One of Hong Kongs of import incomes is from touristry. In 2010, the one-year figure of inward tourers has 30 million. Mainland Chinese visitants accounted for 22.7 million, followed by the visitants from Taiwan, accounting for 2.

2 million people ; Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourer topographic points. Why the tourers like to go Hong Kong? In this undertaking we will analysis Mainland Chinese this group of tourer in Hong Kong. And we will analysis what grounds attract the tourer. We will analysis some merchandises is it plenty for tourers?

Introduction of Hong Kong


Hong Kong the full name is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People ‘s Republic of China.

It is located in the Pearl River estuary, the South China Sea on the Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, connected to the mainland China, and the New Territories.Under the rule of ‘One Country, Two Systems ‘ , Hong Kong became a Particular Administrative Region of the People ‘s Republic of China on 1 July 1997.


Hong Kong has a sub-tropical clime with distinguishable seasons. Hong Kong Spring is on March to May. The temperature and humidness are lifting. Evenings can be cool and mean temperature is17 a„? -26a„? .

Summer is on June to August. It is really hot, humid and cheery, with occasional showers and electrical storms. The temperature can transcend 31A°C and high humidness degrees can do it experience even hotter. In summer clip, the mean temperature can hold 26a„?- 31a„? . The tourers can bask the sunlight and swimming in Repulse Bay Beach. Then it is autumn.

Autumn is on September to November. There are pleasant zephyrs, plentifulness of sunlight and comfy temperatures. Many people regard these as the best months of the twelvemonth to see Hong Kong. The tourers can travel boosting in Lamma Island. In fall the mean temperature is19a„? -28 a„? . Final is the winter, it is on December to February. It is rather cool, dry and cloudy, with occasional cold foreparts. The temperature can drop below 10A°C in urban countries.

The tourer can travel to Temple Street to eat Pot Rice. The mean temperature is 12a„? -20 a„? .


In Hong Kong, the attractive force has two types. It is a natural and semisynthetic attractive force.

First we will present Tai O. Tai O is located in the West of Lantau Island, New Territories, the being in Hong Kong ‘s most celebrated fishing small town. Tai O is a natural attractive force, Near Tai O there are tonss of the growing of Rhizophora mangles, visitants can bask the natural beauty of the local. Besides the tourer can see the hut in Tai O. This is a Hong Kong early fishing small town, and it is the places of the fishermen.Hong Kong Disneyland is a semisynthetic attractive force. It is located Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Lantau Island.

Hong Kong Disneyland was officially opened on September 12, 2005. Besides there have hotels excessively. There have six subjects. For illustration, Fantasyland, Tomorrow land, Toy Story land etc. This park can pull the household to go. The tourers can travel at that place by rail MTR Disneyland Resort Line from Sunny Bay Station and Disneyland Resort Station.

Analysis of Mainland Chinese

The increasing and growing figure of Chinese mainland visitants to Hong Kong. Last twelvemonth, it has 5,550,000 of mainland single visitants.

Mainland visitants go to Hong Kong from China, by and large about 25-44 old ages old. The visitants will remain around 3-4 yearss ; over half of the visitant ‘s will pass on shopping. And they have a higher mean instruction and income.Now, the Mainland visitants go to Hong Kong visit is really easy. Because the Hong Kong Government has provided the “ Signed a multi-line “ , they can see Hong Kong still the vacations. First, mainland visitants visit Hong Kong chief intent is shopping, For illustration: they will purchase an electronic merchandises, preferable apparels, jewellery, beauty cosmetics and wellness merchandises. It is because Hong Kong have most international trade name, and have assurance warrant.

Ad Hoc Quota Trial Scheme for Cross Boundary Private Cars is means a self-driving circuit of China and Hong Kong, Guangdong and Hong Kong going by auto, is the execution of a pilot strategy by the Hong Kong Government and the Guangdong provincial authorities programs to let cross-border going vehicles in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. But this program stops in March 2012.

Tourism merchandises in Hong Kong

Transportation system

Hong Kong provided a broad scope of transit to provide the conveyance demands so Hong Kong ‘s transit web is extremely developed. Over 90 % of day-to-day travels ( 11 million ) are on public conveyance, the highest such per centum in the universe. Our mark consumers could travel everyplace that they like.

Payment can be made utilizing the Octopus card, a stored value system introduced by the Mass Transit Railway ( MTR ) , which is widely accepted on railroads, coachs and ferries, and accepted like hard currency at other mercantile establishments go to the urban metropolis.Mass Transit Railway is the most convenient manner to understand how to travel the topographic point that we want to see. There are all together 10 lines in the MTR system, with a sum of 83 railroad Stationss and 68 light rail Michigans.

