The alone architectural edifice, known as the Sydney Opera House maps both as an internationally recognised acting humanistic disciplines Centre every bit good as a public locale for community activities, events and touristry. The monumental edifice has non merely go treasured by all Australians, but has become the metropolis of Sydney, and the Australian national icon. However, many issues arise with the care and preservation of such a colossal landmark. This study analyses the issues of preservation, clime alteration and terrorist act in relation to the touristry ( and in bend the cordial reception and events ) industry. The Sydney Opera House has demands to continue its place as one of the universe ‘s best acting humanistic disciplines Centres, and in order for that to go on, a figure of processs need to take topographic point to guarantee that the present status of the Australian landmark is maintained to an exceeding criterion.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular tourer attractive forces in Australia and produces more than 2 million tourists/people sing the locale each twelvemonth. The Sydney Opera House offers a assortment of different shows and public presentations every bit good as guided Tours, which enables each visitant to research the huge creative activity inside one of the universe ‘s most recognizable edifices. Around 1.2 million people attend the many public presentations and shows, and over 318, 000 people take portion of the guided Tours available. The Sydney Opera House is besides proudly, State, National and World Heritage listed. However, there are many menaces that this iconic Australian icon brushs, including such issues as, Conservation, which in bend relates to climate alteration every bit good as terrorist act. These different issues threaten the iconic edifice for future frequenters and hence necessitate to be taken attention of in order to keep Australia ‘s most recognizable and best known iconic landmark.


Sydney Opera House

“ The Sydney Opera House has become, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney ‘s best-known landmark and international symbol ” ( The Sydney Opera House, 2011 ) . It is known as one of Australia ‘s iconic memorials and is one of the busiest and well-known executing art centres non merely in Australia, but the universe. Each twelvemonth, the Sydney Opera House provides over 1500 changing public presentation each twelvemonth. It is located on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, in sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is besides situated on the northern eastern point of the Sydney Central Business District ( CBD ) .

The Sydney Opera House is a executing humanistic disciplines Centre envisioned and mostly created by a Danish designer, Jorn Utzon. However, designed in 1959, it took a sum of 14 old ages to be completed and was officially opened in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Sydney Opera House, being a acting humanistic disciplines Centre, promotes and supports a assortment of executing humanistic disciplines companies, and with seven primary locales, offers audiences the chance to see the really best of the many different art signifiers performed ( Sydney Opera House 08/09 Annual Report, 2009 ) . Equally good as the existent Sydney Opera House, visitants are able to see the harbour side country that offers a assortment of attractive forces such as shopping, dining and amusement.

An estimated 45 million people have attended over 100,000 public presentations in the Sydney Opera House since its gap in 1973 every bit good as an estimated 100 million people sing the existent site ( Sydney Opera House 08/09 Annual Report, 2009 ) . Regular Tourss of the building are conducted day-to-day and many waies and signifiers of conveyance are available, taking back towards the CBD through the Botanic Gardens, which is another good known tourer attractive force in Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House provides Sydney with a huge figure of tourers domestically and internationally throughout the whole twelvemonth, which provides great exposure to many eating houses, bars and hotels that surround the Harbour. Hotels like the Park Hyatt, Quay Grand Suites Sydney, the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney and The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney ; all benefit from the exposure the Sydney Opera House additions from the estimated 2 million frequenters sing the country each twelvemonth, making a nexus with the cordial reception and touristry industry of Sydney.

Situation ANALYSIS


“ The Sydney Opera House is a chef-d’oeuvre of late modern architecture and an iconic edifice of the twentieth century ” ( The Sydney Opera House, 2011 ) . It is however, an extraordinary edifice and non merely the metropolis ‘s cardinal cultural scene, but it is besides admired world-wide and valued by the people of Australia.

On the 28th June 2007, the Sydney Opera House was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site ( Braithwaite, 2007 ) . In 2003, Utzon was awarded the Pritzker Prize, an designer ‘s highest honor award, which stated ;

“ There is no uncertainty that the Sydney Opera House is his chef-d’oeuvre. It is one of the great iconic edifices of the twentieth century, an image of great beauty that has become known throughout the universe – a symbol for non merely a metropolis, but a whole state and continent. ” ( Sydney Opera House, 2008 )

Climate alteration is the chief concern that threatens World Heritage sites such as the Sydney Opera House ( Daley, 2009 ) . Since the Sydney Opera House is known as a World heritage Site, concerns about possible menaces to the existent site are worrying. Such menaces include ; lifting sea degrees, increased ocean acidification, higher sea and land temperatures ( planetary heating ) , and utmost conditions events ( National Trust, 2009 ) . Because of the lifting sea degrees, there is a menace of the Sydney Opera House, droping due to miss of stableness.

In bend, the Sydney Opera House is located in a premier are in Sydney Harbour, surrounded by the seaport Waterss. Unfortunately, because of its ideal location, the edifice is at great hazard of eroding of the environing platform in the edifice sits on.

What would go on if the Sydney Opera House was non maintained and conserved? Would the economic system differ? The Sydney Opera House relies entirely on the frequenters it attracts for the diverse public presentations and activities it provides, and the significant iconic pull it has world-wide. The Sydney Opera House besides provides clients for the environing dining ( eating houses, bars etc ) , adjustment ( hotels ) , conveyance ( ferry, train, coach etc ) and huge activities that are available in the seaport. The Sydney Opera House, being is one of the most eventful ‘performing humanistic disciplines Centres ‘ in the universe, the many people/tourists that it attracts provides the income and gross for different events that occur in and around the Opera House, every bit good as the many cordial reception industries besides environing the locale.

