Social categories can be defined by a group of individuals sharing a similar societal place and certain economic. political. and cultural features. A class-ridden society is a term used by sociologists to depict a society which is ruled by societal categories. As for the British society. it is considered as a division in three chief categories: the upper category.

the in-between category and the lower or working category. Therefore. in the past few decennaries.

the economic system has changed and so has Britain. Then. can we see Britain as a class-ridden society?Historically. in Britain. everything was depending on the category we were into. Harmonizing to our linguistic communication.

our speech pattern. the instruction we received from our household. our involvements.

etc. we were placed in a peculiar societal category. Then. things like relationships. occupations. businesss varied from the category we were into.

This phenomenon has existed in every state but it was more or less the same as in Britain. The novelist George Orwell said that this state was “the most class-ridden state under the sun” . Indeed. unlike France. Britain was still governed by the nobility in the 19th. The affluent 1s were the elite and didn’t leave much topographic point for other categories. Although the blue power had declined in the 19th and twentieth centuries.

the differentiation between societal categories is still in everyone’s head.Even if the societal categories and particularly the differences between them have existed for a long clip now. new categories have emerged clip after clip. For case.

with the Industrial Revolution. the term “working class” has appeared every bit good as the term “middle-class” .Nowadays. things have changed. With the economic globalisation.

the in-migration and the development of multiculturalism we have learned how to populate with each other. whatever the background. the instruction and the societal position.

So the existent inquiry would be: has Britain evolved or has it remained the same class-ridden society?To reason. that inquiry can non be answered because Britain being a class-ridden society is in the British civilization though there has been an development in everyone’s head about that construct.

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