This chapter aims to discourse the findings gathered from the consequences of informations analysis through the questionnaire and the in-depth interviews.

The writer used the SPSS ( Statiscal Packages for Social Sciences ) programme for executing the quantitative analysis and stand foring the information. The information was collected by carry oning four in-depth interviews with a aid of a well-designed questionnaire with two senior employees at Hilton Hotel in India and U.K each.

Hence, the findings and correlativity from each inquiry of the questionnaire is presented along with the demographics

5.2 Consequence

Culture and its influence signifier a really of import footing of making International concern. Before get downing a concern in a foreign state, in a new market, it is really of import to analyze that market, its mark population, the civilization of that state and other assorted things that influence the concern public presentation of an organisation. Every state has its ain beliefs and civilization. For illustration, In India people are diffident and reserved whereas in U.K. people are rather unfastened – minded and punctual.

Culture besides influences the purchasing behavior, ingestion quality and disposal of merchandises by people belonging to different civilizations.Below are the consequences of the interview conducted by the writer with the aid of a suited questionnaire that helps in explicating the personal point of position of the employees of Hilton Hotel in India and U.K.


Figure: 5.2 Age distributionThe above figure mentions the age group of the respondents.

The per centum of the respondent that autumn in the age group of 30-35, 35-40 and 40-45 were 25 % ( n=1 ) , 25 % ( n=1 ) and 50 % ( n=2 ) severally.Figure: 5.1 GendersThe above figure shows the figure of males and females take took portion in the questionnaire. The per centum of male and female respondents were 75 % ( n= 3 ) and 25 % ( n=1 ) severally.


0 %50 %50 %0 %1-5 old ages6-10years11-15years16-20yearsFigure: 5.3 Length of seriesThe above figure shows the sum of clip the respondents have worked at Hilton Hotel. The per centum of respondents that fall into the clip length of 1-5 year, 6-10yrs, 11-15yrs and 16-20yrs were 0 % ( n=0 ) , 50 % ( n=2 ) , 50 % ( n=2 ) and 0 % ( n=0 ) severally.


Question 1- How of import is civilization in international concern? Please depict your openness to differences in civilization, beliefs, and linguistic communication while working at Hilton Hotel.The above inquiry was asked to the employees of Hilton Hotel in India and U.K. The intent of raising this inquiry in the interview was to understand the importance of civilization in International Business.Culture is the mute linguistic communication in international concern. It is one of the most of import facets to be kept in head while interacting with international concern associates in order to avoid any jobs or issues of cultural offense.

Awareness of cultural difference can hedge the job of miscommunication and leads to successful cultural direction and concern. ( Walker et al. 2003 )Harmonizing to the employees of Hilton Hotel in India and U.K, “ Lack of consciousness of civilization in International Business leads to failure in accomplishing the ends and aim of the company. Therefore, civilization has a great importance in making concern internationally ” .Question 2 – Do you happen it hard to pass on with people from different backgrounds or civilizations?This inquiry was of import to understand the working of Hilton Hotels internationally. Peoples from all over the universe, belonging to different backgrounds and civilizations travel for their personal and professional intents and book a long or short stay at Hotels like Hilton, Marriot etc. Supplying client satisfaction is another facet for a successful concern and good communicating with the clients becomes important.

Therefore, this inquiry was raised to understand the importance of communicating with people belonging to different civilizations in International Business.It is apparent that communicating among two people of diverse environment is capable of being misunderstood. Communication system helps in finding organisational civilization. Companies stand on their communicating system. If the communicating or interaction does non take topographic point, the organisation fails finally. ( Mead, 1992 )The employees at Hilton Hotel in India and U.

K believe that people have their ain manner of pass oning. Although, English is considered as the primary linguistic communication and most normally spoken linguistic communication among the people of all the civilizations, at times it is hard to pass on with tourers who can merely pass on in their female parent lingua.Question 3 – If things go really incorrectly in footings of cultural misinterpretation, what would you make?During the interview, the employees at Hilton Hotels mentioned that their squad members are provided with all the preparation required in covering with international clients. Even so if there is any misconstruing in footings of civilization, it is considered as a large abuse for both the Hotel every bit good as the client and the first thing would be to amend the error. This can be done by giving them a brief account of the norms and values of that state and supplying them with some incentives/ complimentary points as a manner of apology in order to avoid farther misinterpretations and puting a good feeling.

