Introduction, how
we began:


I have decided to reflect on the
presentation that we made on the course of: Human Resources and Organisational
Behaviour. As the beginning was forming a group and choosing what we wanted to
present, first we formed a group of 5, which was easy, as we all knew each
other. And with that being done, we decided to choose Organizational Culture.
For myself this was probably the best and most interesting choice, and with
other part of the group agreeing on the same choice, it made it even better.

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I would like to state that, this is
my first time doing a reflective essay about something I’ve done. And some of
my partners in the group as well, so we haven’t really used any help from any
authors or any methods. We just chose to do the job as good as we can, and at
the end we were actually proud of ourselves. With no much training or previous experience
on professional presenting we managed to do a good job.

As I look back on doing our
presentation and the preparation that went into it I am surprised how much I
have learnt from this work. It was my first presentation longer than 15
minutes, so it gave me a good lesson for forward work that will come. As I
didn’t have much practice presenting in the past few semesters and had to do
this huge task, I am proud of it.


of work:


Before we started this work, we had
no expectations of the amount of work that was going into this presentation. We
first came up with the idea of what do we include into the presentation, and
with that we realized that a lot of work had to be done. Then after choosing
the content, we decided how to divide the work by each person. We came up with
a nice idea of how to get the attention of the crowd by firstly asking them
what do they thing Organizational Culture is, and we then told them that a quiz
is going to be included at the end of the presentation.

With that being said, everyone
started paying attention on our presentation.


Then we decided to explain deeply
what Organizational Culture is, and to add a interesting part to it we decided,
that each one of us gave an example of their own experience. We thought that
this idea would be the most interesting part of our presentation, as we all
come from different countries. That part gave a nice glancing interesting,
attention seeking moment form the crowd.


of the work:


When our presentation was done, we
were not sure of it was good enough. But we were proud of our work at the end.
The presentation went smooth, of course there were some small errors by each
one of us. By some the presenting, or the accent that we had, was maybe a bit
hard to be understood. There came the diversity that was actually interesting,
so we could in a way, learn from each other, by paying attention on their
presenting and taking some tips what to change to our own presenting. The part
where we were presenting our own experiences was the most interesting part of
the presentation, among the quiz that we had for the crowd at the end. Everyone
explained what they’ve experienced on their working times in their countries.
For my part, I haven’t really had a job in the past that would point out the
organizational culture of the company, but I tried to do my best by explaining
a bit more deeply.

When we got the results from the
presentation, I was actually satisfied with the results. As this was my big
opportunity to prove myself that with no experience and training I could
actually do a good work. We found out the mistakes that we did during the
presentation from the professor, which we all happily accept and look forward
to improve them. For my part, the number of mistakes that I did, were actually
less then I expected. I was glad that I did a good job, which not only it was
on English, but as said many times, with no experience I think I will improve a
lot for next task, that comes in the future.

of the work:


By doing a conclusion of the work we did, me and
my partners are actually proud of what we achieved. All I can say is that
attending this course was the best decision I could make while choosing the
courses. In the past, I have never had anything to do with Organizational
Behavior and Human Resources. In this course I have learnt a lot about how the
companies work on the diversity, which in this time is a major key to success.
That why the world will go forward, working all together and united.

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