IntroductionWorldWar I was one of the most influential events in history, it killedmany, but it also changed the way we fought wars, caused rules to becreated for wars and advanced technology very far. The use of poisongasses started in the First World War, and warfare tactics evolved alot. Thewar started was from a result of somewhat small actions from a longtime ago.

TheBalkansAcause of the astronomic tension in Europe prior to World War 1 wasthe constant wars and conflict in the Balkan countries. The Balkancountries had a lot of seas around them, The Black Sea, TheMediterranean Sea, The Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea. There areseveral countries in the Balkans, which include Serbia, Bulgaria,Greece, Macedonia and Bosnia. At this time in the early 20thcentury, there weren’t a lot of people living in the Balkanscompared to the rest of Europe because there weren’t many mineralsor resources.

However this is not to say that the Balkans wasunimportant, they were vitally important because they were a gatebetween the west, and the east. TheBalkans were the connectionbetween Ottoman, Russian and the Astro-Hungarian empires.In1912 several Balkan nations joined together to be the Balkan League(Which the Russians had a lot to do with). The agenda of the leaguewere to drive the Ottoman empire out of Europe.

In October 1912 theBalkans somehow managed to win, but they had a lot of help from theRussians(Similarly to how the Russians helped North Vietnam). Howeverin June of the next year, the country of Bulgaria decided to launchan attack on it’s former allies, as a desperate grab to get moreland. This wasn’t a fantastic idea, as Serbia, Greece and Romaniaabsolutely crushed Bulgaria in barely a month.

In August of 1913 the”Treaty of Bucharest” was created, which penalised Bulgariaseverely, which was one cause of tension.Serbiawon both the Balkan Wars, and with it, they pretty much doubled insize. Serbia’s gains had one very important outcome, which caused thestart of the First World War.

First was Serbian nationalism. SeveralSerbian national groups formed in the early 1900s. Their main aim toto stop countries like Russia and Vienna controlling Serbia so much.

In 1908 Astro-Hungaria officially annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thenationalists in this region really, really didn’t like this, andGroups like Crna Ruka(The black hand) Narodna Obrana(People’sdefense) and Mlada Bosna(Young bosnia) formed and decided their maingoal and driving out the Astro-Hungarians. The Russian and Serbiangovernment encouraged and funded the groups.InJune 1914 a member of Crna Ruka(Black hand) killed Archduke FranzFerdinand. Gavrilo Princip(The member in question) at that momentstarted the First world war.CensorshipYoucouldn’t go spilling the beans on highly secretive events to theenemy, as this is detrimental to your side of the war.

Reportingmany, many deaths in a war to the families of those who died woulddestroy the war morale even more than it already is. But however, atwhat point is it stopping war secrets being spread and at what pointis it censorship?TheGovernment routinely censored the press, and letters home from thesoldiers. When a soldier writes home about everyone dying, everyoneis sad, and everyone won’t want their sons and husbands in the war,they will want them to leave, and subsequently be anti-war. Thissomewhat effectively kept up the war morale, however there is anothermorale in question, the morality. Should the government really belying to the families on whom is giving up their life to fight theirwars.

Obviously the government decided it was. But with questionslike this, it is impossible to really pick a side. Imagine being asituation where you report to the public several hundred thousanddied, or just lie to them. It is a hard decision to make, I wouldstruggle to make it, and it is why I will not talk about the moralityof the decision of censoring the press and the soldiers.Away they used to censor letters home from soldiers was to either cutout the censored message, or scribble it out with marker. Her is anexample:TheEvolution of Weaponry in WW1Worldwar 1 changed the style of fighting wars forever. People went intothis war straight after the colonial days, without helmets, withswords, with brightly coloured uniforms.

They went out of the war incamouflage, Rifles, Bayonets, Machine Guns, Shell Artillery, Helmetsand tanks. 

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