Is a person inherently good or bad? We humans are supposed to only inherit the goods of what God gave us. In the Bible God said we are the greatest creation he has ever made, we inherited some of his image, and his personality. But when Satan persuade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit that God told them not to eat, all the traits of evil has been reviled to the human race. Good and evil are all in each person that were once living and that are still alive today.

I’m not saying that you believe in Christianity, but you know that there are good and bad in us. As humans we have both the good and the bad. We have the instinct that can rate our actions that are unpredictable on both ends of the spectrum. Since we were little kids we had basic knowledge of violence. For example, when watching a little boy play with his toy, you can see his mentality of controlling the toys to attack each other. The clashing of the toys is the symbolization of violence that can be understood as evil.

But I’m not saying that the little boy is evil, however, I am saying that good and evil is the choices that we make as a decision to do something. We all have decision to make some are morally wrong and that can start your path that is going to progress harder and harder to change. However, you can choose what is morally right and live a life with not experiencing the unforgettable regretting sins that you have committed in the past. Around the world people are doing good choices and the bad choices.

We all make mistakes doing the wrong things in our life, but we can change ourselves to do the right things for this world we live in. God created humanity and humanity broke their promise to God. We have reviled the secrets of evil such as shame, anger, embarrassment, petty, and the list can go forever. These evil things are sins that every person have. But these sins are forgiven by God who sacrifice is beloved son to origin our sins we make everyday.

We people around the world are not always doing the sinful crimes, but we also do the great things that help each other, other creatures, the world, and God. There are people all over the world helping others live a better life. For examples, doctors saving patients lives, police officers serving Justice, churches helping homeless people, boy scouts serving breakfast for the seniors housing, and the list can go forever. So we humans have choices and our choices can be good or bad it’s Just our decisions we make among each other. Is a Person Inherently Good or Bad?

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