Resource Policy provides a way to manage the rules and regulations according to
the current trends in employment legislation and standards. This study
comprises of three parts. The first part of this study will discuss the HR
policy that should be implemented with respect to the case study mentioned in
the discussion body. Further, this study will highlight the HR policy used for
promoting Fairness and Equality regarding the case study. The second part of
this study will discuss the one of the famous bakeries in UK namely ‘Gregg’s
the bakers’. We will be analysing the bakery strength, weakness, opportunities
and threats according to SWOT model. SWOT model is useful planning method for
an organisation to evaluate its four key elements such strength, weakness,
opportunities, and threats in the market. The third part of this study will
provide a reflective statement of the overall module in the end.

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Keywords: HR policy, Fairness, and Equality,
SWOT model



This study
will elaborate three parts of the module. The first part will be highlighting
the HR policy for injury at workplace. The Second part will elaborate the SWOT analyse
of a well-known bakery in the UK named as ‘Gregg’s the baker ‘and the third
part will discuss the reflective statement of overall module.

First Part:
Injury at Work Place

Resource policy is intended to communicate the rules and regulations that must
be followed by the employees to achieve company’s vision and ease for the
employees to work within the organisation (Cheshire East Council, 2012). The
first part comprises of below detailed modules.


Case Study

A Case study
–Mr. Duke is an employee working in a warehouse. During the work time, he fell
down at the warehouse where he is doing job currently. Mr. Duke came across
with several physical injuries. This is due to the lack of appropriate signs at
the warehouse where there is a construction ahead. He has an injury in his
backbone and was on bedridden for approximately 6 months. After resuming back
to the job, Mr. Duke did not get any compensation for his injury or any sick
leave pay for his 6-month leaves. In order to get the compensation or leave encashment
due to the injury at the workplace which HR policy should be taken into consideration?


HR policy for Injury at Work Place

HR policies
are designed for communication between the organisation and the employee in
terms of employment (Cheshire East Council, 2012). HR policies regarding leaves and working
hours includes leaves encashment, maternity leaves, Sick Pay leaves, late
working hours policy etc. Health and Safety are most important measures in the organisation
(  There are certain
departments that are working for health hazards and safety purpose. Every organisation
has its own specific HR policies that are designed for its organisational
vision and objective.HR policy for Workers compensation and injury leave at the
workplace is usually has some key points such as Sick pay Rights.

There are
two types of Sick Pay Rights:

Sick Pay

Statutory Sick


Company Sick Pay

Company Sick
Pay is also referred to as the contractual sick pay that a company assigns to
every individual after the three or six months probationary periods. Every organisations
design different HR policy for Sick Pay. The employer may offer any company
sick Pay such as 40 days leave pay if there is a serious illness and then it
will be changed into unpaid leaves ( These conditions must be
written in your work agreement which every employee signed at the time of
joining the company. Some of the companies offer full sick pay and some offer
half of the basic salary to the employee according to the designations.


Statutory Sick Pay

Sick Pay (SSP) is referred to as the amount given by the government if a
company doesn’t have any company sick pay policy ( According to
this scheme, an employee needs to qualify for SSP and have to remain absent for
more than four consecutive days which includes non-working days as well. The
limited amount that is £89.35 per week as per SSP.An employee will not get
less than the proposed amount if he/she is ill for more than 4 days in a row.

Mr. Duke has
been ill for approximated 6 months and has been suffering from a serious
injury. He was injured at workplace due to the lack of the health and safety
caution signs. Mr. Duke has not been given the sick pay leaves either any compensation.
This should not happen as his was injured at workplace and has been known by
his employer. Further, if there is no company policy then SSP policy must be
provided according to the scheme. He works in the warehouse for a long time so
he is entitled to the company’s scheme as well according to the contract.


HR Policy for Fairness and Equality

Resource policy is based on four major principles such as diversity, mobility,
fairness, and equality. Fairness and Equality Policy is defined as all the
rules and regulations must be equal for all the employees in the organisation
(Buckley, Halbesleben & Wheeler 2017, p.287). In October 2010, an act was
proposed by UK government named as ‘An Equality act 2010′ to promote the best
relationship between employee and employer and to eliminate the discrimination within
the organisation and to promote equality among the employees. The main
characteristics that are considered in this act were Age, Marriage and Civil
partnership, Disability, Race, Gender reassignment, Maternity and Pregnancy, Sexual
Orientation, Religion and belief and sex (Men and women discrimination)

Mr. Duke was
on bedridden due to the injury that happened at the workplace. This was due to
the lack of resources in the organisation. According to the Equality act 2010,
disability is referred to all the people who work in the organisation despite
any designation should be treated equally. Equality at workplace means that all
the people must be treated in fair means and equally in accessing all the
resources and benefits given by the organisation Cheshire East Council, (2012).
Thus, all the organisations must fulfil all the objectives of the act and must
promote diversity and equality among all the staff members.


