Tourism is a world-wide tendency with infinite travellers exposing themselves to new people and topographic points. There is no individual manner of making things when it comes to tourism. With so many states in the universe with such different things to offer, each state must make up one’s mind what will work for them. In this instance, Barbados emphasizes its pleasant conditions throughout the island every bit good as natural beauty and abounding cordial reception. While there are a myriad of grounds why tourers would desire to go to Barbados, there are several imposts, ordinances and other general information that tourers should be cognizant of.

Barbados is the eastern-most island in the Caribbean. It is a really little island covering merely 166 square stat mis in the North Atlantic Ocean and lies nor’-east of Venezuela. Due to its location it showered with over 3,000 hours of sunshine each twelvemonth. The mean temperature remains in the eightiess with a cool zephyr provided by the nor’-east trade air currents. The little island state is chiefly level with lift runing from sea degree to its highest point at Mount Hillaby making merely up to 336 metres. The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown which was named from an old Indian Bridge built by early Indian colonists. The span was rebuilt around 1654 and the capital gained its name thenceforth ( Discover Barbados ) .

The island ‘s first dwellers were the British in 1627. The primary value for the island came from the sugar plantations which were worked by slaves for merely over 200 old ages. Even after bondage was abolished, the sugar, rum and molasses produced in Barbados continued to maintain the economic system traveling. It was non until 1966 that Barbados eventually claimed its independency from the UK. Sugar remained the staple economic factor until the 1990 ‘s when touristry and fabrication took its topographic point as the new money shapers for the little state ( Discover Barbados ) .

Present twenty-four hours the state is home to about 285,653 people with a life anticipation at birth of 74 old ages old. While Barbadian or Bajan ethnicity is chiefly inkinesss dwelling of 93 % of the entire population, the imposts are extremely typical stemming from the state ‘s English, African and West Indian roots. Over half of the people belong to a Protestant faith most likely being Anglican, Pentecostal or Methodist. The native linguistic communication of the state is English which stems from their British background and a Bajan idiom is spoken countrywide. They besides have a really high literacy rate ; 99.7 % of 15 twelvemonth olds or older have attended school ( CIA ) .

Visitor ‘s Profile:

For most of Barbados ‘ history, sugar cane has been the primary industry, money shaper and provided employment for the island ‘s dwellers. In more recent old ages, touristry has become a prima industry. Each twelvemonth Barbados draws in big Numberss of tourers seeking fabulous beaches, conditions, shopping and escapade. In fact, three-fourthss of the labour force in the state is attributed to services. The touristry demand in Barbados falls most extremely into visitant exports followed by capital investings. Personal travel merely accounts for about 9.7 % of the travel and touristry demand in Barbados ( World Travel ) .

Destination Mix:

A smattering of different historical sites are available to see on the island. These belongingss reveal the charming civilization and rich heritage of the state. The Barbados Museum offers the history and patterned advance of the island since the sixteenth century. Another historical site is the Bridgetown Synagogue which is alleged to be the oldest temple in the Western Hemisphere. It was a Judaic temple that was built in 1627 and besides houses a graveyard dating back to the 1630 ‘s. Farley Hill is a former plantation overlooking the national wood every bit good as the seashore of the Atlantic. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve late restored Grenade Hall Signal Station which was erected in the 1800 ‘s along with five other signal Stationss for the agencies of communicating across the island. The other towers can be seen with a telescope and this tower harbors a bird’s-eye position of the environing wood and wildlife.

The most popular attractive force for Barbados is its beaches. While it is a really little island, its coastlines expand for 70 stat mis of gorgeous cheery coastlines. Local spend a great trade of clip soaking up the Sun on the beach and will be the first to state you to be certain to convey a bathing suit if sing. Locals and tourers likewise take portion in beach activities such as snorkel diving, surfing and swimming with sea polo-necks! All beaches in Barbados are unfastened to the populace and Crane Beach is known as one of the top 10 beaches in the universe.

There are several options for lodging on the island which include hotels, resorts, Villas, place corsets or invitee houses and flats. All lodging possibilities promise a epicurean, sole and personal experience unlike any other. Families take parting in place corsets or the rental of invitee houses must be approved by the Barbados Tourism Authority and is continuously monitored to guarantee high quality and safety criterions. There is a myriad of nutrient and drink picks available in Barbados offering local culinary art and international nutrients every bit good. Dinner is an juncture and a more formal frock codification is enforced in comparing to a insouciant tiffin. Locals insist that to see all the island has to offer, tourers must make as the locals do which includes fillet at one of the many rum stores since Barbadian rum is a signature of the island.

