia. “ Singapore ‘s place attests to its entreaty as a premium concern travel and meetings, incentive travel, convention and exhibition finish, “ claimed the Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) . ( )

2.3 Stability political and economic in Singapore

Singapore enjoyed a repute of effectual, honest and politically stable authorities. Singapore ‘s stableness of political brings the trust of safe for people to take to assist the international event. Singapore is a knowledge-based economic system and attracts transnational investings. It is unfastened trade policies, societal stableness, first substructure and international communicating links are some of the grounds why foreign investors flock its shores. The stableness of their economic besides will take the sum of concern travellers invest in advancing their ain merchandise in Singapore addition. The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2008 cited Singapore as the universe ‘s 2nd most competitory economic system. The economic growing and political stableness is maintained by the authorities of Singapore, it helps to pull more people to take to keep their event at Singapore with no concerns compare to their rivals Malaysia and Hong Kong. ( ) .

2.4 Communication substructure

Singapore ‘s reputes for efficiency and first-class communicating substructure have enabled it to pull a concatenation of international events including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC ) meetings in 2009 and the coming event will be the first-ever summer Youth Olympic Games which falls on 14th August 2010 to 26th August 2010. Singapore besides attract tourer to lend to its success as a prima finish for both concern and pleasance.

Singapore ‘s efficiency and seamless through modern province of art substructure and latest engineering leads Singapore MICE industry quickly grow sectors in the touristry industry worldwide. Singapore has rated the top in footings of basic substructure and engineering substructure in the World Competitiveness Yearbook. As we know that Singapore Changi Airport received awards systematically and besides a taking air hub renown worldwide for its efficiency and rated the first in the universe for Quality of Air Transportation in 2006. ( )

2.5 Pro concern environment and Government support

Singapore good known for its PRO concern environment and it ‘s suggested to be the most good topographic point in the universe for enterprisers to get down their concern at that place. In facts, the World Bank has ranked Singapore as No 1 in footings of ‘Ease of Doing concerns for the past four old ages. In the latest Global Competiveness study, Singapore was ranked foremost in ; ‘Intellectual Property Protection ‘ and the 2nd in ‘Quality Infrastructure ‘ . Among the most of the states, Singapore is one of the lowest corporate and income revenue enhancement rates. Singapore authorities has better the stiff environment to assist concern run more expeditiously such as, it is merely take one twenty-four hours to acquire clasp of a concern licence and at a fraction of cost unlike other states may take few months to acquire a concern licence.

Singapore has successfully clinched a good sum of association meetings by its strong concern rudimentss and programs to construct a vivacious ecosystem of concern event. Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) said “ All critical marks are indicating towards the return of concern assurance in the Singapore concern event sector, fuelled by dynamic developments taking topographic point within the touristry landscape. Leverage in our sterling path record and a sound concern fundamental, Singapore has secured a robust grapevine of concern events, including cardinal international association meeting in coming old ages ” . The overall pro-business environment and comparative easiness of making concern give Singapore a competitory border as a MICE finish. The chief ground while makes Singapore go a Pro-business environment and MICE finish is the strongly authorities support through Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) , authorities support was important to the events ‘ success. ( )

Singapore ‘s authorities support of development concerns and contributes to a kineticss concern environment. Singapore invested to a great extent in advancing the MICE concerns and besides their tourer finishs. The Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau ( SECB ) , a group of the STB has heighten the “ Business Events in Singapore ( BE in Singapore ) ” incentive strategy to assist concern events organisers discharge a higher proportion of events ‘ undertaking costs by supplying a greater range of funding support, and Singapore exhibitioners at WFA 2009 ( Wine For Asia ) enjoyed up t 50 per centum off infinite lease. This helps so decreased cost for the exhibitioners and can pull more exhibitions to take part. Meanwhile, Singapore is a state which has pro-business environment which has first-class substructure and professionalism in the MICE industry that can makes Singapore go a planetary exchange hub where people can garner and portion their thoughts and engineering.

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2.6 Excellent meeting and conference locale and offers international-standard installations and service

Singapore is a planetary hub for concern and leisure and it is besides a best pick for meeting and events. With the first category convention centres and hotel dance halls, Singapore continue reinvent itself with new event locales and attractive forces such as Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Marina Bay attractive forces will make a alone MICE group that we non found elsewhere in Asia with international-standard MICE installations.

