Introduction:The use of Integrated Marketing Communication tools hascontinuously grown and has formed a necessary step in communication with theworld. In a client centric environment the IMC tools have proven themselves tobe indispensable and ever growing. A company needs to know how its products andservices will benefit the end users. To have more demand, one needs to promotemore effectively in the market.

Identification of the target audience and toprovide a reason to buy their product or service is mandatory. The brandsbenefits must be communicated effectively. Companies do understand this notion but fail to properlyintegrate it to reap fruitful results. A lack of clear focus sends a muddymessage and most of the times fails to deliver the intentional results. Thususe of IMC tools in proper synchronization is important to create a lastingimpression and thus delivering on the promised results.  The Company:Vodafone in India is a part of Vodafone Group plc which is aBritish multinational telecommunication company with its headquarter in London. It provides service in 28 countriesthrough wholly owned networks and has partner networks in 49 countries thusmaking its coverage to a staggering 77 countries across geographies.  Vodafone entered India in year 2005 after acquiring stake forBharti enterprises and in year 2007 purchased controlling stakes in Hutch-Essarand rebranded the name to Vodafone.

In 2017 they decided to merge with Ideacellular Ltd to create a stronger brand with coverage of 35% of the Indianmarket and giving Vodafone group plc the controlling stakes. The companycontinues to bring in its experience from global operations and grow in the onethe potentially biggest markets i.e.

India. Tools for IMC:The IMC tools are often referred to as promotional mix.According to George E. Belch & Michael A.

Belch,” Traditionally IMC toolshad four elements but they have been grown to increase its reach andaccommodate the current needs of the world.” Following are the IMC tools:-1)     Advertising2)     DirectMarketing3)     Interactive/Internet marketing4)     Salespromotion5)     Publicity/public relations6)     PersonalsellingUse of IMC tools byVodafone in India:Advertising:Commercial advertisement in various television channels fromnationals to local channels using primarily the slogan of, “Whenever you go our Network Follows you”.With advertisements in multiple languages, use of animated characters andcharacters have been used. Sponsorship of events such as IPL 2020 have beenused to secure a prime spot in commercial advertisement.Direct marketing:The use of text message, emails with offers and benefits, adsbased on user activity, database marketing, promotional letters to existingcustomer for new services using letters, fliers and catalogues have beenconstantly been used by Vodafone.

Internet marketing:Facebook pages, Twitter handles and YouTube account areactively used to spread word about new services provided and show video as wellas banner advertisements. The interaction between customers and the companyalso enhances the brand image and spreads the message faster.Sales promotion:The use of contests on national to local scales have beenused by Vodafone to do its sales promotion. Contest such as ‘Race to Fame’ andgiving prime special seats in IPL games have been used to promote the brandname. Partnership with mobile companies to provide a free SIM and services havealso been used to create a strong retention in customer’s mind.

Publicity:The use of hoardings along with digital screens and othermediums have been used to reach out to the masses. The use of Zoo-Zoo and theVodafone dog along with new services provided or promoting existing services isthe strategy used by Vodafone. The characters have been used to creativedexterity to not only spread an awareness but also create a lasting image onthe minds of viewers.Personal selling:This is the final element involved in a promotional mix. A personalselling takes place when marketer or sales representative sells products orservices to clients. According to Vodafone, it uses the following channels forpersonal selling:a.     ExclusiveRetailb.

     Directchannelsc.      ModernTraded.     Indirectchannel

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