There is merely one supplier of H2O for the island which is the Barbados Water Authority. It is a authorities statutory corporation and its end is to supply the island with H2O services that are both dependable and safe to imbibe. Circuit boards fit a typical North American level two blade stopper. Hotels in Barbados will supply convertors for European or Asiatic visitants ( Discover Barbados ) . Approximately 1.003 billion kWh of electricity were produced in the twelvemonth 2007 in concurrence with 939.9 million kWh that was consumed the same twelvemonth ( CIA ) . For every 100 island-dwellers, an estimated 50 have fixed phone lines in comparing to 150 that have cellular phones. There is besides a company in Barbados that provides rental cell phones to tourers which is a much cheaper option than accruing roaming charges. Two old ages ago over half of the thickly settled were internet users with those Numberss turning. Security across the island is in unvarying and in general island-dwellers are really friendly and accessible. The roads in Barbados have somewhat confusing route marks and traffic circles which locals are more than happy to clear up the confusion for the tourers ( Discover Barbados ) . Bing as Barbados is such a little island ; there is merely one airdrome and 1,600 kilometres of paved roadway ( CIA ) . Tourists have entree to public coachs, taxis and auto leases. The rental autos all have an “ H ” home base which makes tourers easy identifiable to other autos on the route. In British manner stemming from the state ‘s laminitiss, traffic thrusts on the left side of the route ( Discover Barbados ) .

Destination Competitiveness:

A finish is competitory based on many different factors. The top countries finding a state ‘s competitiveness include attractive forces, genuineness, civilization, ethos, geographics, substructure, administration, and economic system. It is of import for a state to happen the right mix of assortment and convenience for their visitants. Some factors are less likely to be altered such as genuineness, civilization, ethos and geographics. These factors stem from the people and their heritage. The staying factors are more likely to be built up and capitalized on. This is merely one survey. A separate survey by Dwyer et Al. addresses an even more expansive list of indexs including the followers: finish direction, nature-based resources, heritage resources, quality service, efficient public services, touristry shopping, authorities committedness, location and entree, E-business, dark life, visa demands, amusement and subject Parkss. ( Mill 33-35 ) Barbados has had many new building undertakings since 2003 no uncertainty to remain competitory with other Caribbean states that have the similar location or beautiful nature based activities ( CIA ) . Barbados will supply its tourers with submergence. The local people are educated and know the effects of touristry for their state. The Bajan people have a genuinely hospitable nature willing to showcase their heritage and resources for the good of their state. Bing the easternmost state of the Caribbean, Barbados is somewhat secluded in comparing to its fellow island states. Its little size is besides a factor that may discourage tourers looking for a larger Caribbean experience.

Environmental Impacts:

Compared to other states in the Caribbean part, Barbados is privileged to be among the top per capita incomes. The state is benefitted by the fact that they are on the same clip zone as fiscal centres in the eastern United States. Another factor impacting the high income degrees is the high instruction degree of the work force. Along with offshore finance, information services are besides a major foreign exchange earner ( CIA ) .

Travel and Tourism to a great extent impact this bantam state. In footings of the economic impact utilizing a Tourism Satellite Account, we can see thataˆ¦ The gross domestic merchandise generated straight from touristry is approximately $ 528 million in American dollars. Tourism impacts the work force positively by supplying 73,000 occupations straight and indirectly ( World Travel ) . During the twelvemonth 2009, Barbados was besides hit by the effects of the world-wide economic downswing. Tourism last twelvemonth decreased to the extent that the public debt to GDP ratio climbed to 100 % . The authorities works smartly to guarantee occupations for its people and do so by promoting direct foreign investing and besides by endeavoring to privatise the state-owned endeavors that are lingering ( CIA ) . Despite the economic downswing, direct industry employment is still up by 2.2 % and Numberss are expect to go on lifting over the following 10 old ages ( World Travel ) .

Global/Regional Organizations:

Tourism is extremely subjected to authorities policy due to the crossing of international boundary lines. In order to maintain the states best involvements at bosom sing touristry, states will trust on touristry organisations for advocate whether globally or regionally. The World Tourism Organization is the chief organisation when mentioning to the field of touristry. It is besides the lone official organisation for stand foring states worldwide on a governmental degree. The UNWTO helps states, including Barbados, with plans refering to information and communicating, instruction and knowledge direction and development aid.

