This work is
basically centered on the corporate governance and ethics in the global
environment, and towards which PepsiCo is selected as a case study to deeply
explore the topic. In modern day, the expectation of   business organizations is to have a strong,
effective and viable corporate strategy that would enhance effective
competition during completion turbulence and to control the lion share of the
market. These strategies are the propelling force that channels the way the
business organizations are directed and controlled.

          The thrust
for choosing the topic emanates from the fact that if the business has
adequately and viable strategized plans, but if they are not coupled with the
governance and ethics, then the strategy would be unrealized or unachievable.
Ethical considerations in any form of business are a principal concept that
needs to be sustained, however the conditions that transpired. Adhering to the
ethical considerations and good governance required of any business operations
enhances a long existence of any business organization. In this wise, Barka,
2012 opined that for any company to forge ahead, this strategy must be
considerate of ethical and governance issues in all its business dealings .

          In view of the above, the assignment
is objectively structured in a way that the ethical and corporate governance
factors which are currently affecting PepsiCo and how effectively the
organisation is managing these factors to achieve its corporate goals would be
critically evaluated. To achieve these objectives, critical analysis of PepsiCo
as the specific organization would be conducted; its internal and external
environments would be examined; critical appraisal of how PepsiCo relate its
competencies to the environment via its strategy will be conducted; deep
evaluation of how PepsiCo is currently framing these issues in its strategy and

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