Question 4- Do you believe it is advantageous to function clients who are from the same cultural background as you? Why / Why non?Multi-culture engages an extended array of affairs such as age, gender, faith, linguistic communication, ethnicity etc which play an of import function in effectual of making concern abroad and keeping relationship with International concern connexions.It was of import to raise this inquiry to the employees of Hilton Hotel as it puts an impact on the clients every bit good as provide occupation satisfaction to the employees.Harmonizing to the employees at Hilton Hotel in India, most of the clients belong to the same civilization and hence, it becomes easy for them to function those clients. The member of staff provinces that, “ it is ever easy for any state to function its ain people due to an apprehension of their cultural demands ” . Due to the same ground India plans to hold 50 Hilton Hotels by 2015. Whereas the employees at Hilton Hotel in U.K.

expressed their feelings on the same by stating that “ it is really of import to keep the criterions of all the Hilton Hotels situated in the full U.K. We have to interact with clients of all cultural backgrounds. Even the members of staff belong to different backgrounds, so it becomes easy for them to function clients from all over the universe ” .Question 5 – Do you experience that foreign civilization has affected the chances for local people in any manner?It is of import to understand foreign civilization in International concern. Foreign civilization varies from national civilization because every state consists of different societies and civilizations. It is necessary to admit the difference in civilization but at the same clip it is besides of import to understand the demand and importance of understanding these differences in civilization and its impact on international concern.

This inquiry was asked to the employees of Hilton Hotel to understand the consequence of foreign civilization on national civilization in international concern. The concern operation and direction used for making concern internationally is different from that of making concern in place state.Harmonizing to the workers at Hilton Hotel in India and U.K. , foreign civilization has a great impact on the local people.

When a new concern is introduced in a state, the competition increases as it affects the market. It increases more chances for employment and creates consciousness about new things amongst people.The employees of both the states had same sentiment about the affect of foreign civilization on the local people.

Although Indian civilization is different from British civilization, but making concern in India or U.K. has its ain deductions and affects on civilization.Question 6 – What is the influence of multi-culture backgrounds on the concern public presentation of Hilton Hotel?It was rather interesting to acquire information on the impact of civilization on the concern public presentation of Hilton Hotel. Since, this research survey involves the instance survey of Hilton Hotel in India and U.

K. , it is of import to analyze the influence of civilization on the direction and public presentation of Hilton Group of Hotels.When asked this inquiry, the workers at Hilton Hotel stated that “ in today ‘s globalized universe it is about impossible for unsuccessful or failed concerns to remain in the market as there is ferocious competition amongst companies to be at the top place and be known as the universes most reputed and popular company. Therefore, it becomes of import to take the concern from a national degree to international degree, for which 1 has to develop an apprehension of assorted civilizations. Covering with international clients who belong to different civilizations provides a competitory advantage over other companies. Therefore, it influences the concern public presentation of Hilton Group ” .This inquiry presented an overview of the full interview conducted with the work squad of Hilton Hotel. It serves the chief intent of this research survey which focuses on the importance of civilization and its impact on International concern.

Question 7- What do you urge to better the consciousness of making concern internationally?The last and concluding inquiry was really of import for this interview as it consisted of any sort of recommendations for the concern professionals who wish to work internationally, by the members of Hilton Hotel.The senior employees at the Hilton Hotel in India and U.K. mentioned that “ environmental consciousness, market scenario, cognition of society, authorities governments, Torahs and civilization of a state are the most of import facet of making concern internationally as it helps in deciding any issues or jobs that could be new for the company.

Here we are speaking about a peculiar working professional or a company as a whole who wish to work in a foreign market. The most of import ground that makes a concern tally victoriously is its patronage, so it is compulsory to understand the people, their civilization and their likings or disliking. ”Coming across the information collected, it is rather apparent that civilization plays an highly important function in International concern. Worldwide celebrated companies such as Hilton Group of Hotels, which have their Hotels in each and every corner of the universe with a flourishing rank, has made it reasonably apparent that civilization has an tremendous influence on the making concern in a foreign state.