MICE installations in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Expo, Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre are integrate to hike Singapore ‘s attraction as a concern and leisure finish. Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition centre and Singapore Expo are intelligibly a favourite pick for concern event of all sorts due to their immense exhibition infinite. A good convention centre, exhibition halls and run intoing locale plays a really of import when we organize an event, Singapore saw the convention centre as an ideal platform for the exchange of thoughts and for networking. The different scope of locale offers flexibleness to event organisers irrespective of their events ‘ size, demands and budget. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

2.7 Excellent transit system and telecommunications connectivity

Singapore self-praises of a extremely efficient and first-class public transit system, which includes cabs, coachs and the modern Mass Rapid Transport ( MRT ) rail system every bit good as their air transit. With its first-class conveyance system, people can acquire around in Singapore with no load. An extended web of trains, coachs and cabs connect travellers to about any point of the metropolis and the public transit menus are low-cost for everyone. Lucky for those foreign travellers, Singapore makes it easy for guest to make any and all meeting locales and attractive forces with their public conveyance system on clip due to their promptness of rail systems. Singapore ‘s coach web is highly frequent and comprehensive ; this is besides really convenient for travellers. The new opening new MRT web has made handiness to Suntec Singapore and Singapore Expo, it made expedient for those concern travellers. Harmonizing to a study conducted by Singapore ‘s Land Transport Authority in 2006, 8 out of 10 Singaporeans were satisfied with coach and rail services. ( )

Singapore is good served by their public transit and telecommunications connectivity. In telecommunications connectivity, Singapore has 21 Tbps of installed international Communication substructure capacity, sufficient for every concern demand. Singapore is besides one of the more competitory telecommunication hubs in Asia Pacific. Excellent telecommunication links with broadband web in all concern hotels.

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3.0 Conclusion ( Forecast for Singapore MICE Industry )

In my sentiment, I think that Singapore will clinch to the top topographic point as the Best City for MICE events in the hereafter, good in front of other states and metropoliss. Singapore ‘s touristry landscape is undergoing a dynamic transmutation. By the twelvemonth 2010, Singapore will hold a cityscape that give off more bombilation and exhilaration in the ambiance. Singapore maintain reinvent itself by presenting new, advanced locale and excellent installations to give their foreign concern travelers and exhibitioners a alone experiences and atmosphere. Singapore besides will keep their repute as Asia ‘s premier MICE finish through offering new substructure and leisure merchandises. With the growing potency in the part, the Asia-Pacific is expected to pull over 100 million concern travel and MICE visitants by 2015, therefore it is no surprise that Singapore continues to prosecute a bigger piece of this multi-billion dollar MICE market. ( )

With Singapore ‘s stableness economic system and planetary economic system shows marks of a recoil, the concern event sector is in good position to take advantage of on concern chances. Singapore has kept a strong grapevine of concern events, including the cardinal international association meetings, in the coming old ages. Ms Melissa Ow, Assistant Chief Executive, Business Travel and MICE Group, Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) said: ” As we move into 2010, and clime of economic system recovery, the STB will go on to work Closely with our industry spouses to run into concern event organizers ‘ germinating demands, explore new concern leads and beef up our international selling and channel development attempts. ”

Marina Bay Sands will be development into an integrate and vivacious MICE locale which offer 200,000 sqm of convention and exhibition infinite for concertedly commands, attract, create and turn strategic concern events. These developments will redefine Singapore ‘s business district and cardinal concern territory. There are more than 150,000 meeting attendants are expected to see Singapore this twelvemonth for events already booked at the Marina Bay Sands. Furthermore, Resort World Sentosa had hosted 35,000 attendants at a individual event. Marina Bay Sands said that it has secured more than 30 events betterment to be held at that place from this twelvemonth to 2012.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

By twelvemonth 2010, Singapore will be hosting the universe ‘s first summer Youth Olympic Games. With planned inflow of 15,000 abroad participants and visitants bring forthing 180,000 or more visitant darks for Singapore, the YOG nowadayss exciting chances for the touristry industry. Beside this, Singapore besides host a series of approaching events and conferences within this few old ages, such as Youth Olympic Game 2010, International Cruise Terminal 2010, Gardens by the Bay 2010, Sports hub 2012, National Art Gallery 2013 and many more. ( )

Singapore will go on develop their capablenesss and better their substructure to function concern event travelers in order to guarantee their place as a top Asiatic and planetary concern finish. To guarantee Singapore Expo is well-positioned to back up the growing of the MICE industry, STB has gone on board on program to upgrade the installations of Singapore Expo. In add-on, STB besides will better the locale ‘s proficient and audio capablenesss, same goes to betterment its facade, landscaping and illuming system. The upgraded installations will guarantee that the Singapore Expo remains an first-class locale for concern events.

There is turning competition from other state such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and etc but Singapore is make every attempt to offer good installations and service to their concern event travelers. Furthermore, STB continues work closely with the concern events industry in order to increase the sum of the concern event at Singapore and to guarantee that the MICE sector continues to power in front as a cardinal driver of touristry growing in Singapore.

I think Singapore will remain in front of the MICE industry, because the event organizer can be assured of quality service when presenting events in Singapore, with its first-class substructure and professional work force. Although Singapore has received a batch of awards but Singapore did non experience proud, they keep on work harder to keep their installations to accomplish the best MICE finish in the universe. Furthermore, Singapore ‘s MICE industry is on a house and I believe that if Singapore put more affords in their MICE industry, it can leapfrog to make the the top topographic point as the Best City for MICE events.

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