It is extreme comfy to travel to the Hong Kong International Airport into the metropolis centre or rural topographic point like Tai Po and Yuen Long and other celebrated attractive force like the Hong Kong Disneyland.Bus services have a long history in Hong Kong. They could take the coach to travel everyplace. There are besides a assortment of non-franchised public coachs services, including feeder coach services to railway Stationss operated by the railroad companies, and occupants ‘ services for residential estates ( peculiarly those in the New Territories ) .Cab is the most relax transit in Hong Kong as it is merely transport yourself and your household. Cab menus are charged harmonizing to the taximeter ; nevertheless, extra charges on the menu tabular array may use, such as route tolls and baggage fees.

Urban taxis are the most expensive, while Lantau taxis are the cheapest. The criterion of service among different sorts of taxis is largely the same.


Hong Kong is often described as a topographic point where “ East meets west ” , reflecting the civilization ‘s mix of the district ‘s Chinese roots with influences from its clip as a British settlement. Hong Kong had many attractive forces for our mark consumers. We had classified into 2 parts: natural and semisynthetic attractive force.

Man-made attractive force

For the rubber-necking, we provide the visitant visit Avenue of Stars which with commemorating plaques, famous person handprints, descriptive mileposts, film memorabilia, a lifesize statue of kung fu action hero Bruce Lee and a bronzy rendition of popular sketch character McDull and besides there is the perfect vantage point to catch the A Symphony of Lights multimedia show.After visit Avenue of Stars, if they want to shopping, they could travel to Times Square which is the One-stop store and eat Eden and extremely provide their required of services.

Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong ‘s most popular shopping countries and Times Square is its biggest promenade. It has about 230 stores, including manner, sportswear, furniture, electronics, playthings, two section shops and around 17 eating houses offering nutrient from all over the universe.They could see Ocean Park which offers low-cost Marine carnal instruction and amusement and is a private organisation for commercial intents. The park divided into 2 parts: The waterfront and Summit. The waterfront had Amazing Asia Animals, Ocean Express Waterfront Station, Aqua City, Whiskers Harbor and Cable Car Plaza. For the Summit, there are Summit overseas telegram auto station, ocean express acme station, marine universe, polar escapade, escapade land, Thrill Mountain and rainforest. They could pass a whole twenty-four hours to hold a expression on Hong Kong and play with their friends, household or relations.

Nature attractive force

Hong Kong Global Geopark of China is the celebrated topographic point for the travellers to acquire in touch with the history of nature. They could take a circuit to see covering an country of 50 square kilometres ; the Geopark includes the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region, which, together, characteristic eight scenic countries incorporating Hong Kong ‘s major alien landforms.Finally, they could travel to Cheung Chau to see The Cheung Chau Bun Festival as it is the best manner to experience the traditional temper in Hong Kong. Every twelvemonth, the people of Cheung Chau acquire busy doing papier-mache images of divinities, fixing costumes, baking buttockss and constructing a bamboo tower. They ‘re fixing for the 1000s of people that will shortly fall upon their bantam island for what deemed one of the universe ‘s Top 10 Quirky Local Festivals.It is an easy manner to happen that Hong Kong provided a broad scope of transit and attractive force to provide the rich mainland Chinese people.


Since there are more than 50,000 suites available in Hong Kong.

Most accommodation topographic points are linked by the public conveyance system to guarantee all attractive forces are close together. We use hotel evaluations in order to divider their quality, such evaluations are really utile for tourers to take their adjustment topographic points.In Hong Kong, there have five types of hotels.

There are five-star hotels, four-star hotels, three-star hotels, boutique hotel and budget hotel. We think the Mainland visitants may see on those two types hotels, because they need the quality of the hotels.For a five-star hotel, it ever offers most epicurean premises, every bit good as swimming pool and athletics and exercising installations.

For illustration, The Peninsula, Kowloon, Hong Kong, offers the ultimate in luxury adjustments with the most broad hotel suites and suites in Hong Kong. Each one of the invitee suites equipped with advanced engineering for the convenience of hotel invitees and is comfy and fashionable. However, its room rate scope from $ 5000 to $ 16000.For a four-star hotel, it may miss of certain installation like 24-hour room service or single phones or showers in bathroom, but overall it is a larger and comfy hotel accompanied with many basic comfortss. This hotel is located in Causeway Bay Hotel Hong Kong. The hotel provides the easiest walking distance between Causeway Bay MTR metro Stationss and The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is one of the tourer attractive forces and concern countries that can be accessed within 10 proceedingss drive.

Catering services

Since Hong Kong is a metropolis which Chinese and western civilization combined, it is besides celebrated for both type of nutrient. Chinese Cuisine is the most celebrated type of nutrient in Hong Kong. Since Western nutrient is already adapted to local gustatory sensations, it is a good topographic point for homesick travellers who have had sufficiency of Chinese nutrient.

