Internetis recently one of the fast, convenient ways for people to communicate withother people around the world. With social networking sites, people are nowable to create their own world online.

They can do all the things they want todo, even things they can’t do in the real world. Most likely, college studentsare one of the biggest users and members of networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. They usually get online and join those sites ontheir free time.

Adults are not exceptions here, they use networking sites todo research, communicate with others or do their work online. In some aspects,those networking sites have shared the bad publicity of identity theft, falseprofiles, and online predators. In fact, those things have happened recentlybecause social networking sites cannot control what kind of people will beonline and join their sites, so the risks are obviously not created by theirpractices.

Despite of those bad publicities, social networking sites are stillpopular for their great functions and features, especially creating acomfortable entertaining atmosphere, helping people improve their socialskills, and providing interesting information for users to learn and expandtheir knowledge. (Anonymous, 2015)Socialnetworking sites, specifically Facebook, create a comfortable entertainingatmosphere that people can access anytime and anywhere they want to. Thesesites are like playgrounds where people can find things to do. That is whymost, if not all of today’s generation is hooked with this type of media. Thisleads to the notion that Facebook has a great impact and plays a big role onthe study habits of a student.

Students’academic performance takes important place in teaching and learning process.Social media utilization supposed to enhance the students study habits and helpto attain greater height in their academic pursuits. De Escobar (2009) observedthat students need to be familiar with the relationship between good studyhabits and academic achievement to accomplish great success in any level ofeducation. According to Nneji (2002) study habits are learning tendencies thatenable students work privately. Azikwe (1998) described study habits as the wayand manner a student plans his or her private reading outside lecture hours inorder to master a particular subject or topic. Crede and Kuncel (2008) notedthat study habits denote the degree to which the student engages in regularacts of studying that are characterised by appropriate studying routines (e. of materials) occurring in an environment that is conducive to studying.Study habit can be measured directly through assessment, inventories, reports,examinations and rating scales. Study habit can be the students’ way of studywhether systematic, efficient or inefficient. It literally means that goodstudying habit produces positive academic performance while inefficient studyhabit leads to academic failure (Ayodele & Adebiyi, 2013). Some researchershave expressed their concern on the negative use of media among the studentswhich has affected the study habits and performance. Oji (2007) noted that thegrowing incidence of students using the internet not necessarily for academicpurposes but for anti-social activities is at an astonishing rate. They usewebsites for pornography, fraud and for other social vices in the society.

Schill (2011) asserted that the social media sites encourage negative behaviouramong students such as catching up with unknown friends and so on. Wang, Chenand Liang (2011) findings on effect of social media on college students, showedthat social media use is negatively associated with academic performance. Theynoted that two thirds of the students are found using social media while inclass studying or doing homework. This multitasking increase distraction andbecomes detrimental to students’ performance and study habits and readinghabit. (Olutola, et.

al., 2016)            With these at hand, this study tendsto determine the effect(s) of being engaged in social media to the study habitsof students enrolled under the School of Allied Medicine in Universidad deZamboanga

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