IntroductionThis casestudy explains about the Birmingham Fitness Gym (BFGym) which is a well-knownfitness centre for people that leave in Birmingham city. The Gym has a aim ofgiving the best healthy advantages to the citizens.

Question 1BirminghamFitness Gym (BFGym) is a bureaucratic organisation. A bureaucratic organisationwhich has a structural management with a pyramid of commands. Suchorganisations have some sort of organisation with a formal way of operations.With these organisational formalities, decisions affection the organisationhave to be made in very structured and formal process. From thedescriptions of the work environment that we have been informed and the waywhich the gym trainers and instructors are feeling, it is very clear to pointout the advantages and disadvantages of the BFGym bureaucratic structure.

Advantages of the bureaucratic structure:From thepassage, we realize the despite trainers and instructors not being satisfiedwith the working environment, there are still a number of noticeable thingsthat can be admired from their structural organisation.•        Faster decision making. From the passage, we have thatdecisions that seek for consultations are time consuming and most of the peopletend not to contribute to the decision making. When the decisions were beingmade by few individuals or just a person, they were made faster and thetrainers and instructors or noticed the changes after they were in effect•        Structural organisation of activity. With bureaucraticstructure, things are done in an organized order and when something goes wrong,it is very easy for the organisation to find the root course and make thenecessary adjustments.Disadvantages of the bureaucratic structure:As we have read on the structural organisation of the BFGym,many workers were opting to quit their jobs since they felt like they were notpart of the organisation. The following are some of the bureaucratic structuralorganisation.•        Some decisions can be made in an organisation which will notpromote the working environment.

This is because the decisions are arrived atwithout the consultation from the people who are expected to deliver on suchdecisions. For example, more than 70% of workers in this firm felt that theyare being pushed to do some activities which are not fitting in their schedulesand passions. This has led a number of workers to start planning on how to quittheir jobs.

•        The bureaucratic structure locks out some other importantmembers who could have positively contributed in the decision making. These arethe people who are regarded to be lower in the hierarchy yet they are the oneswho understand fully how things are working. From the scenario at BFGym, wenoticed Nick’s contribution being discarded during the meeting since Josephthinks that he’s new and can’t he of good use in solving the problems.  •        This structural organisation derails the workers in itsoperations, hence killing the employer and employee relationship. As we haveseen from the literature, the trainers were troubled but could not face theemployer in expressing their issues. Kate who is the boss of the gym onlyoverheard the conversion in the employees were complaining. This is not soproductive in a working environment could kill the organisation because theemployees will only try to reground in order to their way out since theybelieve that no one will listen to their pleas.Question 2From theliterature, there are trainers who have been mentioned and have different behaviourswhich in one way or another are affecting the operation and performance of theBFGym.

Their personalities, skills, perceptions and attributions are contributedon how the business is running. The following three trainers have been shownsome behaviours that we will look into in order to realize how they affect theoperations of the gym.PhilipPhilip is 32years old class instructor and he has been working for the BFGym for the lastfour years. He’s a spinning instructor who enjoys interaction with other works.From the literature, the following behaviours are revealed about Philip:•        He is a mobilizer. From the literature, we realized thatafter Kate requested for solution from the trainers, Philip organized andmobilized his fellow colleagues to find answers for the issues which wereburning.

This behaviour can be of great help to the firm since he’s able toorganize and bring people together. He organized the meeting and took charge ofthe meeting’s proceedings.•        He is pre-judgmental. We have noticed that when Nickattempted to make his contributions to the meeting which was organized byPhilip, he kept on discarding Nick’s contributions simply because Nick was new.This is a bad behaviour which hinders the firm’s growth and performance.

Failing to listen to other member’s contribution limits the performance andproductivity of a company. We realized also that after being discarded, Nickdecided to remain calm throughout the meeting without contributing.JaneJane is aphysical education graduate who joined the BFGym for personal training.Throughout the literature, Jane has proven to be an asset to the firm and shepossess the following behaviours which affect the firm:•        She is outspoken. When Jane felt that the back to backschedule which was assigned was not really working her ow way, she had thecourage to express her grievances to the management though she was denied. Thisis a trait that can help the growth and performance of the firm since when shesees something that requires some sort of action to be taken, she neverhesitates.

•        Decision Maker: We have also seen that Jane was the maincontributor for the meeting organized by Philip.  She actively got involved and providedcreative solutions to most of the problems which were facing the operation ofthe firm due wrong decision making by the management. •        She is selfless: from the passage, we learn that Jane notonly gave solutions to the problems that she was facing alone, she alsocontributed to offer solutions which could benefit other trainers. This is abehaviour that can build a stronger working pillar in an organisation.NickNick is aqualified trainer who relocated to Birmingham. He is the newest trainer at thegym and he seemed to be happy with his job.

