low-cost airline, AirAsia was acknowledged in 1993 and began their operation on
18 November 1996. AirAsia was established by a government-owned conglomerate,
known as DRB-Hicom. A main hub of the AirAsia is located near at the Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. AirAsia also has another 5 secondary hubs in Malaysia. The
number of the employee in the AirAsia is 17000 in 2016. On 2 December 2001,
former Time Warner executive Tony Fernandes’ company Tune Air Sdn Bhd was
purchased the airline that heavily indebted with the token sum of one ringgit
with 1million us dollar worth of debts. Fernandes changed the company
successfuly, he made the profit in 2002 and develop a new routes from its hub
in Kuala Lumpur. It also caused their former monopoly operators Malaysia
Airlines undercutting with promotional fares as low as MYR 1. AirAsia also
success started a second hub at Senai International Aiport at Johor near
Singapore in 2013, and started their first international flight to Bangkok,
Thailand. In August 2011, AirAsia was agreed to form an alliance with Malaysia
Airlines but shut down by the Malaysia government to void the agreement of both
airlines. The profit that earned by AirAsia was increased 168% that compared
with the early 2013 and the same period in 2012. The net profit that Airasia
earned for the quarter ending 31 December 2012 is 350.65million ringgit.
Although the average of the fuel price increased 1% but AirAsia still recorded
of 1.88 billion ringgit as the profit in 2012.

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Description and Specification

Direct Entry Captains of AirAsia are in charge the safety of the aircraft,
passengers, crew and cargo. Before the every flight, captain will discuss and
make a flight plan with an airline flight dispatcher and meteorologist that
include the aircraft weight, weather, fuel supply, route, and alternate
destination. Before to taking off, the pilot will make sure the plane is
working properly, verify the take-off procedures, inform the information to the
crew members and accepts the departures permission from air traffic control.
During the flight, the captain will performs most of the functions that needed
to fly the plan to the destination that under the support of the co-pilot,
first officer and additional cockpit crew. They also will complete the report
when they are landing at the destination. The Direct Entry Captains of AirAsia
in Malaysia must require a valid Malaysian Airline Transport Pilots License, it
is the highest license that a pilot achieves and qualified to act as the Pilot
in Command or Captain of a large transport aircraft. The captains also need
minimum 5000 total flying-hour, it is because the pilots are get more skills
and knowledge to face any situation during the flight. They also need minimum
English level proficiency of level 4 to communicate with other foreign crew and

that, Airport Incentives Executive is one of the job positions in AirAsia. The
responsibility of the airport incentives executive is achieve the best relationship
with the AirAsia group from the airport and government stakeholder that may
make a good cooperation and benefit to the organization. They also will
cooperate with relevant department to make sure the incentives scheme are agree
by the AirAsia operation. The airport incentives executive needs a bachelor’s
degree or equivalent because they need the knowledge to provide more idea about
the incentives scheme. They also need a good communication and interpersonal
skills to build the good partnership to identify the partner’s problem and
provide solutions for varying partners need. If they have earlier airline or
airport experience is better because they already know about the airline
operation, so they can provide more ideal to the airline operation.

and Selection

has a
stringent and quality
recruitment system. AirAsia has not partnered with any third party agents as
recruiter. Official recruitment is only conducted through AirAsia. Male and
female are welcome to join as AirAsia family, as a cabin crew or flight
attendant. Cabin crews will be hired by conducting walk-in interviews. To
catch the latest updates of recruitment, interested applicants are encouraged
to pay attention on AirAsia’s official website and social media.

There are many job positions are hiring, from IT
executive, Customer Care to Flight attendant, Captain. There are numerous of
opportunities for Malaysian to apply and join as AirAsia family, to serve
flight passengers have great experience. Becoming an AirAsia guest service
assistant requires good interpersonal skills, communication skills, proficient
in oral and written in languages and etc.


