It is critical to
consider the limitations in this study for example only using elite academy
soccer players could be a limitation as the players might already be accustomed
to training or have naturally high levels of creatine kinase and might be
non-responders to the protocol. It would be beneficial to use untrained
participants as well as elite academy players so you would be able to observe
larger differences between groups. Sample size (N=28) could be considered too
small and may not be representative of bigger populations. Additionally, only
males recruited into the investigation and this could have affected the data in
that there was no variation that could be seen when comparing males and females
and could potentially determine if there are any physiological differences that
could affect the data.

 The use of CWI is still challenged as studies
shows that there is no significant difference in CK over the duration of the
experiment and suggests that the intervention could cause athletes to become
more sore as there was a significant difference in pain markers at 24hrs
showing a greater increase in pain in the CWI treatment than control (Sellwood, Brukner, Williams, Nicol, & Hinman,
2007). This could also be down to high
individualisation as some individuals have higher CK levels than others when
placed under the same procedure (Baird, Graham, Baker, & Bickerstaff, 2011).

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 In reference to peak power output (PPO) there
was statistical significance in both time effect (P0.001), and quicker returns to baseline in peak power output (P>0.001)
creatine kinase concentrations (P

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