Second Part:
SWOT Analysis-Greggs’ the Bakers

The Second
part of this study elaborates all about a famous bakery in the UK named as the
Gregg’s the Bakers. Gregg Plc. is one of the leading companies of providing
bakery products. Gregg’s headquarter is in the UK and it operates approximately
more than 1500 stores through a network across the country (The Journal, 2012).
They provide best quality bakery products and have millions of customers weekly.
The main objective of the Gregg’s is to improve its product quality and
increase its economic scale rate. They made several strategies to improve its
operations and business products. In this part, we will discuss the company’s
key strengths and weakness and the organisational potential opportunities and
threats of the bakery (Global Data, 2012). We will further analyse the business
of Greggs in proportion to SWOT model. Ian Gregg took a step forward to
increase a street side business of his father to one of the leading bakery
product chains in the UK in 1964. Greggs’ strategic intent is to strengthen its
offering and improve store diversity. The company aims to open 90 more stores
in the year 2012 and further increase the store range to approximately 2,000 in
upcoming years (SWOT Analyses /Matrix Review, 2017). This section will analyse
company’s business and operations with the help of SWOT model. SWOT analysis is
the method used by most of the organisation to identify its internal strength
and weakness and its external opportunities and threats (Dyson 2004, p.632).SWOT
analysis the key strength and weakness and all of its external competitors and
different opportunities in the market. Below are some of the main strength and
weakness and the rivals and new opportunities that must be used by the bakery
in increasing the economy and sales.



 Gregg’s plc. Is one of the famous bakery chains
in the UK so, it has several of strengths that help the company to grow in marketplace.
The bakery has expanded its business a lot in many places over a period of time
(SWOT Analysis / Matrix, 2018). Thus entering the new market is a significant
role of the Greggs’s. They produce a variety of new bakery products which area
according to customer needs. The distributed network of the business is also
one of the important factors of the company (Global Data, 2012).



Some of the
weakness that needs to be highlighted such as the Gregg’s has low scale rate in
new innovations (Global Data, 2012).They are far behind in terms of technology.
They lack in skilled full employees in the company and even they invest a lot
in research and development training in comparison to other competitors in the



The adoption
of new technology and free trade agreement from government has opened up many
opportunities for entering into new markets for the Greggs. The online sales
and marketing provide the Greggs to grow around the world (Global Data, 2012).
New innovations and creativity in the products provide a great opportunity in
the global market. The low inflation rate will bring stability to the inflation
rate thus increasing economy of the business.



Adaption of
new technologies might be a serious threat to the business. Shortage of skilled
employee will also be one of the factors of the threats. As the company has
several outlets in different countries so the climatic and political
environment may affect the sales and economy of the business (Global Data, 2012).
Changing in consumers taste may be a threat to the business sale. Increasing
the strength of other local distributors will be a threat to the business as
some of the consumers pay higher margin rate to the local distributors.


Third Part:
Reflective Statement

In this part
of the module, we will discuss overall highlight of the study. Three different
parts have been discussed in this paper. The first part comprises of the case
study regarding the HR policy of Injury at Workplace. It stated the case study
that. The HR policies are the aim of the company to communicate the employee’s benefits,
company rules and regulations to the all the employees (Cheshire East Council, 2012).  Sick and Injury leave policy is applied to
each and every individual of the company without any discrimination among all
the staff members. The Second part of the module is regarding one of the famous
bakery chain operating in the UK since 1964 (The Journal, 2012).The overall analyses
of its key strength and weakness and its operational threats and opportunities
that company might be used in increasing their economic scale rate and expand
the business in the overall country according to SWOT analyses. SWOT model
helps the organisation in knowing its main strength and weakness and the major
threats that they came across on the market (Dyson 2014, p.635). Furthermore, swot
models help in recognising the opportunities that an organisation must seek to
grow in the global market.



            Employees are the main key assets of
any organisation. Company sales and economy depends on its overall performance
and an operation in the market. It is the main objective of the HR to fulfil
all the legal needs of the staff member working in the organisation. Proper HR
policies must be defined regarding each situation that must be mentioned in the
document and employees must follow it. This study elaborate the Sick policy
that an employee should be given or any compensation when he/she had an injured
at workplace due to lack of resources of signs boards. All the employees must
be treated equally and all the benefits must be given at fair means without any
discrimination among all the staff members. Moreover, this study concludes the
overall functional and operations of the business of a well-known bakery named
as Greggs’ the bakers in the reflection of SWOT model. The income and sales of
the company can be improved by expanding the business and new innovations in
the products and services of the bakery.

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