AirAsia recruits to enure they have enough of
employees, from off-plane to in-plane. Every job position requires different
requirements. For instance, captain position application’s minimum requirements
are valid Malaysian ATPL, minimum 5,000 total flying hours and more.

and Development

Lai Lih Yin is the regional director of AirAsia Academy. AirAsia Academy is an
internationally acclaimed training centre for pilots and flight attendants. It
is a testament that commitment to provide quality training and people

have 2phase in the Academy development, which the phase1 include and the phase2
include. The Academy was a one-stop regional training centre which
comprehensive training facility including computer based training and was all
in-house instructors. Besides, the practical training comprises fire drill,
cabin mock-up, A320 door trainer and slide drill.

is also partnered with CAE, a global leader in flight training solutions, to
set up a world-class aviation training centre named Asian Aviation Academy. The
training centre will provide highly skilled and certified personnel required
for the airline’s operations. AirAsia would provide facility and other training
services for pilots, flight attendants, engineers, guest services staff, ramp
handlers and aviation management.

world-class training offer by the centre is using the most modern modules and
the latest training facilities that are more cost-effective than training in
Europe or in the US. The training centre would start operations with six
CAE-built full-flight simulators currently located at the AirAsia Academy.

AirAsia staff requiring specialised aviation training which needs to train at
the Asian Aviation Academy. AirAsia entire focus is providing the
highest-quality training for safety and operational efficiency.

and Rewards

give both statutory and non-statutory benefits to their employees. Firstly,
AirAsia give their employees paternity leave where whether a father or mother
can get leaves when they have a new-born baby in their family. For female
employees, they can get 3 months leave while 3 days leave for male employees.
Besides paternity leave, employees work in AirAsia can take compassionate leave
for example sick leave if necessary.

health care, AirAsia provides hospitalization benefits to their employees and
also their families. Their employees can claim the medical expenses whether on
themselves or their family members up to a maximum RM5000 a year but need to be
supported by original receipts issued by relevant doctors.

also give their employees rewards accordingly. As AirAsia employees, they can
enjoy yearly free flight coupons and up to 90% discounts on their concession
travel. AirAsia will also award their employees who work more than 10 years.
For example, in the year 2016, Tony Fernandes spent over RM13 million on
Chopard watches for AirAsia employees who have been work with them 10years.

awards bonuses to their employees based on their performance and productivity
in the company. AirAsia implemented ESOS (Employees Share Option Scheme) where
gives authority to eligible employees to participate in the buying of their
company’s share in a specific period of time. AirAsia provides examination
leave to their employees who undertaking relevant courses of study. The leave
will be approved only during their examination run into their working hours.
AirAsia career progression is wide and vast. They designed a Next Generation
Leaders programme (NGL) in order to determine the potential leadership in every
of their employees and for their future career planning.

& Health

provides personal accident and term life insurance coverage to all their
employees. Besides, food and drink subsidies also been covered during their
working hour.

to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, all employers with more than five
employees are required to draft a safety policy. In AirAsia, they had their own
Code of Conduct to ensure a positive health and safety working environment. The
core of their safety policy is–break no laws, break no part of this Code. They
define their safety policy and procedures clearly to make sure every of their
employees know and understand the policy well. Furthermore, this safety policy
will be improved and modified continuously in order to comply with the rapid
changing environment. Every of the employees will be updated if there is any
changes on the safety policy.

safety policy also stated that how AirAsia protect their employees privacy by
not share their information to others without authorization. AirAsia follow all
the rules and regulations to process their employees’ personal information in
order to protect their employees away from harm. AirAsia had conducted a safety
committee where they called Group Safety Review Board to overview their safety
management over time.The Safety Review Board will reviews the safety policy to
ensure the policy meets the requirements of their company and corrective action
will be taken where improvements are required.


conclusion, AirAsia is doing very well in their human resource planning. In
this assignment, we understand about AirAsia job description and specification.
Every positions play important roles in this service firm. We understand the
recruitment system in AirAsia, how they filter applicants and select the
qualified. Next, training system among AirAsia’s employees is well-managed. The
benefits and safety section guarantee that AirAsia employees gain various
benefits, meanwhile protecting their human rights and freedom. Based on their
recent years of performance, we can see that they have obvious improvement in
serving passengers, controling staff, employees training and etc. Compare to
other local airlines in Malaysia, AirAsia has the greatest growth possibilities
and most importantly it restricts the redundancy of employees. Human Resource
Planning is a key to keep a business runs well and survive in the future.

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