The following are some of thebehaviours that have been noticed from Nick that affect the operation andperformance of the BFGym:•        He is team player: despite being a new member, Nick stillwas able to contribute to the ways of finding the solutions for the company.Despite being discarded by Philip, Nick was able to be heard. This behaviour isuseful to the firm since it allows the firm to obtain new and better ideas forimprovement.•        He knows when to let go. We have noticed from the literaturethat after being discarded by Philip in his contributions, Nick decided toremain silent and adamant since his contributions were not being takenseriously.Question 3From theliterature, it is vivid that there is a lack of motivation of staff at BFGym.

There are so many reasons for this, I will only two motivational theories togive the explanation as why there is lack of motivation.•        Hertzberg’sTwo-Factor TheoryThismotivational theory is also referred to as the dual factor or motivationhygiene theory. According to this theory, there are two factors influencing themotivation of a person, and they are completely independent.

These factors are:motivators, which include the satisfying factors that provide the motivation tothe workers so that they can work extra-hard, and hygiene whose absencecontributes to the motivational lack.According tothis theory, the BFGym lacks the motivator’s factors which can satisfy theworkers to work harder. The motivator factors being lacked at BFGym include thefeeling for recognition. Most trainers feel like they are not recognized andthe decisions which affect them are being made without them being consulted.This has killed worked spirit and every one of them is planning to quit thejob. The hygiene factors that are lacking in BFGym include the lack of goodrelationship between the employees and the manager.

This has been proven fromthe literature since the boss only overhead the conversation from workers whowere complaining but could not express their grievance to the management.•        ExpectancytheoryAccording tothe expectancy theory, the behaviour of the will be determined by the resultsof their expectations. This means that decision being made by the workers onwhat to do will be influenced by their expectations of the outcome. Forexample, a worker night decides to work for longer hours because he/sheexpecting an increase on the salary payment.This theoryperfectly matches with situation at BFGym.

We have seen Nick being fine withworking for longer hours and even on weekends because he is expecting thatsomething better might come out of that. The rest of the trainers arecomplaining about the increased longer working hours and larger classes with nopersonal touch and interactions with the trainees. This clearly shows that withthe amended routines for the gym operations, the workers are somehow exactingthat there should some sort of increments in their payments. Since the Gymmanagement is not addressing that, the workers now start rebellion and othersstart thinking quitting jobs.Question 4Companies,institutions and organisations employ workers in order to get some tasks done.For these organisations to be successful, different workers are required towork together in a coordinated way to achieve these tasks, this is always knownas team-work and it needs a group of people to achieve. Team-work needs teamplayers who will work together to have the job done.

As we have seen in theliterature, group work can have both gains and losses as discussed below.Process gains:•        We have seen how Nick played a teamwork role when he wasleft with all the class that take place on weekends and week days in themorning. Nick stepped in to work on other trainers’ sessions. He did this untilhe realized that other trainers were taking advantage of him. Nick demonstratedteam work in the firm but he was not supported and finally gave up.•        Jane also demonstrated that she was a team player in thegroup. During the meeting that was organized by Philip, Jane contributedactively on the solutions not only for the issues affected her but issuesaffecting other trainers too.

This demonstrated that group work can help theorganisation to achieve a lot if implemented effectively. Process losses:Teamwork andgroup work also proved not to be very effective I some cases for the company.The following ae the cases where teamwork did not work well.•        During the meeting which was organized by Philip, Nick’scontributions were repeatedly discarded by the organizer with the view thatNick was new to the firm. This kills the progress of a firm and hinders theteam members from fully contributing to the group tasks. As a result of this,Nick felt that he had nothing to offer for the team because his contributionswere being disregarded.•        In the same meeting organized by Philip, we have seen thatJo and Robin are not good team players and didn’t help the group in finding thesolutions for the problems which were being faced.

During the meeting, the twokept on arguing with everything that Philip said. They were very negativethroughout the meeting and impeded the group progress. In fact, they spent thewhole meeting giving accusations which were not helping the team.   ConclusionFrom the discussion we have heard and seen at BFGym, it isvery clear that there are team players in the firm but the teamwork stricturehas not been well defined. This has led to most workers looking for other waysof solving the issues that are affecting them. My recommendation for the firmdo the following:•        Implement a structure that will allow every worker toexpress their voices and contribute on how they would like their workingenvironment to be like.•        The firm should organize for team activities that willinvolve all workers.

Through this, the members will learn about each other andunderstand each other better. This will promote team-work and group player forthe company in its operations. ReferencesContactzilla- Contact management made simple.

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