Everyone characterizes misrepresentation otherwise. One may see it as interrupting the trust of a loved one and believe of it as mere fraudulence. Others may accept misrepresentation as a manner to gain/give felicity.

Some may even believe of it as portion of life. More normally. misrepresentation stands being viewed as manus and manus with “evil” . this includes.

non merely viewed by people. but besides portrayed in films and novels from all epochs of clip. Frequently feelings covering with deceit –lying or jealousy- creates choler in an single leading into unreason. However.

can a simple fast one or prevarication for the interest of amusement or flattery allow misrepresentation to be justified?Robert Southey one time said “All misrepresentation in the class of life is so nil else but a prevarication reduced to pattern. and falsehood go throughing from words into things. ” ( Southey 133 ) If we look through the celebrated plants of today.

we notice misrepresentation is the major ruin of chief characters or scoundrels. In Shakespeare’s Othello the feelings of fraudulence and green-eyed monster are prevailing throughout the drama by Lago. which finally leads up to his actions against other characters of the drama. However. many disagree with Robert Southey.

A doctrine called utilitarianism refers to what is good for a human being. Therefore. harmonizing the doctrine of utilitarianism. if lead oning person saves a life. or causes felicity to another. or others. so misrepresentation is justified. The lone job with this doctrine is.

how can one step one’s felicity against another’s wretchedness? Assuming this misrepresentation backfires or the cheat is non happy or is experiencing guilty with the fraudulence.Liing and misrepresentation are highly common when interacting with another individual. About mundane. either tie ining.

or being in contact with another. one can anticipate to either informant or convey misrepresentation. “Deception can be defined as an knowing verbal message that does non candidly reflect an individual’s existent opinion” ( Zuckerman. DeFrank. Hall.

Larrance. & A ; Rosenthal. 1979 ) . Elias Conetti one time stated. “Adults find pleasance in lead oning a kid. They consider it necessary. but they besides enjoy it. The kids really rapidly calculate it out and so pattern misrepresentation themselves” ( Conetti.

Elias. 1980 ) Misrepresentation may be non justified. but some believe fraudulence to be acceptable. for illustration female parents may lie to at that place pull the leg of to eat there veggies or do at that place homework.

However. the other signifiers of misrepresentation can do injury to a individual emotionally and therefore shouldn’t be justified or accepted. Even if. the conveyer thinks he is morally merely. Robert Rusking stated “The kernel of lying is in misrepresentation. non in words” which means that lying is misrepresentation itself whether its seeking to do your friend experience better on a bad twenty-four hours. or incorporating the purposes of being cruel. Misrepresentation is nil other than misrepresentation.

and shouldn’t be justified no affair what ethics. In a doctrine called Kantianism. developed by a German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

the belief is that “People should be treated as an terminal and ne’er as a mere means to an end” ( Kant. Immanuel 1785 ( Kant ) ) . In other words. it is unethical to utilize people for your ain personal addition because people are valuable in themselves.

Assuming from the beliefs of Kantianism. misrepresentation is merely justified if you justify your ain misrepresentation in other words if you think you have the right to be told the truth. so you are besides bound to state the truth. In decision. to me I believe in the utilitarianism doctrine.

because if misrepresentation saves a life. so the misrepresentation is a necessity. Everyday we are deceived. whether by bogus politicians or icky advertizements on Television. Some misrepresentation is barbarous.

irrelevant. and unneeded. but some can truly do person or people happy. I believe that anything that helps humanity should be justified.

but misrepresentation merely for cruel or eccentric purpose shouldn’t be. Therefore. I decided misrepresentation can be justified.

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