Internet addiction has become one of the most important problem in the world specially among the youth. It comes in different forms like addiction to online games, social networking sites, various dating sites and many more. Its affects, symptoms and treatments discussed in this essay.
1. Internet addiction disorder and its symptoms and causes
Usage of Internet a lot to watch movies, paly games online, checking various online dating, shopping and social networking sites is not a big issue until all these activities has become part of the people’s daily lives. Some researchers think that amount of time spent is not the main issue but how it used is the main trouble. Every person has their own perspective according to their viewpoint but overall it is a big issue whether it depends on how much time individuals spend on what they do on the internet. There are various symptoms that are responsible for this disorder but there is no specific factor which leads to this problem. It is the possibility that in case of internet disorder, brain works very similar to those cases in which person suffer from other dependencies like drugs. It is not clear which is the main cause but some individuals prioritize some people, things, activities in their life more than anything else. This problem somehow works like other disorders that it affects the brain to get the pleasurable response which leads to addiction. Various social networking sites like facebook, instagram, snapchat, whatsapp results in great addiction due to the over use of these sites as they always give unexpected response to the user. Some games are also very dangerous as people got addicted to them so much as there is no end to these games. There is also some other cause like stress, anxiety and tension. People unable to understand what’s important in their life and got distracted because they suffer from many emotional kind of traumas like broken heart, anxiety, stress, tension, feeling empty inside.

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