report aimed at assessing the Integrated Housing Development Program Project of
Ethiopia in the eyes of
land use variables and transportation. 
The Integrated Housing Development Programme is an ambitious project
that directly addresses the current housing deficit, the poor quality of the
existing housing stock, and the future housing needs due to continued
urbanization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The programme attracts government and
local authority commitment to address house affordability for improving the
living conditions of the low-income urban dwellers to meet the MDGs and reduce
urban slum prevalence rates in Ethiopia. The housing program has been made in
several sites in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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many condominium sites in Addis Ababa, Akaki Kaliti site has been identified in
this assignment. Akaki Kaliti condominium site is one of the largest housing
program project and it covers a wide range of area as compared as other
condominium sites in Addis Ababa. Due to its largeness and features, I believe
that Akaki Kaliti condominium is a right site to discuss land use variables and
transportation. This report, therefore, assesses the Akaki Kaliti housing
program project from the perspective of four land use variables (i.e., density,
diversity, design and distance) with specific consideration of transportation.


report has been structured in two sections which are further divided into
subsections. The first section entirely emphasis on detail description of the
Integrated Housing Development Program. In addition, this section has been
divided into several subsections. In the second section, assessments about
Akaki Kaliti condominium per land use variables are presented. Furthermore, in the
second section tables have been included to show the appearance of Akaki Kaliti
condominium pertaining to several features of land use variables.









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