5.4 Decision

Every society possesses its ain delicate associations surrounded by look and public presentation. Understanding the wants and demands of the client is the cardinal duty of the direction. This communicating is necessary for farther programs and activities.

It is good to be cognizant that civilization affects working internationally in different Fieldss and countries that it limits concern public presentation or get downing a new concern in any state.This chapter focused on analysing the consequences of the semi- constructions interviews conducted with the employees of Hilton Hotel in India and U.K. with the aid of a well- planned questionnaire.

6. Decision


1 Introduction

This chapter aims to depict the analysis of the informations collected from the interviews with the aid of the questionnaires in field words along with the concluding consequence and apprehension of the cultural difference in India and U.K. and its impacts on the growing and concern of Hilton Group of Hotels. It besides explains the recommendations for this survey and discusses the possibilities of analyzing this research subject further in future.


2 Decision

It is likely to state that the boundaries of international concern have been spread outing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Not merely transnational companies, but besides local companies besides face to planetary competition to some extent. Since the integrating of companies, states have been increased ; it is besides possible to province cross- cultural issues have been become more of import.

In this thesis civilization has been considered both in national and in organizational degrees. As prima histrions of planetary environment, transnational companies have been put in the Centre of the treatment and to what extent the transnational companies transfer their organizational civilizations to their subordinates in different states and to what extent national civilizations of the subordinates differentiate transportation of the organizational civilization have been discussed.First, a literature reappraisal has been presented in order to understand the cardinal constructs in the literature which have been utilized to analyse the findings of the instance survey and to discourse the research inquiry.

In this chapter, the definition of civilization and the relationship between civilization and international concern has been presented. It has been stated that with developments in the communicating, transit and engineering the companies have began to interact with other companies from different civilizations, therefore, civilization has been a concern of international concern. Then, some definitions and features of civilization have been maintained and it has been argued that since the term civilization had been adopted from anthropology there is non one cosmopolitan civilization definition. In the 2nd portion of literature reappraisal, national civilization which normally refers to civilization in international concern and the models which were developed in order to separate the national civilizations have been discussed. In this thesis oneresearch workers ‘ theoretical account, viz.

Hoftsede, has been presented ; nevertheless, Hofstede ‘s work has been adopted to explicate the effects of national civilizations on organizational civilization and to show the cultural differences of the research states. Then, five cultural dimensions of Hofstede which are individuality, power distance, uncertainness turning away, maleness and long-run orientation have been explained. It has argued that Hofstede ‘s dimensions are widely accepted in the literature although they have some drawbacks such as they consider multicultural states like England as one civilization. The 3rd portion of literature reappraisal has discussed organizational civilization and presented some definitions, degrees, and some categorizations of organizational civilization. Chiefly, the plants of Schein, Daft, Deal and Kennedy, and Hosftede have been discussed.

The categorizations of organizational civilization have been maintained in order toindicate organizational civilizations differ from one cultural puting to another. In thisthesis Schein ‘s organizational degrees have been adopted to clear up whichfacets of organizational civilization have been researched. The 4th portion of literature reappraisal is the effects of national civilizations on organizational. In this portion it has been argued that organizational civilizations differentiate within different national civilizations.

By utilizing illustrations, the possible differences between organizational civilizations in different civilizations have been discussed. The last portion of literature reappraisal has discussed the organizational civilization in transnational companies and factors that are utilized to reassign the organizational civilization to the subordinates. It has been argued that the transnational administrations should be considered as a set of fractional monetary units which are integrated to accomplish certain ends by utilizing similar schemes and patterns. Basically, the factors that help to reassign the organizational civilization have been separated into two groups which are reproduction of organizational construction and the imperative control of the subordinates.

The reproduction of organizational construction refers to the transportation of the strategic patterns, standard runing methods and modus operandis to the subordinates. The factors which influence the success of the reproduction of organizational construction besides have been discussed. These factors occur in the societal, organizational and relational context between the parent company and the subordinates. It has been argued that this procedure enables the transnational companies to bring forth coordination among the subordinates and transportation of organizational civilization to the subordinates. The imperative control of subordinates has been discussed as the 2nd group of factors that assist the transportation of organizational civilization in transnational companies. In this subdivision, the formal and informal methods of control have been defined and it has argued that transnational houses have begun altering their control mechanisms from formal to informal methods and informal mechanisms enable transportation of organizational civilization to a greater extent. It is likely to reason that the proper cross-cultural direction which aims to keep the coordination of the subordinates by reassigning the organizational civilization is indispensable for the success of the company.One transnational company has been chosen as instance survey in the thesis in two different states viz.

