are essential to the development of  our
civilization. In the last years hundreds of inventions with great significance
have been made. Many of these inventions are in the field of health and
medicine. They have helped  improve and extend  peoples lives. In
this essay am going to mention those inventions that I believe will make a
significant difference in the future.

       To begin with, the most
important invention in my opinion is the  human head transplant which will
be performed by an Italian neuroscientist  Sergio Canavero. Even though
many people were excited and considered it a significant innovation in
medicine, some  doctors were sceptical about this surgery. They
believed it was ahead of time and that medicine still did not have the
technology and resources needed for this type of transplant. Nevertheless, this
December  Serigio left everyone speechless when he made the
first human trail on deceased human bodies and it was a  complete success.
Now the next step is to perform this procedure in living human bodies. It
has been confirmed that a  30 year old paralyzed  Russian man Valery
Spiridonov, who suffers from a rare motor neuron disease known as
Werdnig-Hoffmann, volunteered for this procedure. If this operation will
also be successful,  it will have a enormous importance in the
future, as it may help thousands of paralized  people to regain
their  ability to feel and move again. In other words it may give
them the possibility to live a normal life.

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Furthermore, in 2016  new diabetes drugs that
 reduce cardiovascular disease and death were discovered.
Half of patients with Type 2 diabetes
have  very high chances of dying from complications of cardiovascular
disease around the age of 65. In 2016, two new medications reduced the mortality rates
of this disease considerably. They discovered  that by treating the patients with two
different types of drugs combined, they achieved much better results.  The first 
drug, called Empagliflozin is able to modify the progression of heart
disease by working with the kidney while the other drug ,Liraglutide, has a
comprehensive effect on many other organs. Given these positive results,
experts believe that the further research in this category of drugs in the
near future can result in  making diabetes a totally curable disease.

    Last but not least,
a new cellular immunotherapy treatment for  leukemia has proven to have
very effective results. This new treatment consists in removing  the patient’s immune system T-cells
and  genetically modifying and reprogramming them to attack and destroy
tumor cells. Results regarding the experimentation of this procedure have been
astonishing, as several studies focused on the treatment of  acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) have
reported a remission rate of 90 percent. This new
groundbreaking treatment will be presented to the FDA in the early 2018. This
treatment  could be the key for a wave of
approvals for other blood cancers and lymphomas as well. What is more
interesting, is the fact that the cellular immunotherapy could one day replace
chemotherapy and its lifetime of side effects.

     To conclude, as I have mentioned before, the
examples given above could be extremely helpful in the  near future and
can  further lead to new discoveries.This inventions that in the past were
considered impossible  now are a possibility and in the future will be
just normal procedures. So, we have to think twice when we say that some
desseases are impossible to cure and that life without deseases is just science

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