Another menace to the Sydney Opera House, in relation to preservation, is the issue of terrorist act. Terrorism relates to the preservation of the locale as bar for future onslaughts or menaces, and in bend conserving the edifice which is so extremely praised. Apart from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House is viewed as a major terrorist mark, as it is seen as an icon landmark in Australia. In 2003, the words, “ No War ” were spray painted in ruddy across one of the ‘sails ‘ on the Sydney Opera House, protesting against the engagement in the War in Iraq. New South Wales is Australia ‘s most popular province, with the largest economic system compromising 33 per centum of the state ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) ( Secure NSW, 2010 ) . New South Wales ( NSW ) presents many of the features that are attractive to modern-day terrorist administrations ( Secure, 2010 ) .

Sydney has developed a profile as a major metropolis in the universe through the hosting of such events like the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the APEC forum in 2007. Because it is besides a host to a figure of important national and international icons, such as the Sydney Opera House, it makes is an easy recognizable location around the universe, and hence, nowadayss many security menaces and challenges.

SWOT Analysis


The Sydney Opera House, as mentioned before, is seen as a national landmark for Australia, and is one of the major tourer attractive forces in Australia. For the ground that it produces 2 million frequenters each twelvemonth, it consequences in the growing of the Australian economic system. The Sydney Opera House provides non merely occupations at the existent locale, but besides in the environing cordial reception industries, such as eating houses, bars and hotels.

The Sydney Opera House is besides good known for its great client experience. In 2004, its committedness to client serviced was reinforced and it includes a model to go a better customer-focused workplace, supplying a positive ambiance for both the internal and external participants of the Opera House. These models include betterments in ; the locales repute, the clients, its profile, and its squad ( employees ) . The Sydney Opera House ‘ strives to guarantee that in sing the locale is non merely a positive, but a memorable experience.


Tourism is really much reliant on the care and preservation of the Sydney Opera House, as it is one the metropolis ‘s major tourer attracts, and hence a valuable plus to the Australian economic system. This would ensue to loss of occupations, loss of inducement to travel and would therefore take old ages to re-establish the metropoliss prestige. If preservation of the historic site was non maintained, it would besides ensue in a lessening of touristry in relation to both the cordial reception ( the surrounding bars, eating houses and hotels ) and event ( the different activities and public presentations that are available in and around the Sydney Opera House ) industry.


The Sydney Opera House creates a assortment of chances to the metropolis of Sydney and Australia. It provides people with occupations, and is a consequence of 33 per centum of the provinces GDP. It besides provides the chances for the environing cordial reception ( bars, eating houses, hotels ) and events industries with incoming gross and exposure.


The chief menaces that are of issue for the Sydney Opera House are those that have been mentioned above, which include Conservation, Climate Change and Terrorism.

Conservation: Recommendations for Improvement

In respects to the sea degrees lifting, Peter Phillips, who is the president of the Australian chapter of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, Peter Phillips stated that, “ If sea degrees rise, they will all be gone. We want the Minister to gain that there are echt menaces but there are echt solutions. At its most utmost illustration, it could intend constructing a dike around the Opera House ” ( Cooper, 2007 ) .

Obviously it is hard to wholly halt the impact of clime alteration on any Natural Heritage site ; nevertheless, they are able to be saved for a minimal sum of money with a primary focal point on care. However, every bit good as concentrating on care of the site, “ Comprehensive statutory and associated models are in topographic point across three degrees of authorities to guarantee that the present status of the belongings is maintained to an exceeding criterion ” ( Sydney Opera House 08/09 Annual Report, 2009 ) . They guarantee that the edifice and milieus are maintained through preservation plans, which are on a regular basis undertaken. The Sydney Opera House Trust and the Australian and New South Wales Governments besides exhaustively analyze the care state of affairs throughout the twelvemonth.

The Sydney Opera House is ensured protection under assorted Torahs as it is listed as a Heritage site on National, State and Local authorities heritage lists and registries ( Sydney Opera House 08/09 Annual Report, 2009 ) .

Equally good as the Laws and Amendments that protect the Sydney Opera House as a conservatory site, the Crimes Legislation Amendment ( Terrorism ) Bill is besides enforced to forestall and counter terrorist onslaughts or programs. The Bill implements the counter-terrorist reform bundle which was announced on 14th May by the Government ( Hatzistergos, 2007 ) . The Australian States and Territories, including New South Wales passed on power to the Commonwealth for all terrorist affairs, which include such discourtesies covering with all facets of terrorist activities, which include, be aftering, preparation, rank, funding and administration. This referral was conducted in 2002 ( Hatzistergos, 2007 ) .

The NSW Government has besides established a assortment of schemes and enterprises to forestall terrorist act in Sydney, and the province. These enterprises include the constitution of a counter Terrorism and Particular Tacticss Command in the NSW Police Force and the development of specific counter terrorist act capablenesss across a scope of NSW authorities bureaus.


The Sydney Opera House is outright recognised by most people around the universe as one of the most internationally acclaimed edifices in the universe today. The significance of the edifice does non merely associate to the metropolis if Sydney or even Australia, but the state as a whole. The Pritzker Price officially recognises that the Sydney Opera House was “ one of the great iconic edifices of the 20th century ” and that it was “ an image of great beauty known throughout the universe ” ( Sydney Opera House 08/09 Annual Report, 2009 ) . The Sydney Opera House has creates a great result for Tourism in Australia, and if it were of all time under menace in relation to preservation, there would be a drastic loss in current touristic attitude, for the locale itself every bit good as the environing industries.

As for terrorist act, it is of import to recognize that the menace of terrorist act is existent and uninterrupted, and that in NSW we must go on to stay watchful to leery activity, and with the aid of the sum of counter-terrorism processs, this menace can be minimised for the hereafter.

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