, India and United Kingdom. To what extent the British transnational transportation the organizational civilization to the in India, and to what extent two different cultural scenes affect the transportation have been researched. First, the basic information of the states has been introduced and their national civilizations have been compared harmonizing to Hofstede ‘s dimensions. Harmonizing to the comparing both state cultures differ from each other. The British civilization can be considered as anindividualistic, masculine, low power distance scored, high uncertainness turning awayscored and short-run orientated civilization. It is likely to state that the organizational civilization of the transnational houses may transport the British civilization features.

In the instance survey, the two civilizations which are British and Indian civilizations have been discussed. The subordinates are located in these civilizations. Harmonizing to the dimensions the British civilization is extremely individualistic, low uncertainness turning away and power distance scored, masculine and short-run orientated civilization.

On the other manus, Indian civilization islikely leftist, high power distance and uncertainness turning away scored, comparatively feminine civilization. The long-run orientation mark could non be found for India. It should be noted that in this thesis merely the transportation from parent company to the company have been examined ; it has been considered as there is no minutess between the companies. The comparing of the states has been provided in order to show the cultural difference between two states.After the transnational company, Hilton Group of Hotels, and their subordinates in the UK and India introduced, the findings have been discussed.Some similarities have been found the working of this transnational company in two different states. First, it is likely to state that the two companies follow the British manner for internationalisation.

They were established as household companies and started their international activities by exported. It has been found that the reproduction of organizational construction and the imperative control of subordinates which are considered as the helping factors of reassigning the organizational civilization have been employed by the Hilton Group of Hotels. The multinationals transfers their strategic patterns, standard operational methods and modus operandis to the subordinates and these activities are internationalised by the subordinates. It is likely to state that the transferred activities are accepted positively by the subordinates and no cardinal struggles exist between the parent company and the subordinates. Harmonizing to findings both Hilton Group of Hotels follow informal control mechanisms.

In general, harmonizing to findings of the instance survey, it is possible to state that organizational civilization can be transferred from parent company to the subordinates to a great extent. In transnational companies the tendency is to increase coordination among all the units of the company and it is believed that by reassigning organizational civilization, the coordination can be maintained. Another of import inding is that national civilizations do non bring forth of import differences in transportation of organizational civilizations to a great extent. Harmonizing to findings, there are no cardinal differences between the Indian and British subordinates of both companies. The differences that have been found may be caused by the differences that the subordinates have in size and installations.

However, it does non intend that national cultural differences do non act upon the multinationals and their organizational civilizations at all. It is likely to state that they will go on bing since the administrations are formed of people and people carry their cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is possible to state that the civilization will ever stay as a factor that differentiates the attitudes, the values, the perceptual experiences, the people, and the administrations. Possibly, now it is easier to happen common facets which lead to cut down or disregard the differences and unify the administration for the same aims.

It is believed that this is what the transnational companies accomplish by making their organizational civilization. It is likely to reason that to a great extent themultinationals companies can reassign the organizational civilization to their subordinates ; and to a limited extent national civilizations influence the transportation of the organizational civilization.


Further research on this subject can be carried out in other subordinates of thetransnational companies. It is likely to state that the subordinates in two statesare non big informations size to make an accurate decision. More sample size maygenerate more accurate consequences.

One of the restrictions of the thesis is that theprimary informations was acquired by interviews and one twenty-four hours was spent in the companies.The clip was spent and methods to obtain the informations are non sufficient to understandthe organizational civilization, therefore, merely artefacts and to some extent espoused valueshave been observed during the research. Possibly, in the farther research more clipcan be spent by working in the companies, and the organizational civilization may bediscovered suitably. Another suggestion for farther research is that sampleparent companies may be chosen from different states. Hence, it may bepossible to capture different national civilizations ‘ positions which may take tomore precise consequences.

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