For some richer visitants, they can follow the Michelin usher to happen some Western eating houses with first-class bill of fare and service.We think the Mainland visitants may seek some Hong Kong local nutrient, so we have some thoughts for the visitants.Dim Sum is one of the celebrated bill of fare of Cantonese nutrient ; it dominates in nutrient manner of breakfast since Cantonese people tend to avoid fried nutrients early in the twenty-four hours. Dim Sum comes in infinite fluctuations with a immense monetary value scope from $ 8 to more than $ 100 per order. Common points include steamed shrimp dumplings, porc dumplings, barbecued porc buttockss, and Hong Kong egg prostitutes.The other celebrated Cantonese nutrient is Chinese Barbecue, it is known as “ Siu Mei ” , eating houses normally use steamed poulet as these barbecued meats. Those meats are roasted on tongues over an unfastened fire or in a rotisserie oven.

Chinese barbeque eating houses normally have extremely flexible bill of fare that allow you to partner off your joint meats with rice, noodles or rice noodles. Combo plates enable solo diners to try several meats in one repast. Rice with roasted porc “ Char Siu ” , roasted duck, all are common dishes of that.For the western manner of nutrient, there are legion choices in Hong Kong.

Italian, Gallic, German, Mediterranean, Mexican and American all characteristic strongly. Given Hong Kong ‘s widely distributed population and passion for dining tendencies, foreign travellers would non be difficult to happen out their place type of nutrient.For the celebrated topographic points of Western nutrient in Hong Kong, Cepage is certain one of them, it serve Gallic culinary art, influenced by Eastern type of cooking manner and are served in the modishness.

The eating house ‘s name is Gallic for ‘wine blend ‘ , an allusion to its impressive wine list of over 2,000 bottles, its recommended dish are Steamed Tasmanian Salmon, Aromatized with Diced Vegetables and Oriental Sauce.Ming Court is the other topographic point ; it has raked in rave reappraisals from the metropolis ‘s most well-thought-of nutrient cognoscentes. Its executive chef applies his 30 old ages of experience to guarantee that every dish bears his signature manner of delicate presentation and keen gustatory sensation. Braised E-Fu Noodles with Fresh Abalone Slices and Prawn are its recommended dishes.

Suggestions for the Hong Kong Tourism Industry

In order to develop the touristry industry, there are some suggestions provided for different sectors.For Hospitality industry, when the extremum tourer season was coming, the hotel room and staff ever non plenty to provide.

Therefore, they should construct more hotel or other types of adjustment in Hong Kong. Besides, hotel can form a large-scale occupation carnivals to enroll the endowments and apportion the work force expeditiously, such as Disneyland and Ocean Park. Disneyland and Ocean Park is one of the popular attractive forces in Hong Kong, most of the tourers sing at that place, so it should construct more hotels in at that place.Mystery Customer Service Association published the “ 2010 Global smile study, shows that Hong Kong smile index is merely 53 and ranking in 3rd last.

The company should supply developing class and learning the staff how to function the clients, it can assist to construct up the good image of touristry.For Hong Kong Tourism Board, because travellers become more and more, the tourer installations are deficient to get by with the big figure of travellers, they should develop more attractive forces, such as Disneyland, can construct more mechanical drives.It besides can beef up attempts to publicise ; they should make more advertisement in other foreign states and attract foreigner involvement. Furthermore, Hong Kong Tourism Board needs to form more large-scale events for tourers, such as Tourism Festival, Winter Festival. This type of events is one of characteristically in Hong Kong.

Recommendations to Government

There are many recommendations for the Government of Hong Kong that are in favour of the Tourism Development.

First of wholly, it is strongly recommended to the HK authorities that the 2nd Cruise Terminal at Kai Tak, which is now under edifice advancement, should be completed every bit shortly every bit possible as it can be really helpful to the touristry industry in a manner that it can make efficiency for the sail clients as there will be more infinite to park and more ports for the sail ships.Second, the HK authorities should hold more and more publicities and advertizements overseas to increase the figure of the inbound tourers and the advertizements should be advancing the cultural and the leisure activities that can be done in HK such as a mix civilization of HK and non merely concentrate on Mainland Chinese market.And the HK authorities is besides recommended that it should set more attempts on the HK Airport to do more broad and to repossess more land for development of the tracks which in return will be one of the conducive factors for the development of the touristry industry of HK.

It is because this will be a ground for the efficiency of the clients that are both in bounding and out bounding as the airdrome will be able to provide more and more flights and will supply more infinite to air hoses.


All in all, Hong Kong has a broad scope of installations and merchandises to provide to this object – China rich. Supply multiple picks and quality in basic necessities, the economic system position of China began to raise, the message of the people the crescendo ability, in line with the visa policy with China, Hong Kong an advantage compared to other metropoliss.

So for the Chinese rich people, Hong Kong is a pick.

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