Interpersonal relationship is an aspect of close relationship has been virtually ignored in social scientific research despite its importance as perceived by intimate partners and several family theorists (Robert E. Lanzelere, (Ted L. Huston)(this seem to be outside of the scope/ What’s the point?). Interpersonal relationship, it is how we deal with our manager and our fellow co-worker. Interpersonal relationship is needed for us as a newly employed agents and it give us impact on our work success and career progress.

This research helps us knowing the expectations of newly employed call center agents in their workplace. This is worth reading because its helps us on how to communicate or interact with other people around us in our workplace. Especially when we are newly employed on the company, interpersonal relationship is one of the factors in which employee always look up to on how they interact to one another, on how can they adapt to the mood and atmosphere on the given workplace and how they can fit on the work. No given resolution has come despite of the struggles on the new employees, in this research you can see the progress and things that newly employees faced.

This research explores the potential impact of the newly employed workers regarding to their interpersonal relationship and their expectation in their workplace. This is not a common problem but other people take this seriously. Other people leave their job because they’re not comfortable in their co-workers in their workplace.

This topic will faces on how people feel and what will they do upon being newly employed. A review of available empirical research supports the contention that strong attitude behavior relation are obtained only under high correspondence between at least the target and action elements of the attitudinal and behavioral entities. (Baumeister Roy F. and Leary Mark R.

(1995)).The most accepted theory regarding supervisor subordinate relationship quality is Leader – Member Exchange (LMX) theory (Graen and Scandura, 1987). According to LMX theory, supervisor form different types of relationship with their various employees and these relationships vary with respect to quality (Graen, Dasereau and Minami,1972; Graen and Schiemann, 1978). In general higher quality supervision – subordinate relationships also known as “in group” relationships are characterized by higher levels of mutual trust, respect and obligation among the relationships partners. In such relationship, leaders and members learn they can count in one another for support and encouragement. As a result higher quality relationships function more as partnership where members move beyond their own self-interest to focus on larger mutual interest (Graen and Uhl-Bien, 1995). You can submarine your career and work relationships by actions you take and the behaviors you exhibit at work. Effective interpersonal work relationships form the cornerstone of success and satisfaction with your job and your career.

No matter your education, experience, title if you can’t play well with others, you will never accomplish your work mission.

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