Besides the UNWTO, international organisation engagement from groups such as UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization aid with guidelines impacting policies on touristry ( Mill 74 ) . A list of other international organisation engagement provided by the CIA World Factbook is as follows: ACP, AOSIS, C, Caricom, CDB, FAO, G-77, IADB, IBRD, ICAO, ICCt, ICRM, IDA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, ISO, ITSO, ITU, ITUC, LAES, MIGA, NAM, OAS, OPANAL, OPCW, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UPU, WCO, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WTO ( CIA ) . These organisations each have a different forte spanning over subjects such as telecommunications, populating conditions around the universe, police authorization and even atomic arms.

Legislation and Regulations:

Controling entry of goods and visitants

Controling the quality of visitant experience

Guaranting travel safety

Establishing touristry orgs

Gaming- casinos lotteries cruise ships

Building criterions

Operating criterions

Protecting travellers

Protecting environment/culture

Raising touristry financess

Supporting be aftering guidelines.

Health and liability Torahs.

Life Cycle Positioning:

Butler addresses seven phases he deems predictable in the development of all finish countries. Barbados could perchance be put into the 4th phase of consolidation. This is the point where the figure of visitants to the state is get downing to decelerate and the market is now “ mass market ” . Ad is aimed at pulling new sorts of people, non merely adventurers but besides more laissez faire travellers looking for a nice beach with plentifulness of dining and adjustments ( Mill 118, 119 ) .

SWOT Analysis:

A state of affairs analysis for a state is the first measure during touristry planning. Knowing this information can assist supply a basic way for upcoming policies refering touristry in a part. Barbados already has many factors working in its favour such as the natural beauty of the free, public beaches and oceans every bit good as the drops and woods. The Bajan people besides represent a strong heritage and civilization remembering back to the sugar plantations and break one’s back trade that accompanied it. The substructure on the island is built up for comfort, handiness and convenience. The atmosphere of the island can appeal to assorted demographics as there are many eating houses and adjustments for one ‘s stay. For a younger crowd there are plentifulness of topographic points to see for nightlife with unrecorded music and dance. There are besides tonss of out-of-door escapade options for those that seek an epinephrine haste. But for those looking for a quiet relaxing pickup, Barbados still fits the profile. There are several signifiers of internal entree with rental autos, roads and public transit to do acquiring around the island as accommodating and safe as possible.

While there are many factors working in its favour, Barbados still has a few countries to be improved on. There is merely one airdrome for coming onto the island. In an age where people want to make their finish every bit rapidly as possible, flights are limited. Besides, the roadways and signage island-wide is non really visitor friendly. While locals will be more than willing to indicate a tourer in the right way, no traveller wants to be halting for waies at each and every hamlets.

Barbados already markets its natural beauty, but even more chances lie within the clear ocean positions, flaxen beaches and forested mountains. Historic plantations still make up a big country of the land on the countryside which tells the narrative of its heritage, agribusiness and economic system. The increasing Numberss of sail lines is besides an chance to convey new tourers to this Caribbean island. Bing an island there are many topographic points for the sail ship to dock and for tourers to be able to research the island. Another country that is non as widely marketed is the native wildlife such as sea polo-necks that tourers can swim aboard, or other wildlife in the woods. The Bajan civilization of the island ‘s dwellers is a major point of involvement for touristry with their unworried beach attitudes and knowing population.

The fact that Barbados is portion of the Caribbean means that it must vie with the many environing islands with comparable conditions and beaches. In add-on, with the land country being so little it could easy fall victim to over-exploitation or being overrun. The land country besides limits the infinite in which to construct new installations or substructure. In this instance, the authorities and the people must take attention of their state and maintain updating what is already there ( Mill 124,125 ) .

Comprehensive Plan:

Outcomes & A ; Consequences:

Activities & A ; Plans:

Development Undertakings:


Marketing enterprises:

Monitoring and Evaluation Procedures:

Functions and Duties:

Agenda and Timetable: ( Mill 135 ) .

Impacts of Tourism:

Sustainable touristry development ( Mill 142 ) .


Tourism in Barbados keeps the state thriving and comfortable. While the state ‘s dependence on touristry continues to turn, the authorities must maintain in tact a eventuality program for the instance of another economic downswing. Currently, ordinances and tourer trafficking is really indulgent in Barbados. If the expected additions in touristry do take topographic point, the state may necessitate to follow in the footfalls of more developed states in order to prolong the quality of life for its people. Overcrowding due to tourism will merely deteriorate all of the natural beauty and admiration that draws them in to get down with.

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